(Graham Brown mobileYouth) #Trends: Fanspotting


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Fanspotting focuses on building customer engagement one person at a time - share of customer vs share of market
- part of the 101 series http://www.mobileyouthreport.com/101

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) #Trends: Fanspotting

  1. Fanspotting<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  2. #70<br />Facebook Fans ≠ Fans<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  3. How to download the slides…<br />www.MobileYouthReport.com/101<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  4. #71<br />If youth “like” you, you might as well be invisible<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  5. #72<br />we’ve spent our whole marketing careers trying to be liked by customers…<br />when all along we<br />ignored the inconvenient truth of the fans who already loved us<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  6. “Love” is not commonly used in marketing<br />“Love” requires commitment<br />“Love” requires opening up and letting go<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  7. #73<br />The fanspotting model is based on 3 simple questions:<br />1. Who are they?<br />2. What do they love?<br />3. How do we give it to them?<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  8. #74<br />Real word relationships, like marketing, require work<br />You can’t throw money at a broken relationship<br />or fix a broken brand without heart<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  9. #75<br />The problem with Fanspotting is that it requires<br />marketing to get personal and pull down the walls<br />that means no more focus groups. <br />That means actually getting to know them. <br />Not just by name but also by emotion and their fears<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  10. #76<br />Rather than ask “how do we engage youth?” we need to be asking “how do we remove the barriers that prevent youth from engaging with us?”<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  11. #77<br />Find your fans, the rest is mere detail<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  12. #78<br />Marketing success requires<br />a clear understanding of the<br />difference between <br />“Liked” and “Loved”<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  13. #79<br />Sell to the sold. Focus on the 10% that will influence the 90%. The 90% aren’t listening anyway<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  14. #80<br />Build Beachheads<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  15. Why Awareness means nothing<br />Sell to the sold<br />Beachhead<br />The “Sold”Fans who love your product already and want to get involved<br />Mass Market<br />The “Unsold”Customers and prospects who are aware of and like your product<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  16. #81<br />Fans need the brand as much as you need them. They need the social currency you provide<br />Help me tell my story<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  17. #82<br />Customers vs Fans<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  18. #83<br />Every product has fans<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  19. #84<br />Create a home<br />…an asset to house the dialogue<br />Think of an event, programme of community<br />you could create for your fans<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  20. #85<br />Give fans the tools they need to shout about<br />the brand<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  21. #86<br />Don’t be cool, be relevant<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  22. #87<br />Winning the youth market is<br />about share of customer not<br />share of market<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  23. #88<br />If you don’t know who your fans are<br />you only have<br />customers<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  24. Graham Brown<br />mobileYouth<br />Since 2001, mobileYouth has been helping companies build bridges with the youth market.Graham is a regular industry commentator on youth media and marketing and has appeared on CNN, CNBC and in the FT, WSJ and Sunday Times<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  25. How to download the slides…<br />www.MobileYouthReport.com/101<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />