Secret Insights of QR Codes, Yes they are the NEXT BigThing!


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Secret Insights of QR Codes, Yes they are the NEXT BigThing!

  1. 1. QR Codes are here to stay!
  2. 2. Scan with a Smart Phone to give you detailed information about the product being scanned. Our product just happens to be homes. Scanning the code on our yard signs or flyers takes you directly to an Internet-based detailed listing of property attributes, or in some cases a single property website with abundant information.
  3. 3. Make sure you download the application on your smartphone: Quickmark and Optiscan for iPhones; and Barcode Scanner for Androids are the most common! Similar to bar codes, but with Internet connectivity. Great marketing tool that allows you to share deals and discounts with your target audience, or simply information.
  4. 4. A QR code generator is the simplest way to generate a QR code for a URL, text, phone number or SMS. Simply select your preference, enter the content, specify size and click “Generate.” Then, save the code to use elsewhere, or grab the HTML to embed it online.
  5. 5. iCandy ~ A bit more robust and helps you track scans and look at analytics around generated QR codes. You can also print codes through partner services.
  6. 6. 2D Code Generator ~ This is a excellent service with a URL shortener as well, so you can measure the ROI and the quantitative results of your campaign.
  7. 7. Create QR Codes for telephone, SMS, Maps, URL, MeCards and Raw data.
  8. 8. Includes iCalendar and vCard formats and an option for real-time reporting. Jaxo ~ Select encoding mode, multiple colors and upload background graphic. Any color background or modules and many other options.
  9. 9. has a QR generator for their shortening service as well. Just enter in the link you want shortened and it will create the QR code off to the right hand side of the screen. Copy and paste the link in your browser. By default it creates a 150×150 image but you can change the size by editing the url (ie change 150×150 to 300×300). Save image as and you are done.
  10. 10. recently announced a QR Code Generator to go along with their URL shortening service. All you have to do is shorten your URL, customize and then add .qr after the customized URL you created. You then be able to track the traffic going to your website or landing page.
  11. 11.  Rule 1: Content is King! Make your content valuable!  Rule 2: Mobilize the landing page!  Rule 3: Keep the URL short!
  12. 12. Bring Traffic To Your Website! Instead of writing a long web address your consumers are likely to forget, use a QR Code on a printed piece of information. Whether it’s an advertisement, direct mail, business card, flyer, or exterior street signage, your potential consumer can immediately gain access to what your company is about, what you’re promoting, and you can nudge them to act now instead of the dreaded “maybe later.” BEST of ALL you can track all the marketing you do with QR Codes!
  13. 13. Add them to any print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, post cards and the like containing:  Product details  Contact details  Offer details  Event details  Competition details  A coupon  Twitter & Facebook IDs  A link to your YouTube video
  14. 14.  Twitter – How about creating a TwitScanTM service that creates a scan code and provide a short URL to it!  YouTube Video - Scan the code at the end of the video to take you to a related video!  Invoice – Turn an invoice into a marketing tool with a scan code that launches a video or website! Just don’t take their $$$!  Media Release – Add scan codes to media releases!
  15. 15.  Property Flyers ~ Just put a simple QR code within the flyer to drive traffic to a website with more information, like floor plans. Get creative with them.  Building or Listing ~ Place a QR Code on the listing sign or if you have a retail or office building, put them where prospective tenants can reach them to scan the barcode. Obviously, don’t place one on a sign where nobody can reach it to scan. Be smart with them, don’t overdue them within the property.  Business Cards ~ Those still exist! So, why not place one on the card itself with a QR Code that links to something other than your contact info that is on the card. Do something creative that actually means something and creates value.  Direct Mail ~ I still send out direct mail and hand-written thank you cards. They go a long way and people appreciate that. It seems to be a lost art today with all the Facebooking, emailing and Twittering. Give it a shot and it is a good way to track clicks, which used to be very hard to do with mailings unless you asked recipients specifically.
  16. 16. PEOPLE LOVE SHARING!  Sharing content over the web has become ridiculously popular over the last 5-7 years.  Sharing content over the MOBILE web is still pretty new, but has explosive potential! You are already seeing it with adoption of text messaging (texting) and Twitter (tweets), which are both “mobile born” forms of communication.  Everything MUST be easy to share on-the-go (i.e., galleries and product pages). Make it easy for users to post content on Facebook and Twitter in seconds.  Make sure that the content is accessible on the web also. Mobile to desktop sharing is still prominent.
  17. 17. Not Linking the Scan Code to Content That Adds Value … Adding value might include a “how-to” video or video teaser for a new TV show, sweepstakes, launch an app in the Apple iTunes App Store for immediate downloading, an RSS feed (dynamic info) optimized for a SmartPhone, or walking directions from an outdoor poster to a hard-to-find venue. It’s unlikely that linking to your home page will add value.
  18. 18. Not Linking the Scan Code to a Mobile Site … Keep in mind, if your team is designing on big screens, make sure they are using SmartPhones to ensure their work is viewable, readable and working on a small SmartPhone screen. Plus, if your mobile site requires Adobe® Flash Player on a SmartPhone, you’ll create a non- working mess for your Apple iPhone audience (including me). Unless you are selling an Android specific app, don’t go there!
  19. 19. Not Having at Least Two Modules of Space Around the Scan Code … Sweat the details! It’s not enough to proof your codes when they are generated. They need to work when placed in your marketing tools next to text or art. Plus, the background and scan code colors can also affect the scanability of your codes. Before you begin production, test with different mobile scanning apps and SmartPhone devices. Content that looks great on my Apple iPhone 4 (love it), may not look so great on a BlackBerry, Android or Evo SmartPhone.
  20. 20. Placing a Scan Code Where There is No Web Access: For example, until the B.A.R.T. system has reliable, free Internet service, why place the code inside a B.A.R.T.? Printing the Scan Code Too Small : The size of a QR code may vary based on the code’s density. For example, I have received business cards where the QR codes were printed too small for me to successfully scan.
  21. 21. QR Hub “With the QR Hub printing services you can print your code on anything we provide in-store. Also, as a bonus, you can print your code immediately onto standard and label paper using our simple printing template tool, or you can simply download your QR code, print it, include it in a design, or whatever you want. You decide!”
  22. 22. “I would love to answer any questions you may have!” – Sweta Patel