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This presentation was part of the IT>PM series run in staff rooms

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  • Introduction if there are others there. Introduced through the merger and both had a love of Tech. Run in the same circles on line and often catch up on web conferences and twitter have many of the same online friends.
  • It is a great idea to subscribe to the IT>PM blog. It will be updated when there is an upcoming PD and after the session you will find the PowerPoint and any links we’ve mentioned.
  • The common craft videos are great for learning about ICT tools. I found this copy on teacher tube. This is actually not the site we will show you today but it will show you how similar they all are and it is a good video as an introduction.
  • I chose Diigo as it options to use sticky notes and highlighters. Delicious is also very popular in education but Yahoo, who own it, are looking for someone to take it over as it does not have a strategic fit into the company. When many people heard this they decided to move their bookmarks to diigo. Feel free to try any others but we will focus today on Diigo. They all take on the same principals so you can transfer skills.
  • Although you have a username, your full name will still be seen by others.
  • We have a school Diigo group to share between the staff. I have also set up one for students to look at. I add any website we use to it so they can go back and find them. The kids have the address to the public site. At the moment they can’t add to it but I am planning on setting up student users this year also.
  • Social Bookmarking

    1. 1. IT>PM Social Bookmarking
    3. 3. WHY SOCIAL BOOKMARKING? •It saves your favourite websites in ‘the cloud’ so you can access them anywhere •You can easily share websites with others •It organises your saved websites so you can find them easily. •You can see what websites friends are saving •You can leave notes on the websites and highlight sections
    4. 4. WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE? •Diigo •Delicious •Digg •Buzz •Google Bookmarks •Posterous •Connotea •Portaportal •Symbaloo •Trunkly •Zotero •Amplify
    5. 5. SIGNING UP Enter your details to create an account. Your username will identify you to your friends
    6. 6. YOUR LIBRARY The tags help you find the bookmarks you make Bookmarks appear in date order Search for specific bookmarks here
    7. 7. ADD THE TOOLBAR This sits on your toolbar and is visible when you visit any website Simply click on the bookmark tab and the URL will appear. Then you can add a title, description and tags. It will even suggest tags for you.
    8. 8. HIGHLIGHTING Highlighting is a great tool to highlight certain parts of a website You can even choose your colour! The toolbar allows you bookmark and annotate at the press of a button
    9. 9. ADD A STICKY NOTE You can add sticky notes with some details you may like to remember. You can make this private for just you or public if you would like to share it.
    10. 10. SHARE WITH FRIENDS When you save a website it gives an option to share it with friends. You can share it with friends who are not on Diigo too. Just insert their email address. You can leave a comment and it will add the link for you
    11. 11. ADDING GROUPS When you make a group you have lots of options for how people join and who can view it Groups are a great way to share websites on a particular topic or comonality
    12. 12. FOLLOW PEOPLE When you follow people you can see what bookmarks they are adding
    13. 13. YOUR PROFILE You can create a profile so like minded people can follow you An avatar is a great way for people to recognise you
    14. 14. DIIGO EDUCATORS As an educator you can receive an upgrade. You can then add students so they too can share websites
    15. 15. LET’S HAVE A GO
    16. 16. NEXT TIME Educational blogging 4pm Lightning Reef Primary School Nolan St Campus