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Presentation at the Brisbane Interactive Minds session, includes content on Tourism Queensland\'s social marketing of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef

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Interactive Minds presentation

  1. 1. Social Media In Practice Tourism Queensland Case Study Rob Bell Chris Chambers & Founder and Director Director of Digital Marketing XCOM Media Tourism Queensland
  2. 2. Overview Introduction Social Media Background Why it made sense for us Our approach What we are using it for Risks from our experience What we have done
  3. 3. Social Media Background
  4. 4. What is it? Social Media “describes the online tools that people use to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media itself, thus facilitating conversations, collaboration and interaction online between groups of people.” SOURCE - SOCIAL COMPUTING MAGAZINE
  5. 5. Why it made sense for us?
  6. 6. Things We Couldn’t Ignore Millions are using it It’s a vehicle for users to shout about what they are Growing quickly passionate about (and what they are not) It’s fast It provided another Cost efficient engaging medium for the delivery of content It is quickly becoming a part mainstream media
  7. 7. We Looked At Who Is Using It Facebook More than 175 million active users Just under 1.2 billion page visits monthly More than half of Facebook users outside of college Fastest growing demographic is those 30 years old and older More than 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States Twitter No official figures ~ up to 8 million users globally More than 54 million monthly visits FACEBOOK.COM STATISTICS, 2009
  8. 8. Australian Facebook Demographics (as at Feb 21st 2009) 2,000,000 1,500,000 Active Users 1,000,000 500,000 0 13-17 18-25 26-34 34-44 45-54 55-59 Age Group ALLFACEBOOK.COM
  9. 9. And what they are using it for Connecting Sharing Engaging Communicating Building groups
  10. 10. We couldn’t ignore where marketing budgets were being spent Reducing Adding -20 48 Web 2.0 -14 48 Emailing To House lists -33 27 Paid Search -22 18 Telemarketing -43 16 Online Display Advertising -20 13 Mobile Marketing -52 12 Direct Mail -57 8 Event Marketing -83 6 Radio/TV Ads -43 6 Emailing To Rented Lists -60 7 Printed Advertising (90) (68) (45) (23) 0 23 45 68 Percent MARKETINGSHERPA, MARKETING AND THE ECONOMY SURVEY, SEPTEMBER 2008
  11. 11. Green Light - Social Media Consumers benefits Existing consumers Reach a new audience Provide a platform for identification with the brand Listen User-generated content Share content
  12. 12. Our approach
  13. 13. Our Approach Focus - keep it simple Research key brands who are active in this space Understand the model that they have adopted - what was appropriate Developing a rating system - measure effectiveness of their use of Social Media Understand by listening to consumers - brand perception Strategy Development - competitive landscape, business objectives, resources required and implementation plan
  14. 14. Then made some decisions Activity to support TQ’s global marketing effort Embrace - integrated into communications mix Start small and be cautious Facebook and Twitter was best fit for TQ at launch Subtle encouragement - soft launch Track and measure engagement and effectiveness
  15. 15. Commitment to Best Practice Commercial purpose - not just the use of the tool To integrate as part of the digital strategy Show personality and have fun Be active and engaging within the community Add value to the discussion Listen, learn and understand before acting Provide service - respond where appropriate
  16. 16. What we are using it for
  17. 17. Our Use Support digital marketing effort Content Listen Learn & Understand Engage Community development - self fulfilling prophecy Brand Advocation Viral
  18. 18. Acquisition Provide a clear source of ‘value’ to the user Understand it is a long-term investment Develop long-term relationships for brand advocation Giving users a reason to seek and commit to mutual beneficial relationship
  19. 19. Acquisition
  20. 20. Retention Give consumers the option to change where they engage with content: What they want When they want it How they want it Through the medium they want to receive it
  21. 21. Retention
  22. 22. Retain Unsubscribers?
  23. 23. Risks from our experience
  24. 24. Risks - In Social Media Negative feedback Anything and everything can be Fast paced taken and used against you No stopping the conversation Everything is public No controlling the What you don’t know discussion can hurt you
  25. 25. What we have done
  26. 26. Facebook Major uses Content syndication Promotion of major activity Learnings Launch Competition Power of the community Measurement Tools Facebook Analytics Link Tracking
  27. 27. Twitter How does Tourism Queensland use Twitter Other Tourism organisations Learnings from our use Measurement Tools
  28. 28. User Generated Content Initiates: Eye On Q Islands of the Great Barrier Reef Learnings UGC is important in travel & tourism UGC increase access to other content Submission volumes vs. visitation vs. usable content
  29. 29. Key Learnings Social Media is an effective communication medium Group moderation of discussion Offers different mediums to match consumer preference Social Media does not require a large financial contribution - can be resource intensive Be sincere in your communications
  30. 30. Thank you...
  31. 31. Contact Us.... Rob Bell Chris Chambers Founder and Director Director of Digital Marketing XCOM Media Tourism Queensland Email: Email: Twitter: @robbiebell Twitter: @ckjchambers @xcommedia @queensland Phone: +61 7 3666 0544 Phone: +61 7 3535 5476