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  • With rapid embrace of smartphones, mobile is increasingly becoming the platform that can make or break the strength of a brand, the hold on its customers. As consumers embrace mobile, it has grown more important than ever for companies to constantly monitor mobile website and application performance. Mobile service performance directly impacts the bottom line. Customers will easily desert poor performing websites, regardless of whether they are accessed from mobile or the desktop. That translates to losses both on the top and bottom line: sales go down; reputations take serious and sometimes fatal hits; ad revenues evaporate. Meanwhile the costs of support and optimization escalate when performance problems spiral out of control.
  • Android was once again the most popular smartphone operating system in the month of June as it ticked up one percentage point to receive 54% of all impressions served by the Millennial Media network. iOS lost a point to fall to 26% while RIM shed two points to fall to 15%. Symbian and Windows Phone each gained a point to account for 3% and 2% of the impressions served, respectively. Of note, however, Windows Phone usage was up 31% quarter-over-quarter and BlackBerry OS usage was up 29% over the same period. Apple’s iPhone was still the top device Millennial saw in June with a 16.19% share, nearly triple the BlackBerry Curve, which was the second most popular device at 5.57%. The Motorla DROID filled the No. 3 spot with 2.95%, and the Samsung Nexus S and current-model BlackBerry Bold rounded out the top-5 with 2.71% and 1.99%, respectively. Apple was also the top vendor in June, as its devices accounted for 30.76% of Millennial impressions. Samsung was the No. 2 OEM with 14.94% and RIM held the No. 3 spot with 11.76%. Additional charts outlining more key data from Millennial’s Mobile Mix report follow below.
  • - Make up of developers has completely changed in last 24 months- Only 5% of the early vanguard from mobile make-up today’s “developers”
  • Fresh Digital Group: Mobile Marketplace Statistics

    1. 1. Fresh Digital Group Mobile Marketplace StatisticsWE STRATEGIZE. WE EXECUTE. WE DELIVER. ALL THINGS MOBILE.
    2. 2. Full ServiceInnovation Partner Fresh Digital is a diverse group of creators, innovators, and developers who cohesively specialize in understanding your vision and executing solutions that enhance the digital life of your products. Fresh Digital Group
    3. 3. Mobile Trends for 20111. Total Global Subscriptions to hit 6 Billion 8. Mobile Data Traffic will be 95% of the global mobile • India and China racing to a billion a piece traffic by 20152. Total Global Mobile Revenue to hit $1.3 • Many countries are facing spectrum exhaust in Trillion, almost 2% of Global GDP the next 5 years • Top 10 operators control 43% of the global 9. Connected device segment is growing at the fastest mobile revenues pace3. Total Global Mobile Data Revenue to eclipse $300 • Operators will have to quickly adapt their Billion strategies to stay relevant in this segment • Non-messaging data now owns 53% of the 10. Several multi-billion dollar opportunity segments are global mobile data revenue emerging4. Mobile Device are now exceeding traditional • Mobile Advertising, Mobile Commerce, Mobile computers in unit sales + revenue Wellness, Mobile Games, and Mobile Cloud • Majority of the device sales in the US are now Computing to name a few smartphones. Device Replacement is shrinking 11. Mobile Ecosystem has become very dynamic and5. Mobile Broadband (4G) is being deployed at a faster unpredictable rate than previous generations • Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook have • Over 1 Billion broadband connections by 2011 become the most important revenue generating6. Global Mobile Apps revenue has shifted to off-deck mobile platforms • The decline is directly proportional to the 12. There will be more changes in the next 10 years than in increase in smartphones penetration by region the previous 1007. All major markets are consolidating with the top 3 • The value chains will be disrupting every 12-24 players at 85% of the market months by the new players and business models • Regulators will have to be more prudent and 13. Intellectual Property has become a key component of proactive about managing competitiveness and long-term product strategy growth • Top 20 control 1/3rd of the overall mobile patent pool Fresh Digital Group
    4. 4. iPhone Apps Fresh Digital Group
    5. 5. iPhone App Categories Fresh Digital Group
    6. 6. Mobile Strategy & Advertising Marketers who are trying to reach large amounts of consumers on a national level are the ones who are activelyintegrating mobile strategy as a key component to their advertising campaign. Fresh Digital Group
    7. 7. 2011 Global Market Snapshot Fresh Digital Group
    8. 8. Global Mobile Leaders Fresh Digital Group
    9. 9. Global Mobile Leaders Fresh Digital Group
    10. 10. Mobile Apps and Services MOBILE IS FUNDAMENTALLY RESHAPING how we as consumers spend from housing and healthcare to entertainment and travel, from food and drinks to communication and transportation. Mobile not only influences purchase behavior but also post purchase opinions. When the share button is literally a second away, consumers are willingly sharing more information than ever before. Mobile is thus helping close the nirvana gap for brands and advertisers who seek to connect advertising to actual transactions. The long-term battle is however for owning the context of the users. Having the best knowledge about the user to help drive the transaction is the simply the most valuable currency of commerce. Fresh Digital Group
    11. 11. What to expect in 2H 2011:• More Tiering, faster pace of change of plans. More options, family data plans• Cost reduction is as important as revenue generation. More players will align their value-chains and cost structures• Radios will start connecting the digital world with the physical world with significant disruption opportunity• Mobile Payment Networks will remain intact for the near future as the ecosystem largely focuses on building value on top of the existing exchange platforms• The intersection of Social, Location, Identity, and Gaming is creating new opportunities• With connectivity becoming pervasive, mobile will fundamentally start to alter the legacy infrastructure –retail, health, education, energy, computing, travel, entertainment• Significant tablet adoption in the enterprise directly impacting the traditional computer manufacturers• Both HTML5 and Apps will continue to grow, the relevancy to any given application will depend on the reach and economics requirements• Mobile data growth will double again in 2011. Significant opportunities in managed and understanding of mobile data growth• Regulators will need to evolve to keep up with the trend to keep their nation globally competitive• IP will continue to surface as a key product strategy tool for players in the ecosystem• Significant progress in emerging areas like mHealth, mPayments will come from the developed world while the western countries get mired in regulatory and legacy mess Fresh Digital Group
    12. 12. Consumer Behavior – Mobile Adoption Fresh Digital Group
    13. 13. Smartphone Penetration & Share * Smartphone popularity is increasing. Fresh Digital Group
    14. 14. Smartphone Penetration by Age Fresh Digital Group
    15. 15. Smartphone Market ShareAccording to Neilson‘s Q2smartphone market sharedata for the -Android finds itself atop thelist again with 39% of themarket. IOS remains in theNo. 2 spot with 28% andRIM slid to 20% in thesecond quarter. WindowsMobile and WindowsPhone combined to take9% of themarket, while webOS andPalm OS combined toaccount for just 2% of themarket. Nokia‘s SymbianOS also held a 2% share inthe June quarter. Fresh Digital Group
    16. 16. Top 20 Mobile Phones Fresh Digital Group
    17. 17. Top 15 Manufacturers (all devices) Fresh Digital Group
    18. 18. Smartphone Demographic Breakdown Fresh Digital Group
    19. 19. Smartphone Penetration Android tops mobile OS usage but iPhone is still the top device. Fresh Digital Group
    20. 20. Smartphone Owners Nearly 1 in 3 own a Smartphone Fresh Digital Group
    21. 21. Tablets Sales Tablet Sales Fresh Digital Group
    22. 22. Tablets & Other Devices •Tablets and other connected devices redefining ―mobile‖ for advertisers. Fresh Digital Group
    23. 23. Application Platform Mix Fresh Digital Group
    24. 24. Two Dominant Platforms for Mobile 550,000 new 367,000 new devices per day devices per day 200M Installed Base 250M Installed Base Android and Apple platforms deliver key monetization differences Fresh Digital Group Sources: Google, Apple, Flurry
    25. 25. iPhone vs. Android: Session Length Productivity Books Games Social Networking News Education iPhoneHealthCare & Fitness Android Business Entertainment Lifestyle Sports Finance 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Fresh Digital Group Average Session Length, Minutes, April 1 -15 Source: Flurry Analytics
    26. 26. iPhone vs. Android: Use Frequency Social Networking Sports Books Games Music News Entertainment iPhone Android Lifestyle HealthCare & Fitness Productivity Education Business Finance 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Fresh Digital Group Number of Sessions per User, April 1 -15 Source: Flurry Analytics
    27. 27. iPhone vs. Android: Retention Sports Social Networking Games News Entertainment Lifestyle HealthCare & Fitness iPhone Android Productivity Finance Music Education Business Books 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Fresh Digital Group % Retained, April 1 -15 Source: Flurry Analytics
    28. 28. Mobile Mediaand Applications Fresh Digital Group
    29. 29. Executing Your Mobile Strategy Developing a Brand-Appropriate Approach to App and Mobile Web • Who is your core consumer and how mobile are they? • What are they currently doing in mobile? • What will they be doing soon? Fresh Digital Group
    30. 30. American Cell Phone Usage "Consumers will continue to value mobile device design and functionality, but the quality and availability of certain apps will progressively influence their buying decisions. By building on their strengths, operators can capture more of the market, while delivering a better customer experience." Fresh Digital Group
    31. 31. U.S. Monthly Mobile Internet Growth Fresh Digital Group
    32. 32. Mobile Media Users are Nearing a Majority • 43.9% of US Mobile Phone Owners Browse the Mobile Internet, Use Applications or Download Content (Mobile Media Users) • 107 Million Monthly Mobile Media Users +24% YoY Fresh Digital Group
    33. 33. App Marketplace Mobile 5% Traditional Online Media 22% 17% • 500M Apps in the Market already Retail & Native CPG iPhone 17% 20% Traditional Gaming 19% Fresh Digital Group Source: Flurry Analytics
    34. 34. App Marketplace • Older adults show interest in mobile media. Fresh Digital Group
    35. 35. App Stores App Stores are a control point for: • Discoveryof applications – access to app discovery as a control point –as a gateway to affiliate, matchmaker and curator business models • Distributionof applications – e.g distribution and delivery of apps as a control point - e.g. Android uses Market to enforce compliance requirements on handsets • Monetizationof applications – an opportunity to extract a commission in the form of revenue share for paid apps and in-app purchases • Exit barriers for users – app stores create ‗sticky gardens‘; if users churn they lose their apps • Consumer insights – an opportunity to optimize device and service targeting Fresh Digital Group
    36. 36. App Category Growth Fresh Digital Group
    37. 37. Mobile Apps – New Business Opportunities In a recent survey, 72% of responding organizations stated they will deploy 1-5 mobile apps in the upcoming year. 18% said 6-10. -MicroStrategy Mobile transaction volumes will rise from $1.6B in 2010 to almost $12B in 2014. Gartner More firms are turning to apps to enhance the way customers interact with their products and services — and even boost their bottom lines. -Wall Street Journal Fresh Digital Group
    38. 38. Increasing PersonalizationWhile few companies currently offer personalization, there is strong interest for future use. It will be used to increase customer loyalty and to cross sell/up sell. Fresh Digital Group
    39. 39. Multiple Application Types Fresh Digital Group
    40. 40. Native App vs. Web App Fresh Digital Group
    41. 41. Application Development Options Fresh Digital Group
    42. 42. Social Media Boom Fresh Digital Group
    43. 43. Facebook and Google Leading in Market Share • Mobile social is the standout category Fresh Digital Group
    44. 44. Social Activity Advertising • Filling A Gap Between Search & Display • Outperforming Banners & Rich Media Advertising Fresh Digital Group
    45. 45. Mobile Apps – Top Challenges Creating rich mobile applications in a fragmented technological landscape Connecting the enterprise back-end services in a secure and scalable manner Controlling the growing portfolio of applications deployed ―in the wild‖. Fresh Digital Group
    46. 46. Challenges: Controlling the Apps Fresh Digital Group
    47. 47. MobileMarketing Fresh Digital Group
    48. 48. Mobile Advertising Key hurdles that marketers say are keeping them from making large mobile ad buys: 72% 72% 71% 70% 70% 69% 69% 68% 67% Device Fragmentation Privacy Issues Lack of Standardized Metrics 60% also ranked a limited opportunity for creative as a mobile challenge which could in part be a reflection that 62% use creative agencies for mobile advertising. Fresh Digital Group
    49. 49. Mobile Advertising on the Rise Fresh Digital Group
    50. 50. Mobile Advertising Growth * More advertisers are turning to mobile, with a growing diversity of categories and advertisers. Fresh Digital Group
    51. 51. Mobile Ad Recall • Mobile advertisements are a way connect with targeted consumers in hard to reach segments Fresh Digital Group
    52. 52. Benefits of Mobile Advertising for Brands Fresh Digital Group
    53. 53. Key Objectives – Mobile Advertising Fresh Digital Group
    54. 54. Mobile Advertising Increase The investment in mobile advertising is set to increase over the next two years, with an impressive 35% set to raise the budget by over 50%. Larger companies are the ones most looking to consistently increase their spending in mobile advertising. Fresh Digital Group
    55. 55. Mobile Advertising leads to Action Fresh Digital Group
    56. 56. Types of Mobile Advertising Fresh Digital Group
    57. 57. Mobile Social Networking Fresh Digital Group
    58. 58. SMS Advertising • 28% of mobile subscribers in the US received one or more SMS Ads in March 2011; of those, 17% responded to at least one SMS ad Fresh Digital Group
    59. 59. Mobile Tablets on the Rise Fresh Digital Group
    60. 60. Changing Tablet Demographics Fresh Digital Group
    61. 61. iPad’s Effect on Netbook Sales Fresh Digital Group
    62. 62. SDK’s Fresh Digital Group
    63. 63. Consumption: Mobile Apps vs. Web *Mobile app consumption surpasses Web consumption for the first time ever in 2011 Fresh Digital Group
    64. 64. From a Retail Perspective... Fresh Digital Group
    65. 65. Fresh Digital Group 111 East 77thStreet New York, NY 10075 www.freshdigitalgroup.comFresh Digital Group