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Automating MongoDB as a Service: CumuLogic's On-Premise Service Combining Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud

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  • 1. CUMULOGIC'S PLATFORM FOR ON-PREMISE MONGODB-AS-A-SERVICE Chris Biow Principal Technologist & Technical Director at MongoDB Chip Childers VP Product Strategy, CumuLogic
  • 2. • Small • Medium • Large • XL • IOPS • Add-on Services: • Cache • Messaging • IaaS (private/public) • Virtualized Environments • Bare Metal Pools • VM Pools • MongoDB • Couchbase • MySQL • Percona • (*)Oracle • (*)Cassandra • (*)MS SQL CumuLogic DBaaS Concept Pick Database Flavor Pick Database Size Pick Database Perf. Pick Infra. • Suite of data services to deliver high value, modular Database- as-a-Service, on any infrastructure (*) Features are road map items ✔ ✔
  • 3. DBaaS Adoption in the Enterprise Source: 451 Research https://451research.com/report-short?entityId=78105&referrer=marketing Enterprises are dealing with: • Application specific database proliferation • Massive growth in overall stored data • Increasing velocity of change in application layer • Challenges in operationally supporting new technologies • Data governance, locality and sovereignty On-Premise DBaaS can help you manage these challenges Departmental Apps Backup / Enterprise / Transactional Apps Analytics Additional Capacity Production Web Apps Dev / Test 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% DBaaS Adoption in 2013
  • 4. Value of The CumuLogic DBaaS Platform Cloud Service Providers: 1. Increases IaaS consumption 2. Turn-key access to new, high- value service 3. Ability to differentiate and compete with other public DBaaS services Enterprises: 1. Automates 75-90% of manual operational tasks 2. Empowers developers with databases in a self-service manner inside the firewall 3. Runs on any cloud and private infrastructure (i.e. virtualized environment, bare metal)
  • 5. + Announcing… CumuLogic DBaaS Platform, MongoDB Edition Available immediately at cumulogic.com/mongodb 45-day free trial period Fast to Install | Easy to Use | Deploy MongoDB Anywhere
  • 6. • Software platform to deliver fully managed MongoDB Database-as-a-Service • Web service to setup, operate and scale clusters in the cloud • Simple to deploy, easy to scale, reliable and cost effective for customer • Works on any infrastructure: OpenStack, CloudStack, vCloud, LXC containers and bare metal servers • Configures storage, compute, networking and security on infrastructure layer CumuLogic NoSQL DBaaS Platform MongoDB Database-as-a-Service Integrated with MMS!
  • 7. • Replica sets and sharded clusters for desired scalability, availability and performance • Development and production sharded clusters: • High redundancy and SLA • Uses recommended server and process configurations for production deployments • Elasticity in both dimensions – Add new replica nodes and shards • DC, cloud region and zone awareness. Multi-cloud support • Health checks and fully automated failure recovery of failed replica nodes and shards • Monitoring and profiling data available on user console • Automated file system backups for speed and accuracy • Low maintenance downtime. Promote secondary to Primary MongoDB as-a-Service Features: Near Zero Operations
  • 8. CumuLogic & MMS Integrated with Public and On-Premises MMS CumuLogic is integrated with MMS to provide: • Per-user setup of MMS per zone / datacenter • Leverages monitoring and backup capabilities of MMS • Future: Will leverage MMS Automation APIs for shard configuration of on-prem deployments
  • 9. Secondary Application RAID 10 SecondaryPrimary Replication Region 1 Zone 1 RAID 10 RAID 10 MongoDB Database Service Deployment Patterns: Replica Set Single-AZ Add Node for Scalability
  • 10. Secondary Application SecondaryPrimary Replication Region 1 Zone 1 Region 1 Zone 2 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 Application MongoDB Database Service Deployment Patterns: Replica Set Multi-AZ Add Node for Redundancy
  • 11. Region 1 Zone 1 SecondarySecondaryPrimary SHARD 1 SecondarySecondaryPrimary SHARD 2 Config Server SecondarySecondaryPrimary SHARD 3 App App RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 Config Server MongoDB Database Service Production Deployment: Sharded Cluster Single Zone, Multiple Servers and Replica Sets Config Server Mongos Mongos Mongos Monitoring agent
  • 12. DEMO
  • 13. • Contact us at info@cumulogic.com • Download a trial version: cumulogic.com/mongodb • Documentation: cumulogic.com/resources/documentation • MongoDB white paper: cumulogic.com/resources/mongodb_wp/ Questions?