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Final speech

  1. 1. Project 4 Toastmaster CUE A2Olympics in India dream or reality –By Monika Bansal , section B, 119How many of you want that India should host Olympics right now?How many say that India should plan and then host Olympics in next five years down theline?IntroductionThis is it!!! The greatest sporting spectacle of the world; the mother of all sporting battles.India had organised some big events like Asian Games 1968, Asian Games 1982, ICCCricket World Cup 2011, Formula1 race 2011, Common wealth games2010, etc. The 2016Olympic Games will be hosted by Rio, with Madrid, Tokyo and Istanbul on the short list for2020. But what about 2024, there’s still time for India to put in a bid, or more realisticallylook towards 2028.As we all know that in commonwealth games there were lots of politics and scams whichwere involved in it. Is it time for India to start thinking about hosting the Olympics?In my opinion it might be, as every coin has two aspects, so I am talking here about bothaspects.Benefit is that, if we go for Olympics than not only India’s GDP will increase, she comes ingood global picture and handsome dividends but it also help India athletes in the form ofgood coaches, training spots and good avenues for trainings. Brings employmentopportunities, Improve tourism and infrastructure leads to cause employment and boosteconomy.But we know that India needs a development driven force (and I am not pointing thatgovernment is not doing anything but government is not doing it efficiently) we have theresources but we need to utilize those resources up to the optimum level, Olympics requirehuge investment and lots of others resources, time, effort in order to conduct two weekglamour pomp show. Political controversies are also there as still CWG cases are going on, ifIndia host another game than our Indian court will fill with some more cases full of scandals,scams, corruption etc. This will bring mess up situation in IndiaWhere and why it should be organized:In India if u want to see the Olympics event to be held then which city will you prefer,definitely it will be Delhi.Why Delhi?It is well organised and a planned city and all the credit goes to Common Wealth Gameswhich motivates the government and sponsors to build the world class infrastructure in Delhi.
  2. 2. “India has emerged as the fourth largest economy globally with a high growth rate and hasimproved its global ranking in terms of per capita income”, it is growing really well and inIndia we have all the facilities which are really needed to organise any tournament and gameslike Olympics.Areas where development is required:  Only thing in India which is needed to develop like government should take strong action to stop the corruption and make sensitive environment for Olympics Games and provide better facility for foreigners.  India would need a variety of training facilities for multiple sports to find and develop as many athletes as possible in advance of hosting a game. It would need to decide that merely hosting is not enough, and that they need to create a national celebration of sport that involves both elite and amateur athletes.Conclusion -Here, I would like to give my opinion-I dont think it’s right to host in the current situation which is prevailing in the country. Firstlet our Indian athletes improve and try to get recognised in most of the games then hosting anOlympic event might be considered good. Money might not be a major factor but theinfrastructure and capacity to accommodate the pouring tourists and athletes will be a majorfactor. It is a time consuming event and needs long planning. Hope it will be host by another15 years or so..............................................................................................................................................