Herbette Smoke The Healthy Way


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new concept of green smoking

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Herbette Smoke The Healthy Way

  1. 1. By: Monika
  2. 2.  Market Potential in India  The third largest market for cigarettes in the world  Potential Customers: According to the latest Health ministry data to 250 million smokers in India  One of the few countries in the world where sale of cigarettes has increased even during recession  An estimated 102 billion cigarettes are sold every year, generating revenue of nearly 150 Billion Rs  A habit that kills an estimated 1 million people every year Benefits to the smokers who shift from tobacco smoking to herbal cigarettes:- Better quality herbal products No Health Risks Continuation of the Smoking Habit without much spending on Health related Maladies
  3. 3.  To make smoking completely safe and harmless without or products. To enrich customer lives by generating superior products and promoting healthier lifestyles. We are also faithful in our commitment to social responsibility, contributing towards social change through our commitment to socially responsible practices and will continue to strive for excellence in our endeavor to provide healthy alternatives to harmful product consumption. In short: “SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH”. Our mission is to make this statement a thing of the past.
  4. 4.  Herbal cigarettes do not contain any tobacco or nicotine, so no health risks. They are used as a substitute for standard tobacco cigarettes, mainly as an aid for people who try to quit smoking.. They usually contain caffeine and other stimulants. Because they don’t contain tobacco, they can be sold legally to smokers of any age. ▪ Continuation Of the Smoking Habit without much spending on Health related Maladies.
  5. 5.  Government ban on smoking in public places. The number of deaths from tobacco smoking is expected to reach as high as 1 million in 2010 Increasing number of young smokers in India Need felt for a healthier alternativeOUR PRODUCT: Can present itself as a viable and safe alternative to harmful cigarettes Can target the entire smoking population as well as the youth segment , as it does not contain nicotine
  6. 6.  Segmentation:  Geographic – Urban and Rural  Psychographic – Lifestyle Targeting:  Customer may belong to any legal age group.  The Upper Middle Income Households  The climbers and switchers Positioning:  The Brand will be positioned with two celebratory statements: “Smoke the health Way” and “Celebrate Health with a Smoke”.
  7. 7.  Product: Product Variety-flavours Price: Keep it costly, make it exclusive Place: Waterfall approach Promotion: Be Visible EVERYWHERE  Sponsorship of health drives, tie ups with smoking de-addiction centers for selling the product as an alternative to normal cigarettes.  Below the line promotions
  8. 8.  Association with organizations like Cancer Aid Society and Cancer Concern Tie ups with de-addiction centres Donation to specific causes Promotion of “Quit Harmful Smoking” campaigns Support of Behavior Change campaigns
  9. 9. National competitors:  ITC commands around 70% of India’s Rs 150 billion Cigarette  Godfrey Phillip India (GPI)- a 13% market share  Vazir Sultan Tobacco (VST) – a 13% market share  Golden Tobacco Company – 8% market share. Local Competitors in Tobacco Cigarettes Category (various states):  Kanhayya Tobacco  MR Tobacco  Sapna Enterprises  Sudarshan Tobacco
  10. 10. On the basis of our study, we believe “Herbette” will be a revolutionaryproduct. Keeping in view - the untapped market, macro environmentand customer needs, this product has all the potential to deliver greatbenefits to its consumer and generate huge profits for the company.With smokers who aren’t ready to quit and are open to substitutes whicheliminate the risk factor but give the same amount of pleasurevaluefactor – Herbettes (Herbal Cigarettes) is ready to completely replacetobacco cigarettes. This will not only capture the major market share ofsmokers but also curb the tobacco smoking related mortality. Herbettescan prove to be a life savior. It is the Next Big Thing. The shift to ahealthier substitute would help people get over the tobacco smoking(nicotine content smoking) addiction & that too in a healthier andharmless way.