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Mr. Matt's French Canada Presentation 2009

Mr. Matt's French Canada Presentation 2009



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Mr Matt French Canada Mr Matt French Canada Presentation Transcript

  • Mr. Matt’s French Speaking Canada By Mr. Matt The Green School Spring 2009 Flag image source: Encyclopedia Britannica Online
    • Aim: Why is Canada a bilingual country?
    • Do Now: Write at least one complete sentence answering the Aim question.
    • HW: Practice some phrases in French.
  • Where is French-Speaking Canada?
    • All of Canada is officially bilingual.
    • The province of Q uébéc is monolingual: French is the only official language.
    • New Brunswick province is officially bilingual.
    • In the rest of Canada, English is the first official language, French is recognized as a minority language.
    Source: Google Maps
  • How Many People Speak French in Canada?
    • “ More than 9 million Canadians … speak French.”
    • There are French speakers in all Canadian provinces.
    • The most concentrated populations are in Q uébéc, Ontario and New Brunswick provinces.
    • Province and Number of French Speakers
    • Newfoundland and Labrador 21,040
    • Prince Edward Island 16,085
    • Nova Scotia 91,055
    • New Brunswick 312,280
    • Quebec 6,739,050
    • Ontario 1,362,025
    • Manitoba 104,085
    • Saskatchewan 49,355
    • Alberta 204,795
    • British Columbia 271,175
    • Yukon Territory 2,940
    • Northwest Territories 3,165
    • Nunavut 1,040
    • TOTAL 9,178,100
    • Data Source: Statistics Canada, 2001.
    Fact source: Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages:
  • What are the places to visit in French Canada?
    • Montr é al is Canada’s second largest city.
    • It’s one of the largest French-speaking cities in the world.
    • You can visit museums, historical sites, go to shows and see movies in French.
    Photo source: Office of Quebec Tourism
  • Why is Canada Bilingual?
    • Colonized by the French from 1608 to 1700s.
    • Colonized by the British from the 1600s onward.
    • The British fought the French and won in 1763.
      • “ The Seven Years War” aka “The French-Indian War”.
    • The French culture lived on, unrecognized from 1763 forward.
      • The motto of Qu ébéc is ‘Je me souviens.’
    • Bilingualism officially recognized in the 1960s.
  • What Are Some Useful French Phrases? Au revoir! See you! Merci/De rien Thank you/You’re welcome Oui/Non/Peut- être Yes/No/Maybe My name is… Je m’appelle… What is your name? Comment vous appelez-vous? Comment tu t’appelles? How are you ? (How is it going?) Comment ça va? Hello (good day) Bonjour English French
  • What Some Most Important French Verbs? ils/elles sont il/elle/on est vous êtes tu es nous sommes je suis ê tre = “to be” ils/elles ont il/elle/on a vous avez tu as nous avons j’ai avoir = “to have” ils/elles aiment il/elle/on aime vous aimez tu aimes nous aimons j’aime aimer = “to love or to like” ils/elles font il/elle/on fait vous faites tu fais nous faisons je fais faire = “to do or to make”