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Comsys Soq For General V2.1

  1. 1. Statement of Qualifications for Staffing and Managed Solutions IT Staffing Services and Managed Solutions .
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary ii 2. Corporate Overview iii COMSYS Financial Stability iii Company Organization iii Competitive Strengths iv 3. Capabilities Overview vi Staffing – Contract and Permanent Placement vi Payrolling Services xi Benefits to Our Client xi COMSYS Managed Solutions xiii Infrastructure Data Solutions xiii Development Solutions xiv Global Enterprise Content Management (GECM) xiv Business Intelligence xv Business Analytics/SAS xvi ERP xvi Process Solutions xviii 4. Delivery xxi Service Delivery Continuum xxi Managed Solution Components xxii Delivery Management xxii ©2009 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. i Statement of Qualifications:
  3. 3. 1. Executive Summary COMSYS has been providing information technology talent and solutions to private and public sector clients since 1972. We bring three decades of experience to bear in the delivery of technical and human capital solutions. Over the course of the last 36 years, COMSYS has continuously evolved in response to client needs with enhanced service lines, expanded presence, and flexible, client-centric delivery models. We help our clients achieve business and cost containment objectives through IT staffing solutions and by providing the expertise, processes, and tools necessary to maximize productivity and create competitive advantage. From contract resources to turnkey technical services, COMSYS has evolved into a full-spectrum provider and partner for the IT and business communities. Our sole mission is the enhancement of client productivity and profitability across the requirements spectrum including:  IT Staff Augmentation – a foundation for today’s scalable IT workforce by providing single consultants or an entire team  Managed Solutions – distinct practices that address a wide range of technical requirements through hybrid or turnkey solutions  Process Solutions – a range of innovative solutions delivered through our human capital and services management division, TAPFIN Process Solutions, that offer cost savings, quality/delivery management, visibility into spend, and risk mitigation across the enterprise Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. ii
  4. 4. 2. Corporate Overview Founded and incorporated in 1972, COMSYS has grown from a regional business in the Eastern and Southwestern U.S. into an international organization through a series of internal expansions and acquisitions. Drawing upon its expertise in IT human capital recruitment and management, COMSYS developed a range of technical services and process solutions to bolster its service offering. Today, COMSYS supports our clients in the fulfillment of a wide range of discrete, mission critical projects and ongoing business requirements. Some of our top clients include:  JPMorgan Chase  Capital One  Pfizer  ExxonMo bil  AT&T  TIAA- CREF  IBM  Sprint  Allstate  Fannie Mae  Verizon  Boeing  Amgen  Discover y  EDS  Cisco Systems COMSYS Financial Stability COMSYS has provided IT staff augmentation, vendor management, and project services support to private and public industry-leading firms and government agencies at all levels for more than 36 years. In fiscal year 2007, COMSYS had revenues in excess of $743 million and is on track to surpass that mark this fiscal year. As such, COMSYS continues to maintain and grow its position as an industry-leading IT staffing and managed solutions firm. COMSYS is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under code “CITP.” More information on our financial strength is provided in the “Investor Relations” section of our Website, Company Organization In selecting an IT resource provider, many organizations look for a company with a national presence and local consulting resources for each office site. COMSYS has the organizational structure and internal resources to support our customers nationally while remaining focused on their local needs at each site. With corporate headquarters in Houston and offices strategically placed throughout the United States, COMSYS is able to support all of its customers locally. Every office has full access to the complete range of corporate resources and is connected to a national wide-area network, to a national email system, and to Internet recruiting resources. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. iii
  5. 5. Each branch office has flexibility within our common business practices to address the unique challenges of your local contractor requirements while receiving centralized support from corporate resources. This maximizes our recruiting efficiency because each office is familiar with the local recruiting environment and provides a local account team to attend to our customers’ needs. Competitive Strengths We believe that our competitive strengths differentiate us from our competitors and have allowed us to successfully create a sustainable and scalable national IT staffing services business. Our competitive strengths include:  Large national footprint and proven track record. We believe our brand name, high-quality consultant base, and broad geographic presence gives our clients a distinct advantage. We currently engage approximately 5,000 consultants and offer a wide range of IT staffing expertise, including Website development and integration, application programming and development, client/server development, systems software architecture and design, systems engineering and systems integration. Our coast-to-coast presence of 52 offices allows us to meet the needs of our clients on a national basis, as well as build local relationships. For our large customers that have multiple IT centers in the U.S., our geographic coverage allows us to provide consistent high quality service through a single point of contact.  Focus on IT services. Unlike many of our competitors, we are focused on the IT sector. As a result, we are able to commit our resources and capital towards a focused goal.  Substantial and diverse customer base. Our diversified client base covers a broad spectrum of vertical markets, including financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, information technology, government, pharmaceutical, transportation, and health care. We have over 1,000 clients and provide services to approximately 30 percent of the Fortune 500 companies and approximately 60 percent of the Fortune 100 companies. We have long-standing relationships with many of our clients, including relationships of more than a decade with many of our large customers. We believe our broad client base allows us to limit the risk associated with customer concentration.  Extensive recruiting channels and effective hiring process. The placement of highly skilled personnel requires operational and technical knowledge to effectively recruit and screen personnel, match them to client needs, and develop and manage the resulting relationships. We maintain a proprietary database that contains more than 650,000 candidates, and we also recruit through the Internet, local and national advertising, and trade shows. Additionally, we have a National Recruiting Center in the U.S. and an offshore recruiting center in India. All of these resources assist us in locating qualified candidates quickly, often within 48 hours of a client placement request. We believe that our proprietary front office information system and our history of operational expertise provide us with a competitive advantage in meeting the demanding time-to-market requirements for placement of these candidates.  Complementary service offerings. In addition to IT staffing, we offer our customers vendor management services, project solutions, and permanent placement of IT professionals, which help us to build and enhance our relationships with new and existing clients.  Proven management team. Our management team has significant staffing industry Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. iv
  6. 6. experience. As a pioneer in the industry, COMSYS was the first company to merge the temporary staffing model with the field of information technology. The COMSYS Management Team continues to successfully implement that vision by combining decades of solid business experience with an energetic, innovative management style.  COMSYS Strategic Accounts Program. We operate a Strategic Accounts Program that has both a client- and industry-specific focus to ensure that relevant resources are available to and have an understanding of our clients’ industries. This program serves as a formal but flexible framework providing COMSYS with the concentration, responsibility, and accountability that enables us to proactively address the expectations of our national clients. The continued industry-specific focus of our strategic management team results in their ongoing growth in key competencies, understanding of industry culture, and knowledge of the environment in which these clients do business. Another extremely beneficial feature of the program is its provision for both “lateral” and “vertical” accountability.  Scalable infrastructure. We have a scalable information technology and transaction processing infrastructure. Our back-office functions, including payroll, billing, accounts payable, collections, and financial reporting, are consolidated in our shared services center in Phoenix, Arizona. We also have a proprietary, Web-enabled Front Office eXchange (FOX) system that facilitates the identification, qualification, and placement of consultants in a timely manner. In addition, we maintain a National Recruiting Center, a centralized call center for scheduling sales appointments, and a centralized proposals and contract services department. We believe this infrastructure will facilitate our internal growth strategy and allow us to continue to integrate acquisitions rapidly. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. v
  7. 7. 3. Capabilities Overview COMSYS has been providing superior information technology talent and solutions to private and public sector clients since 1972. During this time it has evolved, often ahead of the Industry. Our reputation as an IT expert is built on three decades of experience as a full-spectrum source for the IT community. COMSYS is a key player in the IT industry:  We deliver consistent product offerings across all locations  We bring the people, processes and practices for solutions to IT initiatives We have more than 5,800 employees and consultants nationwide, including approximately 5,000 billable consultants and 800 recruiting, sales, and administrative personnel. With 52 offices across the US, Puerto Rico, Canada and the UK and 650,000 resumes in our database of IT professionals, we support clients with an international scope. Staffing – Contract and Permanent Placement COMSYS’ core competency is the delivery of Information Technology resources whose skills, experience, and aptitudes match the specific criteria designated by our clients and whose industry vertical experience and personal traits most closely align with client culture and operating environment. With a nationwide network of consultants and a database of 650,000 resumes, we are uniquely positioned to provide qualified candidates that meet all position requirements, including the hard-to-fill positions. Since our founding, we have earned a reputation for providing effective and responsive recruiting and client support processes. We support clients throughout the United States from our nationwide network of branch offices. We recruit IT talent locally, nationally, and internationally. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. vi
  8. 8. COMSYS recognizes the importance of recruiting the best and the brightest talent. We’ve built a reputation for providing skilled IT contractors to industry-leading firms and public sector clients. Whether our client needs to meet a critical deadline, ensure the accuracy of an important deliverable, or simply fill an IT staff position, we understand how important it is to meet every client requirement with the best person available. To that end, COMSYS employs various measures to recruit qualified consultants. COMSYS employs an industry-superior recruiting force of more than 220 nationally that search for technically qualified candidates in multiple ways, including the Internet, local and national advertising, consultant referrals and current COMSYS contractors who are completing their assignments. COMSYS also utilizes the network of referral relationships it has built within the industry and searches among other qualified consultants who have completed their assignments. The following paragraphs provide an overview of our approach. Recruiting Practices To ensure the requisite criteria are met on every placement, it is critical to have a thorough and rigorous recruiting process. Over the years, COMSYS has continually refined and improved its recruiting process to capture the best practices in our industry. Our approach is rooted in two key elements:  Great recruiting starts with great relationships. The better we understand the client’s environment, the better we can do at providing the right people.  Great relationships are enhanced by great feedback. In today’s competitive landscape, candidates often have multiple opportunities. Quick and detailed feedback between COMSYS and our business partners often makes the difference in Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. vii
  9. 9. getting the right candidate or not. COMSYS’ recruiting methodology is predicated on the foundation of great relationships and feedback. The number one key to successfully recruiting the right candidate for the job is understanding the job. COMSYS ensures this understanding by conducting a “requirement qualification call” with the hiring manager. Present on the call (or meeting) is the Account Manager (AM) and the Placement Manager (PM) that will be recruiting for the position. The PM utilizes a standardized document that creates the template from which they will recruit. Once the call is completed, the PM is solely responsible for finding the correct candidate for the job. Using the myriad of tools available – including other Placement Managers in the office and region, they seek to find the best three candidates, not the first three candidates for the job. A key factor in this process is that the hiring manager has full access to the PM throughout the process – a great flow of information develops as the PM works on behalf of the hiring manager in finding the right person. Seeking to make the hiring manager’s job easier, the PM is responsible for scheduling interviews, getting follow-up, and dealing with any questions along the way. The AM continues to be involved – making sure that the process moves along smoothly and is always ready to step in and assist in any way necessary. The COMSYS process uses many common steps along the way. They include:  Requirement Qualification Call (or meeting) with customer hiring manager(s) to review/confirm job requirements and skills, number of personnel, work environment, culture, other information  Initial candidate selection  Screening interview (by phone)  Detailed face to face interview  Technical qualification utilizing Subject Matter Experts or PreVisor skills testing as necessary  Reference checks (minimum of three)  Presentation of recommended candidates to client  Candidate interview and selection by client  Background (employment history, criminal, education) and drug screening – in compliance with client requirements  Candidate Start and regular follow-up by branch personnel Sourcing Methods COMSYS' recruiting team searches for technically qualified candidates in multiple ways, including the Internet, local and national advertising, consultant referrals and current COMSYS contractors who are completing their assignments. COMSYS also utilizes the network of referral relationships it has built within the industry. It is COMSYS’ experience that the best consultants are not posted in the open market, but are found by word of mouth. Additionally, COMSYS searches among other qualified consultants who have completed their assignments. If these searches do not produce a match to the requirement, we search local candidates who have recently submitted their resumes or interviewed with our placement managers.  Candidate referrals/networking  Consultant Red Hot Sheet—current COMSYS consultants who are ready for Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. viii
  10. 10. redeployment  Available Candidate Hot Sheet  Sourcing : Telemarketing/Bulletin Board (online)  Resume resource room—recently received resumes not yet in Front Office eXchange (FOX)  Walkthrough bulletin board—recent interviews  International recruiting bulletin board  COMSYS Partner Bench  FOX database search: Candidate Search/Requirement Search (for similar requirements)  Internet sourcing  User groups  Job fairs  Advertising: Newspaper, Trade Journal, Internet, Radio  Outplacement firms: Downsizing/Military  Approved subcontractors  Universities for RECAP and junior-level candidates  Technical schools  Direct recruiting (cold calling) Innovative Recruitment Quality Programs COMSYS also has other COMSYS-developed proprietary programs to further satisfy requirements and to promote improvement in overall recruitment efficiency and quality: COMSYS Elite Recruiting Team: COMSYS Elite Recruiting team is comprised of a group of highly proficient COMSYS Recruiters across multiple COMSYS offices. This team will be deployed on demand to any branch to support:  Large client projects with quick turnaround requirements  Client needs for extremely hard to find skill sets  Branch requirement overflow COMSYS Pipeline Recruiting Program: Our new candidate incentive program encourages pipelining of new candidates into our database and provides a constant flow of qualified candidates to submit on jobs through searching and referrals. When a Recruiter brings in a new candidate to FOX and pre-qualifies that candidate completing the “COMSYS Walkthrough Requirements, all other recruiters have visibility to the pipelined candidate and have compensation incentives to qualify, submit and place these candidates. Pipelining quality candidates into our database will allow us to make faster better quality submittals. Recruiting Certified Lead Program: COMSYS Certified Lead Recruiters are responsible for satisfying all of the responsibilities of the Recruiter and in addition have responsibilities unique to their lead Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. ix
  11. 11. role, including training new Recruiters, mentoring recruiters within the branch / department and providing various reports and assuring the recruiting staff adheres to system requirements, productivity metrics, etc. COMSYS Lead Recruiters also take part on a daily basis in job requirement prioritization. This program ensures that the client will receive high quality, consistent recruiting methodology regardless of client location/in every COMSYS branch. COMSYS Excellence in Performance (CEP): CEP is a methodology around improving our individual/collective performance in the key areas that we deem most critical in growing our business effectively. The CEP brings a level of consistency to our coaching/feedback for continuous improvement and provides the instrument to keep those improvement efforts top-of-mind. This program ensures that the client will receive high quality, consistent recruiting methodology regardless of client location/in every COMSYS branch. National Fulfillment Organization (NFO) The National Fulfillment Organization is dedicated to providing additional recruiting, sourcing and requirement management support to the COMSYS Enterprise. The NFO supports COMSYS VMS Accounts, National and Strategic Accounts, key regional and local accounts, COMSYS branch offices, and Managed Solutions Practices, and is comprised of several internal and external groups including the National Requisition Management team, the National Fulfillment Recruiting team, the National Recruiting Center, and the Offshore Sourcing Center. National Requisition Management Team The Nation Requisition Management team serves as points of contact for COMSYS VMS clients, as well as National, Strategic, and Key accounts requiring internal requirement management support. Key roles within this team include the VMS Account Manager, National Resource Managers, and Job Entry Administrators. National Fulfillment Recruiting Team The National Fulfillment Recruiting Team serves as dedicated recruiting support to COMSYS VMS accounts, select National and Strategic Accounts, key regional and local accounts, and overflow C requirements from branch offices. This team is comprised of National Fulfillment Recruiters (NFR’s) based regionally in various COMSYS branch offices, and serves as an internal training ground for COMSYS. National Recruiting Center (NRC) The NRC is a virtual recruiting bench for COMSYS branch offices and serves as a recruiting SWAT team, providing overflow recruiting support to high-quality, high fill-ratio contract, contract to hire, and direct hire requirements. Comprised of both PM’s and Recruiting Sourcers, the NRC serves as dedicated recruiting support to select Managed Solutions practices and for start-up branches that have limited to no recruiting support, as well as provides recruiting support for special projects and offices with short-term PM bandwidth issues. Offshore Sourcing Center (OSC) Based in India, the Offshore Sourcing Center adds additional recruiting support to the COMSYS enterprise by sourcing on specific COMSYS requirements including contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire positions, as well as providing pipelining efforts for upcoming projects and frequently needed skill sets. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. x
  12. 12. Payrolling Services The Managed Payrolling Service is based on COMSYS being the Employer of Record and includes the following benefits: • Business and professional insurances: COMSYS maintains numerous insurances including but not limited to general liability, professional liability, workers compensation and non-owned car insurances. • Online Enrollment: COMSYS manages the entire enrollment process including completion of background checks, applications, non-disclosures and benefits administration. • Bi-weekly payroll and administration: COMSYS manages the payroll process on a bi-weekly basis including timesheet follow-up, payroll processing and payment via direct deposit. • 24/7 customer support: COMSYS manages client and contractor inquiries on a 24/7 basis including year end reconciliation. • Employee claims and liabilities: COMSYS manages all employment and/or workers compensation claims. • Year end reconciliation: COMSYS submits a final W-2 for each hourly contractor at the end of the calendar year as the Employer of Record for each contractor. Benefits to Our Client The benefits of using the Managed Payrolling Service for managing payrolled contractors are significant, and are itemized below: • Risk mitigation – Consistent application of government regulations and program standards for the administration of the payrolled contractors population can mitigate financial risk for the Client. • System of record – COMSYS offers a single, standard administrative solution for all payrolled contractors including capturing and retaining all knowledge regarding the payrolled contractor activity. • Centralized point of administration – Our service ensures all contractors working through the Managed Payrolling Service have been properly qualified. Automation greatly reduces the opportunity for human error, and eliminates potential process bottlenecks in the event of staff turnover (i.e., due to the learning curve for new process administrators). • Enhanced process integrity – We leverage automation when and where possible within the client environment; COMSYS substitutes technology and logic for human administration to improve your position in the event payrolled contractor population is subject to any audit. • Lower cost – The use of technology to manage payrolled contractors on an ongoing basis reduces ongoing administrative costs. • Comprehensive reporting and metrics – By using the Managed Payrolling Service to manage the payrolled contractor process, COMSYS will be able to report on management, compliance, timekeeping and invoicing activity. • Educational reminders – Once a payrolled independent contractor has been vetted and is ready for assignment, COMSYS can send an email to the hiring manager with behavioral tips on “IC Do’s & Don’ts”. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xi
  13. 13. • Online invoicing – Centralized electronic invoicing management greatly simplifies contractor management and results in fewer disputes. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xii
  14. 14. COMSYS Managed Solutions COMSYS’ Managed Solutions group leverages COMSYS’ focus on technology, client delivery, and recruiting capabilities to deliver a suite of highly specialized services and solutions. These distinct practices support our clients in the fulfillment of a wide range of discrete, mission critical projects and ongoing business requirements. Through the intelligent application of world class technology talent, a standardized delivery framework and proven project management methodologies, COMSYS Managed Solutions consistently deliver successful outcomes and demonstrable value for our clients. COMSYS Managed Solutions are organized into manageable groups or service lines with specific capabilities – each offering unique and powerful benefits to our clients. The Managed Solutions service lines are as follows: Execution Management Development/ Integration Services QA/Testing Services Business Technology Solutions Business Intelligence Strategy Data Warehousing & Data Integration Enterprise BI BI & Data Warehouse Center of Excellence Performance Management Strategic Support COMSYS Clinical Application Development Advanced Analytics Training & Support IT Assessments Service Integration Global Delivery Training & Support Data Management Information Security Governance Technology Management Performance Management Strategy Authoring/Content Creation Enterprise Content Management Design & User Experience Globalization & Localization Development Solutions Business Intelligence Analytics ERP Infrastructure & Data Solutions Globalization / Enterprise Content Management Managed Solutions Practices Key Technologies/Partners Key Technologies/Partners Key Technologies/Partners Key Technologies/Partners Key Technologies/Partners Key Technologies/Partners .NET J2EE Oracle HP-Mercury Web 2.0 SharePoint Informatica MicroStrategy Business Objects Cognos Microsoft SAS SAS Forecast Server Enterprise BI Enterprise Miner Java / JSP SQL/Server SAP Oracle JD Edwards PeopleSoft Microsoft Citrix CISCO OpNet Platespin VMWare Vignette Ektron EMC/Documentum Acrolinx Infrastructure Data Solutions Our Infrastructure Data Solutions Practice provides a range of services related to the critical infrastructure which supports an organization’s enterprise data. While the proper selection, configuration, and maintenance of hardware is a key factor in determining the accessibility and utility of enterprise data, our practice offers a holistic approach to infrastructure management solutions. Specific services include: •• Data Management •• Information Security Governance •• Technology Management •• Performance Management Through the employment of proven methodologies and delivery processes, COMSYS has successfully completed a wide array of engagements within the Infrastructure Data Solutions space. We provide high level data migration, consolidation, and security services to some of the largest Fortune 100 clients today. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xiii
  15. 15. Infrastructure and Data Solutions Data Management Information Security Governance Technology Management Performance Management Data Migration & Consolidation Server Migrations Data Center Consolidations Desktop Support Desktop Rollout Process Documentation Network Services Security & Compliance Services Access Control Policy Creation Audit Forensics Regulation Compliance ITIL/COBIT Standards & Policy Services Standards Development and Review Data Governance Total Cost of Ownership Documentation Services Business Process Development Business Continuity & Change Management Services Asset Management Configuration Management Change Control Technology Refresh Development Solutions The Development Solutions practice focuses on aligning technology with our clients’ business needs and the practical application of technology in meeting business objectives. From helping our clients implement a tactical technology solution to assisting them in development of a strategy from the ground up and managing their entire program through fruition, Development Solutions provides a practical foundation for IT. Business Technology Solutions Business Planning and Execution Testing Solutions Development and Integration Services Fusing Mature and Emerging Technologies for Business Aligned Solutions Software-as-a-Service/ Platform-as-a-Service/ On-Demand Applications Knowledge Management Solutions Business Process Effectiveness Aligning IT with Business through Managed Execution Program Management Office (PMO) Strategy and Implementation Business Strategy Development & Program Execution Program Portfolio Planning and Management Organizational Alignment and Communication Improvement End-to-end Testing Testing Lifecycle Implementation QA Program Development Automation Planning and Implementation Process Evaluation and Improvement Internationalization and Localization Testing Scalable Solutions to Business Requirements Application Integration/Legacy Migration/Data Conversion Development Methodologies and Code Production Application Development/ Maintenance Quality Assurance and Testing Development Solutions Global Enterprise Content Management (GECM) Innovations in technology and business processes have helped open doors to new possibilities for businesses and, in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, it is important to understand and utilize these innovations. The exponential growth of content, as well as the need to increase user productivity has added complexity and challenges to your business. Whether you are developing products for your worldwide customers, or you have a content supply chain that might need enhancement, we provide a set of service offerings that will enable you to leverage these innovations within a framework of industry best practices. We have five key service lines or ‘links’ in the content supply chain: •• Strategy and Roadmap Development: Comprehensive strategy and roadmap development to ensure your organization is effectively leveraging the Internet to achieve specific goals and objectives. •• Content Creation and Authoring Systems: Offering a comprehensive set of solutions geared toward optimizing the content authoring process for production efficiency and quality. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xiv
  16. 16. •• Enterprise Content Management (ECM): We work with you to develop an ECM system that increases your users’ satisfaction, maintains your assets securely, and will support the growth of your organization. •• Content User Experience and Design: Suite of services around user experience consulting, graphic design, implementation and testing. •• Globalization and Multilingual Systems: State of the art solutions for software and content localization that can seamlessly integrate with your development and content management processes. We are capable of addressing linguistic requirements in over 100 languages and dialects. By unifying these Service Lines or ‘links’ into a single practice, we can provide you with unsurpassed flexibility, while reducing costs and mitigating risks associated with the deployment of global business process solutions. Since we are a technology company, not a software company, COMSYS can develop the technical solutions, design system interfaces, and integrate legacy systems with the newest technologies and provide complete customization services. Business IntelligenceGlobal Enterprise Content Management Authoring & Content Creation Content Supply Chain Strategies Enterprise Content Management Graphic Design & User Experience Globalization, Localization, Internationalization eContent, Printed, Audio/Visual, & Application Code Translation in 100 Languages Internationalization Engineering & Testing Audio Visual Translation & Editing Cultural & Linguistic Adaptation Consulting Healthcare, Technology Legal, Pharmaceutical O&G, & Others Authoring Tools Selection & Deployment Corporate Glossary & Style Guide Development Authoring Processes “Best Practices” Training Authoring for Global Markets Collaboration, Portal, Digital, Knowledge, & Web Management ECM or Digital Content Management Strategy Development and Program Management RFP development Tools Selection & Deployment On-going ECM Administration, Support & Training User Interface for Websites, Intranets, & Applications Web Site Design, Redesign, and Creation User Interface Creation and Development Web Site Usability and Accessibility Consulting Graphic Design and Rich Media Development Web Content Management System Implementation Healthcare, Technology Legal, Pharmaceutical O&G, & Others Author-to-Publish “Content Supply Chain” Process Optimization Internet Strategy Development Information Taxonomy Analysis Business Intelligence To remain leaders in their fields, our customers need to access and analyze vast amounts of valuable data at a moment's notice, with the ability to share the resulting knowledge with colleagues, customers and suppliers. COMSYS' Business Intelligence practice leverages years of experience to design and implement efficient BI programs and applications that enable customers to access data that facilitates better decision making and results, for a true competitive advantage. From one-time assistance with a single facet of your BI capabilities or long-term, fully-managed complete BI solutions, COMSYS will work with your company's existing data sources to take your operational knowledge to the next level. COMSYS Business Intelligence Solutions: •• Provides a total solution to address our client's business issues •• Provides quick and timely ROI, while positioning our clients for future growth •• Enables client self-sufficiency, to maintain and evolve their systems through collaborative model and knowledge transfer •• Provides shorter time-to-deployment using an experienced team of professionals, best in class tools and a proven delivery approach. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xv
  17. 17. •• Enables customers to expand and improve their operational efficiencies and strategic investments, while achieving business performance goals and related metrics. Business Intelligence Confidence in your costs, architecture and plan Best Practice Assessments Comprehensive Project Scoping & Estimating Current State Assessments Strategic Implementation Plans Business Case/ROI Analysis Business Intelligence BI & DW Center of Excellence BI Strategic Planning Confidence in the quality of your solutions Comprehensive BI/DW SDLC Methodology Online Knowledgebase of best practices, templates, sample deliverables COE Forums for knowledge sharing Quality Audits conducted by Sr. BI practice leaders Enterprise Business Intelligence Confidence in your enterprise information Integrated Information across lines of business Mainstream Business Use, Multi-dimensional Views of Data Data Aggregation and Drill-down Reports . Operational Reporting Data Warehousing & Data Integration Confidence in your data quality and performance Complex data integration Data Warehouse and Data Mart Development Data Quality and Data Stewardship Managed Metadata across technology platforms Performance Management Confidence in your decisions and direction Executive Dashboards Balanced Scorecard Reporting Leading-edge Business Use Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Focus Business Impact Analysis Business Analytics/SAS SAS provides a single version of the business intelligence that can be shared across the organization. It ensures a lower total cost of ownership by leveraging existing technology investments and it minimizes project risk as it relates to integration issues. It delivers depth of analytics, including forecasting, predictive and descriptive modeling, optimization, design of experiments, and text mining. COMSYS’ SAS practice is a SAS Gold Partner with more than 20 years of SAS consulting experience. Assessments Clinical Services Application Development Maximize Return on SAS Investment Strategic Assessments Business Analytics Strategy SAS 9 Installation Platform & Version Migration Phase I to Phase IV Clinical Trial Support Protocol Development Statistical Analysis Plan Database Design Data Migration Output Programming and Validation Data Displays Clinical Study Reports Create Automatic User- friendly Tools for Advanced Analytics Stand-alone Distributed Web-based Forecasting Quality Control Ad hoc Reporting Statistical Solutions through our Ph.D. & M.S. Level Statisticians Forecasting Targeted Marketing Customer Segmentation Quality Control Biostatistical Support Analytics Advanced Analytics Increase Your Knowledge and Capabilities Customized Training Ad Hoc Phone Support One-on-One Mentoring Training & Support ERP Our consultants have skills across the full range of platforms from legacy systems to wireless networks, operating systems including Linux and Windows XP, and applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems – SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel. COMSYS has extensive experience providing key functional and technical resources in support of ERP solutions in the marketplace. Domestically we have provided critical ERP resource support to a number of key clients. COMSYS also has the capability and experience providing offshore support and sourcing solutions via our offshore solutions in India. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xvi
  18. 18. ERP IT Assessments Service Integration Global Delivery Training & Support Objective Third-Party Review ERP Product Selection Infrastructure Review Project Management Oversight Post-Implementation Review Go-Live Readiness review “Cold-Eyes” Assessment Experienced ERP Consulting Services ERP Implementation Upgrade EAI & Middleware Integration Administration & Infrastructure Security & Compliance ERP Business Intelligence Portal Alternative Delivery offerings Center of Excellence Production Support Custom Development Flexible Delivery Model Off-site Technology Centers Sharing knowledge through Collaboration Executive Management Overview End-user Training Customized Training Project Team Training On-line Application Help Systems Documentation Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xvii
  19. 19. Process Solutions The resource management solutions division of COMSYS, TAPFIN Process Solutions (TAPFIN), offers a powerful integrated resource fulfillment approach to the acquisition and management of human capital and project services. Combining world class best practices based managed services and a flexible range of supporting technologies, TAPFIN delivers an unmatched degree of control over and visibility into the key variable costs associated with resource acquisition and management. The unique breadth of our capabilities and our deep expertise allow us to help our clients achieve their process, cost savings, and risk mitigation goals through one unified offering. The offerings can be delivered individually as tactical, point solutions or together as a strategic, integrated resource fulfillment solution. Either way, our clients realize substantial improvements in workforce flexibility and capability, overall cost effectiveness, process compliance, and ultimately are freed to better focus on their core business. Human Capital Process Solutions •• Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions -- Cover all or any part of a broad continuum of services: Strategic Planning, Requisition Management, Sourcing, Screening, Interviewing, Hiring, On- Boarding, Metrics •• End-to-end RPO Solutions -- For companies looking to outsource their entire recruitment function -- Recommend and implement process improvements that encompass industry best practices and legal compliance •• Project-based RPO Solutions -- End-to-End RPO as a managed solution for a finite timeframe -- Typically to alleviate hiring spike due to a business event (product launch, tech implementation, etc) •• On-Demand Recruitment Solutions -- For companies looking for a partial recruitment solution -- Interim recruitment position works with existing recruitment team -- Either to fill in a temporary gap or to ramp up for a new product or service launch Complementary Human Resource Outsourcing and Consulting services Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) Organizational Assessments & Design Compensation Studies Recruitment Services for Key Senior Management Executive Recruitment Mid to Upper Management Roles Sales, Operations, and Corporate Positions Human Capital Process Solutions Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) HR Consulting Services Executive Search Management of Full-time Resource Recruitment Processes Full Process Outsourcing Project Based Recruitment Programs Contract Based Recruiters Select Process Outsourcing (i.e. sourcing, screening, etc.) Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xviii
  20. 20. Contingent Workforce Process Solutions TAPFIN serves as the single point-of-contact to simplify your vendor management and resource procurement functions. TAPFIN optimizes use of both internal and external resources by providing the highest quality, process driven, client-centric human capital management solutions available today. Management of Contingent Resources Custom Tailored & Designed Standard Process Cost Savings Technology Req-to-Payment Fully Operational Managed Services Program Platinum Vendor Program Multiple Pricing Options Management of Contract Services, Projects, Outsourcing Similar and Complementary to VMS Supports e-Procurement and RFX Generation/Management Services Procurement Optimization (Extension of Standard Assessment Process) Multiple Pricing Options Augmented Payrolling Services Supplemental Employee Payrolling 1099 Compliance Management Contractor Transition Services Management of Non-Primary Vendor Network Manage Non-primary Vendors through Contract Completion No Req-to-Hire Component Reduces Co-employment Risks Consolidated Administrative Processes Contingent Workforce Process Solutions Vendor Management Services (VMS) Services Procurement Management (SPM) Contractor Payrolling Vendor Sunset Our solutions are tailored to each client’s business model and unique requirements for a customized solution. •• Contingent Workforce Management – a dedicated onsite management team offers pragmatic recommendations for process improvements, cost savings and technology enhancements as we manage your entire staff augmentation procurement from requisition to payment. This TAPFIN onsite solution significantly improves the process for procuring and managing contract labor. TAPFIN will create a custom- tailored program designed to reduce the administrative burden associated with managing contract labor, to make the process less time-consuming, more efficient, and cost-effective. •• Contract Services Management – our fully integrated technology solution allows you to manage and control your vendor management process. The TAPFIN enterprise-wide, vendor-flexible solutions leverage web applications to create a secure, private marketplace for you and your chosen staffing suppliers. It automates and streamlines manual processes, so you can accurately track, measure, and analyze every transaction for vendor or temporary services procurement, “from req to check.” •• Vendor Sunset – this program is designed to manage any remaining projects if you have recently created a primary vendor program. With this TAPFIN program, we will manage all secondary vendors and contractors until their assignments are complete. COMSYS will tailor any of these options to ensure that we achieve your business objectives. They can be implemented in a standalone fashion or as part of a phased implementation. Our vendor management options can be applied in a variety of settings such as: -- Traditional primary/secondary vendor management -- Secondary vendor management only -- Functional areas within the organization (e.g., Help Desk) -- Large customer projects Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xix
  21. 21. -- Smaller decentralized business units within your company •• Services Procurement Management – Whether utilizing TAPFIN’s wholly owned Econometrix technology or one of our partners’ technologies combined with our refined processes, we are afforded a unique vantage point for the management of our clients’ services procurement activities. From RFP creation and contract negotiation/management through payment distribution, the TAPFIN solution can provide even greater visibility and cost savings to clients beyond contingent workers. From IT project services through various professional services, TAPFIN can manage the process of ensuring deliverables and appropriate payment of services that client procure. Key benefits to the client can include: -- Efficiency in the evaluation and selection process -- Full visibility into the similarities and differences of competitive bidders for service opportunities -- Online tracking of key commitments during the initial proposal process -- Full validation of delivery against commitments (SOW/SLA) -- Cost savings and value add through accountability and validation of the delivery process for all suppliers -- Full reporting and information intelligence on the performance of vendors, useful for making educated business decisions on future spend, effectiveness of spend efforts and business granted to key suppliers on an ongoing basis •• Services Portfolio Optimization – TAPFIN recently assessed 900 offshore workers during an implementation for one of our clients. In partnership with our project services group, outsourcing and business process outsourcing (BPO) partners, our analysis of this workforce evaluated the opportunities for efficiencies and additional cost savings for our client organization. The result of our assessment and recommendations was a conversion of 400 workers to centralized data centers and a dramatic reduction in the contract workforce, while still maintaining the level of productivity necessary. Similar analysis can be performed on identified portions of your organization’s contingent workforce to ensure the most efficient and cost effective use of resources for your organization. Please visit for more detailed information regarding TAPFIN and our innovative solutions. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xx
  22. 22. 4. Delivery COMSYS provides solutions that are completely scalable and designed to deliver consistently while maintaining the flexibility to meet each client’s individual business requirements, industry characteristics and organizational culture. COMSYS teams are equally experienced and successful in delivering quality, cost effective solutions whether working directly with client management and resources or independently on-site or at one of COMSYS’ Technology Centers. Our teams possess a broad spectrum of experience ranging from managing existing projects to developing turnkey systems. COMSYS’ wide range of services and flexible yet well-defined delivery model allow our Managed Solutions teams to provide clients with solutions that both comprehensively address business requirements and optimize return on technology investments. Service Delivery Continuum  Full Project Outsource (Turnkey Solution offering) -- Client expects COMSYS to provide a full and complete solution -- COMSYS owns responsibility for all aspects of project execution and delivery of contracted scope and deliverables, often using a fixed cost commercial arrangement  Partial Project Outsource (Partners-in-Projects offering) -- Client expects COMSYS to provide a solution while maintaining control of the overall effort -- COMSYS owns responsibility for some aspects of project execution and delivery of contracted deliverables  Staffing Solution (Partners-in-Projects offering) -- COMSYS assists with the definition of a solution approach during the early stages of the engagement as well as provides additional value-add during engagement execution  Staff Augmentation -- COMSYS augments client teams with quality contract resources. The graphic below illustrates where this offering falls in the spectrum of the COMSYS service delivery model. Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xxi COMSYS can tailor an engagement to client needs, delivering turn key projects or a hybrid solution known as a “Partners-in-Projects” (PIP) offering. Staff Augmentation Staffing Solutions (PIP) Partial Project Outsource (PIP) Full Project Outsource (Turnkey) COMSYS Solution: Resources Resources, Additional Value-add Solution, Client-controlled Solution, Vendor-controlled Requirement:
  23. 23. Managed Solution Components Delivery Management  ISO Compliant PM Methodology -- Follows principles set by Project Management Institute (PMI) in their Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)  Dedicated PMO/QMO -- Standardized methodologies, processes -- Program audits, quality assurance  Integrated Project Management System (IPMS) – web based management -- Program status and task/activity tracking -- Issue tracking and resolution -- Work collaboration -- Document retention  Dedicated Practice/Delivery -- Practice SME -- Practice Product Managers -- Delivery Engagement -- Delivery Teams Confidential and proprietary data. ©2008 COMSYS Services LLC. All rights reserved. COMSYS is an EEO/AA Employer. xxii