Emotions and white_lies - discussion
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Emotions and white_lies - discussion






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Emotions and white_lies - discussion Emotions and white_lies - discussion Presentation Transcript

  • Tuesday 26th March Year 10 Discussion task What are emotions? Why do we have them?LO: To consider what makes a good discussion
  • In your books… On the following slides, you will see some pictures of people. Can you identify Number your the emotion answers from they are the slide. showing ?
  • Slide 1.
  • Slide 2.
  • Slide 3.
  • Slide 4.
  • Slide 5.
  • Slide 6.
  • Slide 7.
  • Slide 8.
  • Slide 9.
  • Slide 10.
  • Did you get..? Love Joy Sadness AngerDepressed Fear Worry Happiness Surprise. Shyness.
  • Let’s look at happiness..!How can we makesomeone feel happy?Should we tell them lies tomake them feel happy?“ Yes Mum, great day atschool !”
  • Listen….There was once a hospitalroom with only two beds.One bed, by the windowwas occupied by a seriouslyill patient.The other was occupied bya patient who had to liedown all the time.
  • The man by thewindow could sit upfor one hour everyday.The man lying downasked him to describewhat he could seefrom the window….
  • “ Well,” said theman by thewindow…….He described thelovely park and thechildren playing.
  • “ There’s anice-cream vanwith peoplequeuing tobuy a delicioustreat.”
  • “ I can justsee a lakewith swansswimming..”
  • Every day the man by thewindow described whatwas outside.The months went by andthe seasons changed.Soon the lake was frozen.
  • Sadly, one morning, anurse discovered that theman by the window hadpassed away in his sleep.Soon the man who couldnot sit up was moved tothe bed by the window.
  • The first thing he did was….To look out ofthe window…All he could seewas a drearybrick wall.
  • He called the nurse…..“My dear friend described so manythings to me from this window…butthere’s just a brick wall.”The nurse replied:“ Your friend was blind –he couldn’tsee a thing.”
  • “ Perhaps, Is it wrong to make someone happy inhe just this way?wanted to What are the wrongmake you ways to makehappy ?” someone happy?
  • TALK TIME. Refer to each slide.Talk to your partnerabout how youreacted to this story.Was it wrong to tella lie?
  • Feed back to the group…Whatwereyourfindings?
  • Why do we have emotions? They help us to understand eachFrom the list other.opposite.. They relieve pressure.Choose youranswer… They make us human.Add some ideas ofyour own…… ?
  • Discussion task: Is it ever good to tell a lie? Band 5: Showing understanding of complex ideasIn your through interrogating what is saidgroups,you are Shape direction and content of talk, responding withgoing to flexibility to develop ideas and challenge assumptionsdiscussthisquestion. Initiate, develop and sustain discussion through encouraging participation and interaction, resolving differences and achieving positive outcomes.