The Journey Of David's Stones


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How and by what process did the Stones that David picked from the River Bed got there? When we look closely, the Journey of the Riverbed Stones are remarkably similar to ours

This is the Summary of a Message preached on Sunday August 30 2009 at Victory Court Redeemed Christian Church of God, Bellevue WA by Pastor Sayo Ajiboye.

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The Journey Of David's Stones

  1. 1. 85725323850The Journey of the Stone <br />I spent a whole month returning to one question: Why did David chose five stones from the river bed? <br />1 Sam 17:40 <br />He took his stick in his hand and chose for himself five smooth stones from the brook, and put them in the shepherd's bag which he had, even in his pouch, and his sling was in his hand; and he approached the Philistine. <br />I desire that you consider these answers: <br />THE STONES REPRESENT THE STORY OF THE PEOPLE: Those stones were in themselves an example of the story of Israel. The battles, the captivities, the stress, the blessings… The stones represent what the people have gone through. <br />THE MIGHT OF ORIGIN: Where the stone started was far. I want you to imagine its journey of the stone to the point where God through David used it. Imagine the days those little stones were s a mighty boulder, huge, covering space, striking fear, totally immobile, totally static, totally useless! I want you to consider the fact that Israel was just like this for many years… Big, Static, Useless! Some of us are in this very situation and we need to consider the matter. <br />-238125269240THE TRIALS OF THE STONE: A season came when the waters overwhelmed the Stone. The flood came and covered its location and a process began that led to its reduction in size. This size reduction however sharpened its ability, it assured its mobility and increased its usefulness. Today, God reduces the weight of some of us to make us mobile! God causes us to downsize, he brings circumstances that points us to simpler living. It is wise that we hear and heed such a season. <br />DOWN SIZING AND THE GROWTH OF FAITH: Downsizing is often painful. For the stone, it was the breaking of chip by little chip, it was a long period of removal of substances. The process involved heat, the environment becomes extremely hot and the process involves water. Sometimes it is in form of a soothing flow and at other times, it is the voice of a roaring Tsunami! God uses all of these things and causes them to work together for those who love him and are called according to his purpose! (See Psalm 124)<br />-161925418465THE PURPOSE OF GOD: The Journey of David’s Stones was far, its experiences arduous; but it was all for a purpose; that it can become the stone that killed the Giant! Some of us are going through Battle Royale, impossible circumstances that seek to swallow us. We wonder at the senselessness of our pain, we question the usefulness of our challenges; we gripe and we grumble and God sits in heaven and he smiles. He has just one word for us as we wonder: “there is a purpose in my plan, there is a design to my actions. Will you believe HIM?” <br />