Creative Collaboration With iPads


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Workshop given at Connections Conference, Sidwell Friends 2012

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  • \n
  • Go over timeline and have teachers add to wallwisher page...\n\nWhat are your goals hopes for the day....\n
  • Two books that have transformed my thinking about education this year is ...Seth Godin's Stop Stealing Dreams and Tony Wagner's Creating Innovators\n\nPlay, passion, purpose \n\nHas put me on a mission to make school different....\n\nThese are the key take aways and hopefully a lot more!\n
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  • Read story....\n
  • Open/download ScribblePress and create your own mark! Model...\n
  • Five steps...\n1- introduction and naming\n2- generate student ideas\n3- exploration and experimentation \n4- sharing exploratory work\n5- clean up and care of materials\n
  • Pair up with a partner and choose 2-3 apps to do a guided discovery of...\n\nHave them turn and talk to discuss what they discovered...\n\nShare discoveries with group\n\n\n\n\n\n
  • Ds106 Daily Create....\n\nIt is the open online course on digital storytelling that began at the University of Mary Washington and continues as a community of learners across the globe.\n
  • Break into new groups to complete 2-3 daily creates...\n\nGive time to complete...\n\nWhen done have participants do a quick write...1-2 minute free write on the activity...\n\nShare \n
  • Gather ideas/techniques for teacher productivity...\n
  • Give teachers ample time to create lesson plans....\n\nShare lesson ideas\n
  • Exit Pass...\n\nDo not have to put name...add date and session\n\nPlease fill out something you learned and any suggestions for me to enhance my workshop\n\n\n
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  • Go make your mark!\n
  • Creative Collaboration With iPads

    1. 1. Creative Collaboration with iPads Melissa Scott Technology Integration Specialist, Flint Hill School
    2. 2. Timeline✤ Welcome ✤ Morning • Explore & Create✤ Introductions ✤ Afternoon • Make & Take✤ Making Connections • • Process & Reflect
    3. 3. Key Take Aways✤ Lead a lesson using guided discovery✤ Create lessons that encourage collaboration among students✤ Learn ways students and teachers can create and author using iPads✤ Gather techniques for teacher productivity and record keeping
    4. 4. “Almost all creativityinvolves purposeful play.” -Abraham Maslow
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Make your mark...Make your own dot! (BIG, , many, few, colored, glittered - your choice) little Be sure to sign and date your work!
    7. 7. What is Guided Discovery?
    8. 8. BookCreator ScribblePress iAWriter Keynote iMovie StripDesigner iPhoto WordFoto Skitch iTunesU ExplainEverything ScreenChomp ShowMe Guided Discovery
    9. 9. Explore and Create
    10. 10. #CONNEX12 Daily CreateWRITING DESIGN Haiku It Up Hypothetical Fortunes Three Word Wednesday The Big Caption Tell Me A Story What’s Your Line Your DigiArt Tells A Story VIDEOVISUAL Calling All Explorers Show Us Your Dream Breaking News Troll Quotes This Is My Story Repeating Shapes Test Your PR Skills
    11. 11. Evernote ThreeRing DropBox Teacher Productivity
    12. 12. Make and Take✤ Create a lesson/s using the daily create model....✤ Create lessons geared toward your content/subject/grade using apps that we have explored...
    13. 13. Exit Pass
    14. 14. Resources•••
    15. 15. Play... Passion... Purpose