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Ascari Club

  1. 1. ascari concept The Legend of Alberto Ascari We owe our name to the legendary two-times F1 World Champion, Alberto Ascari. The only Italian driver ever to have won two F1 World Championships for Ferrari, Ascari was also acknowledged as a great exponent of sportsmanship and fearlessness on track. Ascari’s legend is the linchpin of our philosophy, and our approach to motorsport. Join us and become part of the new Ascari legend…Length: 5,425 mStraights: 3,133 mCorners: 2,292 mWidth: 12,2 mMain straight: 470 mCorners: 26(13 left turns; 13 right turns)Maximum ascent: 10,5%Maximum descent: 11,5%Maximum banking: 17,6%Minimum banking: 1,0%Possible configurations: 6Surface: semi-draining Alberto AscariCourse direction: counter-clockwise 13/07/1918 - 26/05/1955
  2. 2. ascari conceptWelcome to AscariAscari is situated near Ronda (Malaga), in an area of incomparablenatural beauty. The facility has been designed to indulge the needs ofmotorsport lovers, as well as to cater to private corporate events andpromotional presentations. To this end, the highest quality of facilitiesand service is underpinned by truly personalised attention.Ascari was conceived with real passion, and crafted in an exclusive butinformal style, with respect for both the landscape and the environmenta major consideration. It is important to us that our visitors shouldappreciate this philosophy, and that they delight in a unique and unfor-gettable experience that will meet, and even exceed all expectations.The concept behind Ascari is that of a dream come true. Join us, and wewill share this dream with you.Enter the world of Ascari… 05
  3. 3. ascari conceptThe trackAscari is the longest track in Spain, and “one of the most spectacular inthe world”.The full circuit is 5,425 metres long, with a consistent width of 12.2metres. It can be sub-divided into three different sections or combina-tions, enabling separate events or aspects of driver training to be runsimultaneously.The 26 corners of this anti-clockwise circuit are divided into 13 right-hand and 13 left-hand turns, offering a balanced course for both thedriver and the vehicle. Variety ensures a good mix of tight bends andsweeping curves. To further challenge both car and driver, the trackincludes bends with up to 18% banking, 12% ascents and descents, anddemanding chicanes.The semi-draining asphalt surface is constructed to the higheststandards for consistency and a good balance between grip, durabilityand tyre wear.The design imperative to take the existing rugged terrain into accounthas resulted in a track whose distinctive character is challenging andappealing to the driver, yet whose presence has minimal negative impacton the environment.The backdrop to Ascari is a nature lovers’ paradise. Mountains andindigenous woodland characterise a terrain intentionally devoid ofadvertising boards and other manifestations of commerce common toother race circuits. Within that brief, all the passive safety installationshave been designed to be as visually low key as possible. 07
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  6. 6. ascari conceptAccess to Ascari is restricted to authorised personnel only. All our gatespossess an innovative security system that combines the most complexencryption technology with the latest generation of biometry, preventingunauthorised access to the circuit, car parks and other areas.on the premises.The aim is for our Members and customers to feel totally at home atAscari. With these security measures in place, we achieve a uniquelyrelaxed atmosphere that every visitor notices and values.Safety on track is a priority, and is overseen by our professional team,Medical Team, Mechanics and other staff.Join us as a Member or customer, and you will enjoy a unique, secure anddiscreet experience. 11
  7. 7. Ascari is located in a privileged natural environment, cared for and respected by us during every stage of our day-to-day activities. As part of this ethos, we observe strict compliance to environmental sustainability legislation, recycle all waste materials, and practise maxi- Careful attention to the flora and fauna, both in and around our premi- ses, is a vital part of the process that maintains Ascari’s unrivalled charac- extraordinary beauty of the surrounding Andalusian landscape. SGI601534712
  8. 8. ascari concept Managementor help that you may require, and will render Sales Teamit in a discreet and personalised way. Events Team Ascari Club Team Track ManagerThe people who make up the Ascari Team Chief Marshalare professionals with extensive experience Track Marshals Chief Instructorhighly motivated towards catering for your Instructorsevery need, and will work with you to make Mechanicsyour Ascari experience as rich and enjoyable Medical Teamas possible. SecurityWhen you or your guests are at Ascari, youwill have assistance and support from the Administrationfollowing departments: Chef Catering Staff 13
  9. 9. ascari eventsYour event will be a successAscari has been designed to host events of all kinds.If you wish to experience excitement at a new level in the company ofthe facilities and personalised attention are all geared towards makingyour event a complete success.The perfect combination of adrenaline and relaxation, Ascari will meetor exceed your clients’ expectations. 15
  10. 10. Where dreams come true ascari eventsImagine a place where you can hold a presentation or exhibition, andafterwards reward or cultivate the loyalty of your clients/guests by arran-ging for them to drive racing cars on our spectacular circuit.organised any sort of event in Ascari, agrees that the experience was bothamazing and memorable. 17
  11. 11. ascari events
  12. 12. PADDOCK S53 BUSINESS & MOTORSPORT ascari businessmarry leisure and business. Embraced by the unique environment thatstimulates every single member here, it will make the moments sharedwith clients, friends and partners, original and memorable. 21
  13. 13. ascari business
  14. 14. Ascari Paddock S53`s main business goals:- Attract new customers.- Consolidate relationships with current and potential clients. ascari business- Reward your best employees and partners.- Enjoy a stunning location that enriches innovative ideas for your business.- Achieve a competitive position within your reference market.- Establish long-lasting and worthwhile bonds with other members of S53, creating a win-win position. 25
  15. 15. Ascari Club… uniqueIf you are a true motoring enthusiast, being a member of the Ascari Clubwill allow you to enjoy all our facilities throughout the year. ExistingClub Member describe Ascari as “the place to enjoy your greatestpassion together with family and friends”.As a member, you will have unlimited access to the track, a safe place topark your cars, your own exclusive custom racing equipment, preferen-tial conditions for each of our services, as well as invitations to the mostexclusive events at Ascari, such as presentations of the latest cars coming ascari clubto the market. 27
  16. 16. The availability of different Membership options allows you to choosethe one that best suits your needs:You will be able to come with your family and share your experienceswith them. If your spouse, children, or other members of the familyshare your passion, this is without a shadow of doubt the best option foryou.While Ascari has the reputation for being the best race circuit, you canpool where you and your family, clients or friends can enjoy a wonderfulday while you get the most out of the track. We have a dossier detailingour other exclusive services, which range from insuring your health and ascari clubwell being, to entertainment for young come to drive, your cars will be in the pits, spotless and ready to go.You will also have your own private locker with your driving suit,laundered and ready for a day on the track. 29
  17. 17. Andalusia, Ronda and Marbella…Ascari is located in the Serrania of Ronda (the Ronda mountain range),in the province of Malaga, in the southernmost region of Spain; Andalu-sia. Set in a valley surrounded by breathtaking mountains, this beautifullandscape gives Ascari its outstanding beauty and character.Ronda is situated in the centre of Andalusia, within easy reach of otherparts of this historical Spanish region. With its historical charm, monu-ments, gastronomy, hotels, oenology and landscape, Ronda is one of themost popular towns in Andalusia.Forty minutes down the road is Marbella, a town where you can enjoythe best beaches, golf courses, marinas, and a great variety of day andAll of this makes Ascari and its surroundings one of the best places inEurope for relaxation and entertainment. ascari & its surroundings 31
  18. 18. Madrid ValenciaSevilla Ronda Málaga Marbella
  19. 19. LocationAscari is located in the heart of Andalusia, at the centre of the Serraniaof Ronda, in the province of from these important places:Ronda: 7 minutes.Malaga, and Malaga airport: 55 minutes.Sotogrande and its marina: 55 minutes.Postal address: ascari & its surroundings 33