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Ignite 8 Cincinnati
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Ignite 8 Cincinnati

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This is my presentation from Ignite 8 in Cincinnati, OH. Feb 2013.,

This is my presentation from Ignite 8 in Cincinnati, OH. Feb 2013.,

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  • Recon | Scanning | Entry | Access | Cover-up
  • Social engineeringLow tech. Exploits weakness of human element of information systemMay involve calling/emailing employee at target organization & tricking them into revealing infoNew employee calls and asks how to do something on computerBoss calls because password doesn’t workGoogle
  • If hacking is a system, then a couple thoughts on systemsSystems make think less about common actions, e.g. riding a bicycleSystems keep creativity in check because we accept so much to be true that we don’t question the system itself


  • 1. c:title hacking_the_system
  • 2. c:setver time_to_rethink_hacking
  • 3. c:expand hacking_knowledge
  • 4. c:sys the_process_of_hacking
  • 5. c:setver time_to_rethink_hackingImage courtesy of Mad Security. Used with Permission. All rights reserved.
  • 6. c:convert hacking_process
  • 7. c:pause see_what_is_being_hackedc:pause boners music industry auto industry education green energy housing banking food booze Image courtesy of http://www.volkaneksi.com/. All rights reserved.
  • 8. c:path different_types_of_hackers
  • 9. c:more tim_ferriss_hacking_systems
  • 10. c:more josh_kaufman_hacking_a_system
  • 11. c:ping creative_problem_solving
  • 12. c:nslookup other_case_studies
  • 13. c:setver new_hacking_mentalityPhase 1: Reconnaissance (old system)Phase 2: Scanning (old system)Phase 3: Gaining Entry (old system)Phase 4: Apply a new system (new)Phase 5: Telling everyone about it (new)
  • 14. c:print hacking_goes_mainstream
  • 15. c:route hacking_is_hard_work
  • 16. c:more hackers_equals_better
  • 17. c:more problems_to_solvec:more edu publishing tax transportation insurance power housing
  • 18. c:share the_key_ideasc:remember hacking is a system systems retard creativity exploit social systems hackers share today
  • 19. c:lock hacker_mentality
  • 20. c:setver time_to_rethink_hackingc:setver thank you – marty_b download @ www.martybytes.com improve the conversation share your ideas watch for the systems being hacked hack away