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  1. 1. Press Relations in France:Facing new paradigms Simone DrollNovember 2011
  2. 2. Quick Flash on …• Simone Droll: expert in Corporate Marketing, Communications & PR • +20 years of experience in communications and marketing for international IT, Internet and Industrial companies (Microsoft, Netscape, Thales, Alstom…) • 10 years working experience in France • Since 2009 based in Munich – commuting between Paris and Munich • www.simonedroll.com• Client references in NTIC, Retail & Services, Industry & Security, digital marketing markets • IT/ Telco: Brainloop (DCM), Microsoft, (consumer) SGT (broadcast ), snom technology (VoIP), 170 Systems (KOFAX), Aquin (Finance), blueKiwi Software (Web 2.0) • Retail: J2 Retail Systems, DigiPos, Pricer, SimplicIT/ ThinkSmart • Security/ Industry: Risk&Co, tesa scribos, Thales Raytheon Systems, Alstom • Digital Marketing: OMD show, SapientNitro• Leveraging bigger client projects through Paris-based partner agency Clipping (www.clipping.fr)
  3. 3. Some rules for good PRProfessional Media Relations in France follow the same rulesas in other Western countries:• You need GOOD, RELEVANT and REGULAR NEWS• You should use PROOF-POINT COMMUNICATIONS as often as possible (customer references)• You should be HIGHLY REACTIVE and AVAILABLE
  4. 4. However… to really succeed,you should• Be as LOCAL as possible• Communicate in FRENCH (and possibly not in English)• Have a LOCAL SPOKESPERSON (who understands local specificities)• Use max of LOCAL REFERENCES AND STORIES• Try to calm down a bit between July 15 and August 15…• … and understand that sometimes it takes a little bit longer and at least one lunch meeting to get to where you want…
  5. 5. Specificities of the Frenchmedia landscape• Media landscape reflects centralized organization of France • National papers are strongly dominating public opinion • Dailies with focus on business/ economic issues: Les Echos, La Tribune… • Dailies with focus on political, social, cultural issues: Le Monde, Le Figaro, Libération, … • Business weeklies: le Nouvel Obs, Challenges, Capital • Regional media uses political, social & economic news produced by national papers.
  6. 6. The crisis of the print media Drop in circulation and number of print titles in the technical/ IT press 6
  7. 7. IT B2B Media:the big shake-up in 2007 … shifting most print publications online.
  8. 8. Trend towards „Online“ Number of weekly visitors of all websites monitored by OJD 8 Number of weekly visitors in million Number of websites and online medias Source: http://observatoire.ojd.com
  9. 9. The key B2B NTIC publicationsPRINT:ONLINE:IT CHANNEL MEDIA (mainly online): 9
  10. 10. Dealing with „Special Interest”media• Less and less editors in-house• Pressure for advertising placement increases• PR for „unknown brands“ with low budgets become more and more difficult (tendency goes more and more to “paid” PR)• Without local customer references, interest of journalists to cover the news is close to zero 10
  11. 11. The typical PR tools…• Basic press kit / backgrounder – an absolute must!• Press releases, interviews, press tours, PR events, …• Customer stories and case studies (local!!!)• By-lined articles (article placement is still a problem in France)• Updated PR section on website is a must!… and not to forget our working tools: • A focused press distribution list (PR newswire services do not really work in France) • Upcoming feature tracking calendar • Upcoming press release calendar/ PR strategy! • Clipping service (e.g. PressIndex, l´Argus de la Presse)
  12. 12. … The Dos and Don´tsDos:•Communicate in French•Use relevant and valuable news for theFrench target audience•Be as local as possibleDon´ts:•Don’t try to impose non-local, irrelevant news to journalists•Don´t SPAM•Avoid one-shot press release distribution –it´s a waste of money and time•Don´t believe that French journalists really workbetween July 14th and August 15th …
  13. 13. PR 2.0 – Creating the Buzz networks Wiki flux RSS social PR 2.0 collaboration LinkedIn business Viadeo traitdunion Mapping YouTube Facebook magazine WebXing SharePoint buzz Press release Radio Features Opinion influencer Twitter interview expertise Blog clients Cartographie produits FlickR télévision journaliste Plaxo e-réputation communautés opinion forum RSS Feeds viral clipping bookmarking Netvibes monitoring
  14. 14. Media paradigm changes• Blog, social networks & micro blogging allows UGC (user generated content): Consumers become influencers rather than influenced• Potentially, in France, 40 million web users can publish (blog & micro blog, note (comment, sharing websites), transmit (social links), comment (blog) and exchange (social networks, social medias)• Today, REPUTATION is more important than COMMUNICATIONS• Ergo: Social media is different from traditional media - it’s a new approach based on listening and interaction
  15. 15. Making PR 2.0 a reality for ourcustomers• Enhancing the online presence and e-reputation of clients• Offering a comprehensive set of PR 2.0 tools and services, e.g. • Monitoring & Mapping (Who talks about you/ your topics?) • Ensure an increased & controlled online presence by managing your online profile (on social networks/ community sites, such as Facebook, Wikipedia, …) • Working with the influencers on the web to build up your online reputation (active presence in blogs, discussion forums, …) • Viral PR and controlled key word referencing (on Google,…) • Animation of client’s own blog and dissemination of RSS feeds
  16. 16. Some final recommendations• Check first whether the news is interesting and valid for French media (and readers)• Check first whether you have sufficient news (quantitative and qualitative) to fill a regular news pipeline• Use a smart combination of different communications tools & channels to increase the impact of your PR (web communications, events, advertising…)• Be aware that PR is just „one line“ in the whole communications and marketing mix Thank you !
  17. 17. Contact Simone Droll Rosenheimer Straße 83 81667 München Germany Fon +49 89 18 95 40 77 Cell DE +49 151 230 48 645 Cell FR +33 6 72 05 46 46 Mail sd@simonedroll.com www.simonedroll.com