Metro Detroit Friday Night Mixed By-Laws


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Metro Detroit Friday Night Mixed By-Laws

  1. 1. METRO DETROIT FRIDAY NIGHT MIXED LEAGUE 2011- 2012 BY-LAWSThe Metro Detroit Friday Night Mixed League shall be United States Bowling Congress (USBC) certified.In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and to reduce League expenses, the completeUSBC Rule Book may be viewed online at The League can be found The League’s email address is league will bowl on Friday nights at 7:30 PM (practice at 7:15 PM) for 31 weeks beginning onFriday, September 9, 2011 and will end on Friday, April 13, 2012, the roll off and singles tournamentwill be on Friday, April 20, 2012. There will be no bowling on 10/07/11 or 11/25/11 due to the MICTournament and Thanksgiving. All bowling will take place at Universal Lanes on 12 Mile Road inWarren, Michigan.I. BOWLING FEES: A. The amount to be paid by each bowler, each week shall be $14.00; $9.00 paid to Universal (rate locked in 09/2010 to 05/2015) and $5.00 will be put in the league’s treasury for the prize fund. B. The last two weeks of the bowling season must be paid in advance by the 10th week of bowling; 11/18/11. C. Any bowler that is behind more than 2 weeks ($28.00) in bowling fees will be dropped from the league unless sufficient reason is given and permission for an extension is granted by the league officers. D. Each team is responsible for unpaid bowling fees in the event of an incomplete roster. E. Any bowler submitting a Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) personal check to pay for bowling fees will not be allowed to submit any further personal checks for bowling fees and NSF fees will be the responsibility of the bowler. Substitute bowlers cannot write checks. F. Any bowling fees unpaid at the end of the season will be taken out of the team’s prize fund.II. CERTIFICATION FEES: A. All bowlers, including substitute bowlers, must be certified at the cost of $19.00, this fee is for both men and women. B. Fees paid to USBC for certifications must be paid upon completion of the first session in22011-12 By-Laws FINAL.doc
  2. 2. which the bowler competes (first night of bowling). Note: This fee is paid in only one league and is payable only by cash or check (made out to MDFNM).III. SPONSOR’S FEES: A. The sponsor’s fee of $40.00 per team due by the 10th week of bowling, 11/18/11. B. Team shall forfeit points if sponsor fee remains unpaid in full or in part beyond the due date.IV. SCORING SYSTEM: A. A seven (7) point scoring system shall be used. Two (2) points for each game won and one (1) point for totals. B. For tie games, score one (1) point for each team. C. For tie totals, score one half (1/2) point for each team.V. TEAM ROSTER: A. Each team shall consist of 4 regular bowlers. They may be any combination of men and/ or women bowlers. All bowlers must be USBC certified in order to bowl. B. Transferring team membership – Rule 107b - USBC Rule Book C. Legal Lineup – A team must have at least 2 regular bowlers (not substitutes) by the end of the first frame, for a “legal” lineup to begin bowling. D. Maximum of two substitutes are allowed. The substitutes may bowl with any team. All substitutes must be certified in order to bowl. E. Substitutes without an established 6 game average, on this league, will not be allowed to bowl on or between the 11th and 15th week of either half. Substitute bowlers are not allowed to bowl on any position round. F. A team may add a new bowler to its team at any point in the season in order to have a full four person team. Replacements, beginning or without a 6 game average on this league, on a position week without a “verified certified average” as indicated in Section VI, Article A, will use 200 for their beginning average. G. Bowlers must have a minimum 21 game average with this league in order to bowl in the final roll-off, otherwise a blind score shall be used. H. Late bowlers must be ready to bowl before the end of the 3rd frame. They shall be allowed to make up all frames missed. If they come in after the 4th frame has begun, they may only bowl for practice and will be shown as absent on the scorecard. Their average minus 10 pins will be used for the scoring of that game. He/she may bowl in any of the remaining games. I. “Pacers” will not be allowed to bowl for any reason. J. A vacancy score of 135 will be used when a team has an incomplete roster.32011-12 By-Laws FINAL.doc
  3. 3. VI. AVERAGES: A. To determine your beginning average for this league, use the first from the following that applies: 1. A returning bowler will use their ending average from the 2010-2011 bowling season; provided you have a minimum of 21 games bowled. 2. Your highest average from 2010 - 2011 Yearbook. 3. Your highest average from 2009 - 2010 Yearbook. 4. Your highest average from 2008 - 2009 Yearbook. 5. A current verified 2010 - 2011, 21 game average from any certified league. 6. If none of the above apply; men shall use an average of 150 and women shall use an average of 135. B. All averages will be refigured after the first 6 games have been bowled on this league.VII. HANDICAP: A. Handicap shall be 90% of the difference between the opposing teams averages (no fractional pins).VIII. ABSENTEE SCORES: A. When a bowler is absent and a substitute is not obtained, the bowler’s average minus 10 pins will be used for that bowler’s score. Write ABS next to the bowler’s name and circle all their scores on the scorecard to indicate that these are absentee scores. B. When two bowlers are absent and only one substitute is obtained: The average of the absent bowler with the most games bowled will be used for the absentee score minus 10 pins. The substitute bowler will fill in for the absent bowler with the fewer number of games bowled. If both absent bowlers have the same number of games: The absent bowler with the lower average will be used for the absentee score minus 10 pins. The substitute bowler will fill in for the absent bowler with the higher average.IX. FORFEITS: A. Any team which owes more than $112.00, including the last two weeks of bowling fees due by the 10th week, will forfeit all points won until the total amount of arrears has been brought up to date. B. A team bowling against a team that has forfeited points for any reason does not automatically win the points forfeited. It will be considered the same as bowling a “Blind Team” and must win the points as stated in Section X, Article A.X. BLIND TEAM: A. If the league has a blind team or a team which has forfeited points, that team must42011-12 By-Laws FINAL.doc
  4. 4. bowl within 40 pins of its team average, without handicap in order to win points.XI. POSTPONEMENTS: See Rule 111 (a-f) - USBC Rule Book A. A postponement form signed by each of the two team captains must be returned to the league Secretary/Treasurer. Copies of the games will be obtained from Universal Lanes by the Secretary/Treasurer. These copies must be signed by the Team Captain validating both the accuracy of the scores and the eligibility of the bowlers. The opposing team’s scores cannot be viewed until after the postponed game(s) have been made up. B. A postponement will be granted when a team cannot field a legal lineup for reasons beyond its control. C. Postponements, other than emergencies, must be prearranged by the two opposing team captains at least one week prior to their scheduled match. A postponement form signed by each of the two team captains must be returned to the league Secretary/ Treasurer. The exception to this rule is when the postponement falls on a position round and the opposing team is not known. D. Postponed matches will be made up or pre-bowled before the next position round. Extensions must be approved by the Board of Directors and requested prior to the scheduled position round. E. If a postponed match has not been bowled by the end of either half, all points will be forfeited. F. When a postponement has been granted, each of the two teams involved will be allowed to bowl their games unopposed.XII. BOWLER QUITTING LEAGUE: See Rule 114 - USBC Rule Book A. The league is NOT responsible for finding any replacement bowlers. Each team shall be responsible for any UNPAID bowling fees in the event that a bowler quits.XIII. BOWLING SEASON: A. The season shall be divided into two 15-week halves. B. If two teams are tied for 1st place after either half, a one game roll-off will be bowled. C. The 31st week shall be the roll-off between the 1st and 2nd half champions for the league championship. The 31st week of bowling shall also be the Singles Tournament for all bowlers. D. The winner of the roll-off shall be a league champion and the loser shall be either the 1st or 2nd half champion. E. The season won/loss percentage record shall determine the position of all teams for their final awards payoff position. If two or more teams have the same record, the62011-12 By-Laws FINAL.doc
  5. 5. monies for those positions shall be combined and divided equally between the teams.62011-12 By-Laws FINAL.doc
  6. 6. F. If the same team wins both halves, they shall automatically be the league champions and no roll-off will be necessary. G. Position weeks for each half shall be the 5th, 10th and 15th week.XIV. SPECIAL AWARDS & PRIZE FUND: See Rule 117b - USBC Rule Book A. To qualify for any of the individual awards, a regular bowler must bowl at least two thirds of the leagues competitive statistical season (60 game minimum). Subs are eligible for placing in the singles tournament only. B. The final league prize fund payoff for individual, team awards and singles tournament; shall be determined by the Prize Fund Committee. At least three proposals will be submitted for approval by vote of the league membership by the 7th week of bowling; 10/28/11. C. All individuals will be eligible for only one award in the individual scratch categories (game and series). D. All teams will be eligible for only one award in the scratch categories (game and series). E. All individuals will be eligible for only one award in the individual handicap categories (game and series). F. All teams will be eligible for only one award in the handicap categories (game and series). Section VII Handicap Rules will apply for these awards. G. If an individual bowler or team places in both scratch and handicap events, the scratch event will take precedence over the handicap event, and the individual bowler or team will not be considered for handicap events.XV. SINGLES TOURNAMENT: A. The Singles Tournament will be held on the 31st week of bowling. B. Bowlers will be handicapped at 90% of the difference between their average and 210 (negative handicaps do not apply). C. Regular members and substitutes with a minimum of 21 games shall be eligible. Substitute bowlers must pay $10, regardless of whether line fees have already been paid by a regular league member. The money will be placed in the Singles Tournament prize fund. D. If a team has to pre-bowl for the roll-off, their individual scores shall count toward the Singles Tournament. E. A bowler not participating in the league roll-off can pre-bowl for the Singles Tournament.XVI. AWARDS BANQUET: A. The league will not have a banquet, but will have a get-together on the last night of bowling, before the Singles Tournament, to pay out the prize fund and pass out trophies (if applicable). Those who wish may then stay for the Singles Tournament with the pay82011-12 By-Laws FINAL.doc
  7. 7. out to be awarded immediately after bowling has been completed.82011-12 By-Laws FINAL.doc
  8. 8. B. $200.00 of 50/50 money (see XVII-B) to be used to purchase food for the league membership the last night of bowling in conjunction with the league awards and Singles Tournament.XVII. 50/50 MONIES: A. For the Fridays leading up to the Motown Invitational Classic (MIC) bowling tournament, 50/50 monies collected will be donated to the MIC bowling tournament. Participation in the tournament program will be decided on a yearly basis B. Allot no more than $150.00 to be used for the maintenance of “Perfect Secretary” software for generating league standing sheets, awards and miscellaneous reports. C. In the event of a death of a league bowler, a $50.00 donation shall be made to a charitable organization in the bowler’s name. D. Expenses incurred by the League shall be paid out of the 50/50 jackpot money collected. E. If the Annual I.G.B.O. meeting falls after the close of the season, sufficient funds shall be held in reserve to reimburse the I.G.B.O. Representative or Alternate at the beginning of the next season. F. If the account is to remain open during the summer, a minimal balance shall be kept on deposit in order to avoid banking fees. The majority of the remaining money at the end of the season will be divided equally among all regular team members’ payoff envelopes.XVIII. OFFICERS: A. The league membership shall elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and I.G.B.O. Representative. Officers must be regular full time bowlers on this league. G. The above elected officers shall be elected to and hold only one position; President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer or I.G.B.O. Representative. C. Each team shall elect a Team Captain. Team Captains must be regular bowlers and not D. The above Officers and Team Captains shall be the Board of Directors of the League. E. Both individuals of a relationship/couple may not be Officers. F. If two Officers become involved with each other in a relationship/couple during the year, one of the Officers must resign. Vacancy shall be filled in accordance with Rule 102b.XIX. ELECTION COMMITTEE: A. The President of the league shall appoint a committee to oversee the election for the following years’ league officers. B. Individuals nominated for an office cannot be on the committee. C. Members of a team cannot be on the election committee if any other member of his/her team is running for office.92011-12 By-Laws FINAL.doc
  9. 9. D. Nominations and elections for office will be by paper ballot. E. Nominations will only take place during league play on the second Friday in March. F. Nominees will only have until the end of league play on the third Friday in March to accept or decline the nomination. G. The election will only be held during league play on the fourth Friday in March. H. Absentee/proxy ballots will not be accepted. I. If an individual is nominated for multiple offices, they shall be asked to choose a single office for which to run.XX. DUTIES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: A. PRESIDENT: See Rule 102C - USBC Rule Book. 1. Shall be paid $5 per regular bowler, based on the highest number of regular bowlers on the League. Money shall come from 50/50. B. VICE-PRESIDENT: See Rule 102d - USBC Rule Book. 1. Chair the Banquet/End of Season Pot Luck Committee. 2. Shall be responsible for the League’s Jackpots (see Section XXII and Appendix A). 3. Shall be paid $3 per regular bowler, based on the highest number of regular bowlers on the League. Money shall come from 50/50. C. SECRETARY/TREASURER: See Rules 102e & 102f - USBC Rule Book. 1. Shall be paid $40.00 per team for duties at the completion of the season. D. I.G.B.O. REPRESENTATIVE: 1. Shall be paid $10.00 per team for attending the Mid-Year meeting of IGBO and $10.00 per team for attending the Annual meeting of I.G.B.O. Money is to be distributed once the I.G.B.O. Representative produces signed documentation indicating he/she attended the meeting(s). 2. Shall represent the league at the Annual and Mid-Year meetings of I.G.B.O. If the I.G.B.O. Representative does not attend one or both of the above meetings, they shall forfeit the money for that meeting, and the money shall be added to the League’s general fund. 3. Shall submit the minutes of the I.G.B.O. meetings to the League. 4. Shall inform the league of all tournament dates, supply entry forms and other information he/she receives from I.G.B.O. E. ALTERNATE I.G.B.O. REPRESENTATIVE: 1. The Alternate I.G.B.O. Representative is a position required by I.G.B.O. This position will be filled by the runner-up in the prior year’s January election,102011-12 By-Laws FINAL.doc
  10. 10. provided they return to the League, otherwise it will be filled by a volunteer. The Alternate I.G.B.O. Representative shall assume responsibilities in Section XX.D. in the absence of the I.G.B.O. Representative at I.G.B.O. meetings. This position is NOT a League Officer. This position will NOT have signing authority on the League’s funds. F. TEAM CAPTAINS: See Rule 104a - USBC Rule Book.XXI. BOWLER CONDUCT AND ETIQUETTE: Refer to USBC Rule Book. A. This league will adhere to ONE LANE COURTESY (lane to the immediate right and left of his/her lane is clear before proceeding to bowl). Example: you are bowling on lane #10 and you see that lanes #9 & #11 are clear, you can proceed to bowl. B. Abuse of House Equipment. UNIVERSAL LANES HAS ULTIMATE AUTHORITY TO PROTECT THEIR INVESTMENT AND SUSPEND BOWLING PRIVILEGES. USBC YIELDS AUTHORITY REGARDING THE ABUSE OF HOUSE EQUIPMENT TO UNIVERSAL LANES.XXII. JACKPOTS: A. See Appendix A at the end of the By-Laws.XXIII.QUESTIONS: A. Other problems or questions not covered by these by-laws shall be governed by the current season USBC League Rule Book. B. All disputes will be decided by League Officers. They shall contact the local association offices to try to resolve all questions to the satisfaction of all parties involved. C. If the party involved does not accept the Officer’s decision, they may appeal the decision to the League’s Board of Directors. D. If the party involved does not accept the Board of Directors decision, they may appeal the decision to the local association and/or USBC.Amended: August 26, 2011 (General Membership/Organizational Meeting)102011-12 By-Laws FINAL.doc