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Newsletter Autumn2011 04

  1. 1. newsletter Autumn 20 Schools’ Reduce An anniversary fundraising your risk on the horizon Local students take up the Benefit from the latest Find out what we’re planning challenge on page 5 research, see page 7 for our 25th year on page 11A major newresearch projectwas launched on1st June in TheBRACE Centre atFrenchay Hospital. Major new research in The BRACE CentreA partnership between BRACE, Bristol into pharmaceutical trials Liz’s colleagues include Dr JudyBristol University and North Bristol for patient benefit. Over the next Haworth, already well known toNHS Trust will fund a new dementia 5-10 years, we hope that dementia many BRACE supporters because oftreatment clinic and related research will yield a range of her work in The BRACE Centre overresearch. BRACE’s contribution, effective medications, allowing a number of years, and Dr Margaret£571,000 over five years, funds the treatment to be tailored according Newson, clinical psychologist withresearch element of the project. to the needs of each patient. expertise in dementia. Liz has also gathered assistant clinicalThe new initiative will enhance “I am delighted to take on the psychologists, researchers andBristol’s reputation as a leading challenge of developing dementia support staff to the Centre.centre of dementia research. care and research in Bristol. I hope that through high quality research BRACE Chief Executive Mark PoarchDr Liz Coulthard, head of the new in Bristol, we can transform the says, “It’s great to see The BRACEunit and consultant senior lecturer outlook for dementia sufferers.” Centre really busy again – it’sin dementia neurology, hopes buzzing! It’s also very good for usthe team will develop improved A new neurology dementia clinic as a charity to be sharing a buildingmethods of diagnosis and eventually held in the BRACE Centre at with some of the researchers wemedications to treat Alzheimer’s. Frenchay hospital, where patients support, because it enables us to with dementia will be accurately keep in touch with developments.”Liz says, “Work will focus on diagnosed and treated, will runtranslating the world class alongside the programme of clinical Liz tells more about this excitingpreclinical dementia research in dementia research. new project on page 10. | BRACE
  2. 2. Don’t miss Programme of Events Welcome to our new Chairman, the BRACE 20/202 Alan Parsons Autumn Fair SEPTEMBER SUN 11 Bristol Half Marathon The former Managing Director of Bristol Water, problem for health services around the world. If BRACE and its many supporters can help medical science SAT 24 Collection at Co-operative Portishead Alan Parsons, is the new defeat dementia, what a wonderful to be officially opened by THU 29 Fashion Show and Sale Chairman of BRACE. He joins achievement that would be.” Ali Vowles of BBC Bristol Greenfield Centre, Winterbourne, ten existing trustees and Bristol 7.00 for 7.30pm replaces Canon John Rogan, Alan graduated in physics but SAtuRdAy 8 OCtOBER then trained as an accountant and 10.00am to 12.30pm OCTOBER who remains a Trustee. developed a career in business. Newman Hall, Grange Court Road, Westbury-on-Trym SAT 8 Autumn Fair, Newman Hall, Westbury-on-Trym Alan, who recently stepped down BRACE Chief Executive Mark Poarch Many stalls including: Beauty Bath, Second-hand Books, 10.00am to 12.30pm as Managing Director of the utilities says, “Alan is a superb new addition Bric-a-brac, Cakes Jams, Collectables, Jewellery, FRI 21 SAT 22 firm, says he is honoured to be to our Board of Trustees. In his Plants Shrubs, Toys Games joining the charity. role as chairman, he will be able Collection at Sainsbury’s Kingswood The new range of BRACE Christmas cards and to help us find new ways to raise 2012 BRACE calendar will be on sale NOVEMBER He says, “I am delighted to be money and help win the fight SAT 5 Christmas Bazaar @ Linda’s joining BRACE, a regional charity against Alzheimer’s and other Refreshments available that has already achieved so much forms of dementia. With our 94 Worrall Road, Clifton 10.00am to 4.00pm and which has such an important strengthened team, we shall We look forward to seeing you! task ahead of it. Dementia is continue to develop as an important SAT 19 Christmas Market, With thanks to CJ Hole Henleaze for their a terrible illness and a major player in dementia research.” Greenfield Centre, Winterbourne, sponsorship of the Autumn Fair Bristol 2.00 to 5.00pm Friends in the north! DECEMBER SUN 4 BRACE Carol Service, St Mary Redcliffe Church TXT us £! 3.00pm you can now text a MARCH 2012 donation of up to £10 to SAT 24 3MC Three Mens Company BRACE from your mobile An evening of light entertainment phone. Messages are Although BRACE is a West Country charity, we receive help Bradbury Hall, Waterford Road, free on all networks and The Front Room Gallery story writing competitions, and support from friends further afield who hear of us Henleaze is an annual arts trail a balloon race and ‘guerrilla through family or find us on the Internet. We are very glad Details will be published in January BRACE will receive 100% held in Totterdown, ducks’. It will also include of their support! Update and on the BRACE website of the donation. Bristol and we are very artwork by the wonderful poet, comedian and Radio 4 MAY All you need do is text “ALZH25” pleased that this year it On Saturday 25th June, Helen Welton from Nunthorpe, favourite, John Hegley. TUE 22 BRACE Golf Day, and the amount (£10 or less) will be proudly raising Middlesbrough, held a fundraising garden party at her home in aid of BRACE. In the photograph you can see Henbury Golf Club to 70070. For example, money for BRACE plus The art trail takes place Helen, wearing a BRACE t-shirt, alongside her husband, THU 24 Big BRACE Anniversary Coffee Morning to donate £5 simply the Wallace and Gromit between Friday 18th and Richard Marbrow and friend and neighbour Julie, who St Monica’s Trust, Westbury-on-Trym text “ALZH25 £5” TO:70070 ‘Cots for Tots’ appeal. Sunday 20th November this helped on the day. 10.30am ALZH25 £5 year. For further details go ALZH 25 is the unique to code for BRACE. Always exciting and full of Helen said, “Many of the items in the sale came from locally produced art, this Richard’s mother, Muriel, as she now lives with her Details of more anniversary events year’s trail aims to include Volunteers, artists and great You can also add ideas are always welcome! daughter since Alzheimer’s has made it impossible for her to follow on our website and in the Gift Aid. more music than ever, plus to live independently. Muriel has difficulty recognising January Update. animation, poetry and short Richard now but she is still keeping going. My husband’s father Norman Marbrow died from Alzheimer’s in 2001.” Watch out for Go on – this emblem! A very big thank you to Helen and her helpers for raising give it £200 for BRACE. For further information about any of the above a go! events please contact the BRACE Appeal Office2 | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Autumn 20 |
  3. 3. How a protein may hold the key to Alzheimer’sResearch that could help medical science defeat Alzheimer’sdisease is happening just a mile from the BRACE charity office.dr Myra Conway and BRACE funded Phd researcherJonathon Hull are based at the University of the West ofEngland (UWE). Their work centres on a substance called Following a successful post-doctoral period of 5 years Myra was appointed as Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry at the university of Brighton in 2003. Opportunity Schools’ Fundraisingglutamate, which occurs in the brain and is necessary knocked and shortly afterwards Myra was appointed as Following an approach the Concorde Partnership organised The students were then given this fundraising ‘challenge’ for Year BRACE T-shirts and let loose tofor memory and learning. However, if an imbalance Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science at UWE, where she from the Concorde 12 students from three partner discuss their ideas!occurs, glutamate can become toxic to brain cells. has been developing her research and continues to lead and lecture in Clinical Biochemistry. Partnership earlier secondary schools – Abbeywood, Two days later we returned to Bradley Stoke and Patchway.Myra says, “Levels of glutamate are regulated by a this year 25 students This was part of a wider menu of the school to find they had raisedprotein called hBCAT. Jonathon’s research has already Currently, Myra is director of Studies for 4 Phd students,shown that this protein is far more common in the brains 1 research technician, 8 undergraduate research students from Bristol spent activities to enable them to gain £519.83 by holding a number of valuable experience in different events including a raffle, car wash,of people with Alzheimer’s, and this could be causing and 1 MSc student. Several of these projects are in joint two days in July fields aimed at broadening their swimathon, name the bear anddangerously high levels of glutamate.” collaboration with dr Katy Chalmers, Prof Seth Love and dr Pat Kehoe at the South West dementia Brain Bank. fundraising for BRACE. horizons while giving them a cake sale.This research, funded by BRACE, could help to identify competitive edge over other university/job applicants. We are hoping that this“biomarkers”, the clues that doctors need to identify the Our research scholar, Jonathon Hull, comes from Essex collaboration will continue anddisease as early and accurately as possible. To read more and completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical 23 students from Bradley Stoke look forward to working with theseabout Myra and Jon’s research, please see the Research Science at uWE. Jonathon achieved a first class honours Community School and 2 from schools, the Concorde PartnershipUpdate published as an insert of this Newsletter. degree and the highest mark recorded for his year group, Abbeywood School chose charity and other students in the future. which was recognised by the Oxford Press prizeMyra comes from Cork city in Ireland and achieved a first at graduation. fundraising as their activity. Our thanks to Susan and Ashley forclass honours degree in Biochemistry and completed her Day one started with talks by Susan giving their time to speak to thePhd at the university of Galway, Ireland. In 1998, Myra This project began in June 2010 after BRACE had awarded Marshfield (BRACE trustee) about students and to all the teachers andtravelled to the US to take a post as a Research Fellow at a grant for Phd research directed by Myra. the role of BRACE and Ashley White, students involved in fundraising.Wake Forest University Medical Center, North Carolina, who talked about how she and her Well done!where she first started work on the hBCAt proteins. friends had raised funds for BRACE. | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Autumn 20 |
  4. 4. Christmas with BRACE Confirmed events at which all our cards (subject to availability) and You can reduce your risk of dementia! the calendar will be available are: FASHION SHOW Greenfield Centre, Park Avenue, Winterbourne Though anyone can develop dementia, you Thursday 29 September 7.30pm can reduce the risk by the way you live. The BRACE AUTUMN FAIR earlier in adult life you can start applying the Newman Hall, Grange Court Road, following principles, the greater their impact is Westbury-on-Trym likely to be. This is one way in which the fruits Saturday 8 October 10am-12.30pm of research can help you today. St PEtER’S HENLEAZE CARd SALE St Peter’s Church Hall, Henleaze Saturday 15 October Here are some top tips based A good diet. 10am to 12noon on what researchers have The “Mediterranean diet”, been telling us. with plenty of olive oil, fruit, BACKWELL CARD SALE fresh vegetables and fish is Parish Hall, Backwell Take regular exercise. beneficial. Foods high in folic acid, Saturday 22 October This is the single best way to cut antioxidants and omega 3 are 10am to 12noon your risk of dementia, perhaps by helpful. Specific foods that have as much as 45%. Exercise for half been suggested as good for the From 1st November at an hour three times a week, brain include turmeric and HAIGH ANd SONS or do enough exercise to leave sage. Eating lots of food Estate Agents, North View, you slightly out of breath. high in saturated fat, Westbury Park, Bristol This does not have to however, is not a goodThis year our calendar and Son, Estate Agents, North View, (open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm be anything extreme Westbury Park from 1st November idea. A study of 815celebrates the great (Open Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm and Sat and Saturday 9am-5pm) – brisk walking is generally people over the ageengineer Isambard 9am – 5pm). beneficial, for example. of 65 years in Chicago CHRIStMAS BAZAAR @ LINdA’S The more frail a person is, suggested that eatingKingdom Brunel and, for 94 Worrall Road, Clifton the more the exercise is Please order early. We often sell fish regularly canthe first time, includes out of the calendar and the most Saturday 5 November likely to help them. Even significantly reduce thephotographs from popular designs of cards. 10am to 4pm 15 minutes walk, three times risk of Alzheimer’s. a week is enough to produceoutside Bristol. BRACE cards and calendar will PORtISHEAd CARd SALE a positive effect. This is true Keep your brain be on sale at many BRACE events Somerset Hall, High Street, even in the over 65s. active.A number of people have leading up to Christmas, see the list Portishead Keeping socially, physicallycontributed to this calendar and we to date on the right. Alternatively Saturday 12 November Watch your weight. and mentally active will helpare grateful to them for allowing us they will be available for purchase 10am to 12noon Recent research suggests that you, even in old age. Havingto use their photographs. We hope online by visiting our shop page at being obese or even moderately an active social life in old ageyou enjoy it! dOWNENd SCHOOL FAIR overweight in middle age can is an important part of a defence Shop.htm Downend School increase your risk enormously. strategy, but you can also create We also have Saturday 19 November A 27-year study of 10,000 people new links in the brain by mental a much larger If you would like more information 11am to 3pm found that obese people in their activity such as learning a new selection of about BRACE, our forthcoming 40s were 74% more likely to develop language. A US study has suggested Christmas cards events, or would like to volunteer CHRISTMAS MARKET dementia compared to those of that the risk of developing this year due to to help with our fundraising, normal weight. Alcohol in moderation. Alzheimer’s disease is more than Greenfield Centre, Park Avenue, increased demand, please contact: A glass of red wine every day Winterbourne doubled in lonely people. led as always by the BRACE Appeal Office, Saturday 19 November Don’t smoke. can help cut your level of risk, Brian Sanders’ card Smoking is quite simply not good for but excessive drinking is not good In general, the advice is – if it’s Frenchay Hospital, Bristol BS16 1LE 2pm to 5pmwhich this year depicts Bathurst you, and dementia is yet another for your brain. A recent study good for your heart, it’s good for Telephone: 0117 340 4831 serious condition made more likely suggested that heavy drinkers andBasin, City Docks, Bristol. CAROL SERVICE your brain. The advice we all hear Email: by the habit. Among people smoking teetotallers were both more likely about keeping our hearts healthy is St Mary Redcliffe Church, BristolYou will be able to buy your cards 40 or more cigarettes a day, the than light drinkers to develop worth following for the sake of our Sunday 4 December 3pmand calendars at the BRACE Appeal Website: risk of Alzheimer’s is claimed to be cognitive problems. brains, too.Office (available now) and at Haigh 57% higher. | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Autumn 20 |
  5. 5. £2,2.00 £.00 £0.0£,00.00 Running totals... Photos from the left Emma Cook, husband and friends at the top£,00.00 of Snowdon | Sue Martin | Dan and George | Hannah and Vicky £,. Vicky Ledbury wanted to do that Joe was watching down, proud alongside the 21 mile mark and Max Peters had to withdraw due It was last year that Amanda something in memory of her father- of what I was doing, that kept me saw the elite men run past looking to a knee injury but his generous Nethercott made the decision to in-law Joe, who passed away in going to the end. It was one of the fresh as a daisy! It was only a mile supporters still sponsored him to get fit. She took up running with March last year quite unexpectedly. most amazing experiences of my or so later that the heat of the day the tune of £1,119.51. Neil Drew a goal of doing a 10k in less than In the last months of his life he life and one I would go through started to get to me. At mile 22 I was also unable to get to the start an hour and achieved this in the was badly affected by dementia again to raise more awareness of was really struggling but found some line due to an accident a couple Bristol 10k in May, and at the same£,.00 and Vicky said she wanted to raise the work that BRACE does.” energy from somewhere to carry of days before the marathon in time raising funds for research in awareness of the impact that the me through to the end. Crossing which he fractured his ankle but Alzheimer’s after her grandmother disease has on family members and Hannah Clark, who raised £986 the finish line was very emotional; had already secured sponsorship of sadly had to be put in a care home to know that the money she raised, sponsorship, said of the day, “I the crowds were terrific all the way £1,645.00. Both Max and Neil are when the family could no longer which incidentally amounted to found the London marathon such an round and really made my day!” hoping to be fit to run in the 2012 cope. Her initial aim was to raise £0.00 £2,121, would be used locally. amazing experience and one I will London Marathon. £500 in sponsorship but to Amanda’s never forget ....from all the crowds “I really enjoyed the marathon” delight (and ours) the final figure Vicky said, “I was very lucky to and supporters cheering everyone said Sue Martin. “It was hard Others who have taken part in was £1,314. have the opportunity to run this on, to the other amazing runners work and hot, but I did it and I am sponsored events this year include year’s London Marathon for BRACE. all running for brilliant causes. grateful to BRACE for giving me the Belinda Morley and her husband Also taking part in the Bristol 10k I met Hannah, one of the other My legs hurt but just getting that place and experience. We all know who raised £130 when they ran in were friends Daniel and George £.00 BRACE runners, in the long queue medal at the end made them hurt what an overwhelming condition the Bath Half Marathon in March. who said of the run “The 10k for the start line which gave me less! Throughout the day I had my dementia can be and how it can Also in March, Emma Cook and was amazing; we really enjoyed a real boost as I was feeling quite great aunt in mind as she had been impact on those that are affected her husband Mark, together with ourselves and finished in quite a emotional before the start, thinking diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and was by it, their families and friends. I friends Rich and Ryan, climbed up good time too!” Daniel and George a lot about the challenge ahead and the main reason I wanted to raise am proud to have run for BRACE in Mount Snowdon raising £435.00. raised a very welcome £647 for the reasons why I was doing it. The money for BRACE, knowing every the London Marathon as I know that Emma said “Sadly my Nan passed BRACE.£,.00 first ten miles weren’t too bad but penny raised really is going to make the money raised from my generous away when I was 16 after a long then an old injury really played up a difference for others.” supporters is being put to good battle with Alzheimer’s. I wanted We are grateful to everyone who which lead to me having to walk use.” So far Sue has raised £1,070. to help to raise some money so has supported us by taking part in most of the second 13 miles! Going Matthew Hunt ran in memory of his hopefully one day there will be a a sponsored event, raising much over Tower Bridge was an amazing girlfriend’s granddad who died from Sebastian Hobbs was following in cure and no-one else will have to needed funds for BRACE. If you £.00 experience as everyone on the Alzheimer’s. He raised £703.50 and the footsteps of two of his work suffer with this terrible disease. I would like to do the same please Bridge was cheering us on so that said “I had an amazing day. One of colleagues who had run for BRACE really do hope my fund-raising will contact us at the BRACE Appeal gave me a massive boost and it the highlights for me was getting in previous years. Sebastian raised make a difference.” Office for a sponsor pack – we will was that memory and the thought to 13 miles where the route runs raised £1,030 in sponsorship. be very pleased to hear from you. | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Autumn 20 |
  6. 6. Building up to our silver anniversary! BRACE is 25 years In the 1980s, a small and determined However, we can tell you that the big group of volunteers was raising funds as event is likely to be at the Tobacco Factory Major new research in The BRACE Centre old in September 2012, and we want to celebrate our the Friends of Age Research (Bristol), a local branch of a national charity. This in Bristol in September. Plans are still being formulated, but we would like to thank group, which was chaired by Mary Sansbury the management of the Tobacco FactoryContinuing our cover story on this several different types of memory including very short silver anniversary and included Dr Brandon Lush, Senior for their generosity in offering us the use term or working memory and longer term memory. Weexciting new research, Liz Coulthard are using computerised cognitive tasks to study the in style! There Geriatrician at Frenchay Hospital, decided of the theatre. You can also make a noteexplains what the project involves: way in which patients retain memory over time and will be some that it wanted to devote its efforts to in your diary for a lively concert on 24th how this could be improved using medication. special events supporting locally based research. The March. See Programme of Events on page 2. throughout the opportunity to do this was provided by theSeveral different streams of clinical research areplanned focussing on Alzheimer’s disease and other Further studies will be based on the preclinical, laboratory-based work of the Dementia Research year and we hope work of Professor Gordon Wilcock at Bristol university. On 24th September 1987 the 3 ways you candementias. Each research study involves asking Group, run by Professor Seth Love and dr Patrick to make 2012 a charity was founded, with Gordon Wilcock, help make 2012 ourpatients and volunteers for their informed consent to bumper year for Brandon Lush, david Pockney and Johntake part. At the heart of the research program is a Kehoe. Their work has demonstrated that blood vessels are affected early in the course of Alzheimer’s fundraising. Rogan as its first trustees. best ever yearresearch register where details of willing patients and disease. We plan to study the possible beneficial 1. Ask us for a standing order form sohealthy volunteers are recorded. Using the register, effects of agents that can protect blood vessels and Beating Alzheimer’s was never going to be that you can make a monthly donation.we can then identify and contact participants are already used safely to treat high a short-term task. Enormous progress has Regular giving helps us plan. If yousuitable for a given study. Patients recruited onto “patients can blood pressure. In addition there is been made by medical science in the last are already a regular donor, could youthe research register and into studies will come the opportunity to help with the early quarter of a century and BRACE has playedprimarily from the new neurology dementia clinic take part in increase your donation? If you currently stages of stem cell research already a significant role. However, there remains pay income tax, you can also increasein the BRACE centre. research in underway in Bristol and Bath. much to be done and the growing numbers the value of your donation through Gift of people with dementia make our task allPatients are referred to the cognitive neurology a familiar In order to measure the effectiveness the more urgent. Aid (at no extra cost to yourself).and dementia clinic by GPs or other hospital environment” of treatments, we are going to 2. Give us your time! We need peopleconsultants who suspect that they might have perform repeated psychology tests, There are ways that you can help make to help with collections, take part insome form of dementia. The clinicians then carry as well as detailed brain imaging. 2012 a great year for BRACE and for the sponsored events, and help at sales andout tests to establish what their symptoms mean Repeated volumetric MR imaging of the brain can tell fight against dementia. other events.and, if the cause is dementia, try to establish which us how much the brain shrinks over time and we canform of dementia is involved. Patients attending the measure any benefit of the trial drugs on brain volume. Next year’s events are still being planned 3. Ask your employer/school/church/clinic are asked if they would like to be entered onto We are building strong links with the Clinical Research and we cannot give you all the details yet. club to join our Silver Service and pledgethe research register. Much of the research is based in and Imaging Centre (CRIC) in the University of Bristol The information will be published on our to raise at least £500 for BRACE in 2012.The BRACE Centre ensuring that patients can take part and the medical physics departments of North Bristol website and in the next update (January) Contact us for research in a familiar environment and research and Trust and University Hospital, Bristol, in order to and spring Newsletter (April).clinical care are closely allied. develop high quality image analysis both for clinical and research work.Planned research projects will look both at theunderlying problems experienced by people who have Over time we hope to develop a portfolio of studiesdementia and also how therapy can be targeted to each designed to improve understanding and treatmentindividual patients. Our first studies are investigating of memory can be affected in dementia. There are0 | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Autumn 20 |
  7. 7. The annual Golf Day BRACE Golf Day 20 I feel as though I have known about BRACE forever – but it ishas become a major really only about 20 years. Myfixture in the BRACE first knowledge came when Icalendar. This was the was visiting an aged terrapin building at Blackberry Hilltenth time the event Hospital for my husband’s testshas been held, and in and follow up after he had been diagnosed as having Alzheimer’stotal has raised over disease. He died in 1993.£50,000.We are very grateful to Roger andPat Higgins and all the othervolunteers who work with themto make the Golf Day possible. A volunteer’s story by Susan MarshfieldBecause of all the work that Roger Everyone has their own way of dealing Pat Whitby Strevens, to “help out” withhas done over the years, it seemed with death. My work was my salvation BRACE. I have been “helping out” withfitting that he and the other “BRACE – I loved it. One day my boss said he had BRACE ever since! It has its rewards;Boys” were the winners this year! been visited by the chairman of BRACE, the satisfaction of seeing the amount who was looking for some free manpower of research the charity is now ableThe prizes were presented by to organise a business event raising to fund, the wider knowledge of theOlympic medallist Kate Allenby, who awareness of the charity. Because he disease nationally, as well as our part inwon bronze in the modern pentathlon knew of my experience he said he was promoting knowledge locally. PLuS ourin Sydney in 2000. Kate also gave an happy for me to take it on if I was willing, input into the Memory Disorder Clinic, theamusing and inspiring speech. using the facilities of the workplace, my Brain Bank and the laboratories, for which PA etc. So I became a BRACE volunteer! we have to thank the John James Trust,Another highlight, on a day when a another great Bristol institution. A far crystrong wind made driving difficult, Thanks to the help of some great Bristol from the old terrapin.was a hole in one achieved by James companies - Bristol Blue Glass andHodder of the Rolls Royce team. Aardman Animation to name but two - the I was rewarded with a seat on the event was staged at Merchant Venturers Board as a trustee – the first female, IA poignant moment came during Hall. My biggest fear? Not that it would might add. I am also rewarded by beingthe presentation to the winning fail or that nobody would come, but that recognised by lots of people who nowteam. One of the team members, something might happen to Aardman’s know me and quite often expect me toIvor Williams, dedicated the win to “Creature Comforts” animals which were shake a tin or sell them something fromthe memory of Dr David Dawbarn, a on loan! BRACE. My sons expect me to frequentlygreatly respected research scientist be “doing something” for BRACE and evenat Bristol University who died When I retired, I was approached by my grandsons now play on the Golf Day.suddenly in 2010. Ivor had taught Richard Lalonde, the then chairman,David at Bath University. to join with him and Mary Sansbury, When asked if you will volunteer, give it together with Professor Wilcock and the serious thought and, if you can – do it!We look forward to the next Golf much overworked part time secretary,Day on 22 May 2012 and invite earlyexpressions of interest in taking part.Photos from top: Competition Winners Portishead Flower Show James Hodder and the Rolls Royce team Our latest winners are Mrs A Holden Country Fairafter James’ hole in one from Westbury-on-Trym who wonKate Allenby presents the winners’ the Stationery competition in our Carole Jenkins andtrophies to The BRACE Boys (l-r, David Spring newsletter. The winner of Betty Harris on theMacbean, Ivor Williams, Steve Lucas, Kate BRACE stall which,Allenby and Roger Higgins) the Gemstones competition will be announced in our next newsletter. as well as raisingVolunteers at work on the scoreboard £347.85, won secondKate Allenby with new BRACE Chairman Our latest competition is enclosed.Alan Parsons prize for the best non- Good luck! trade exhibit.General view of the course2 | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Autumn 20 |
  8. 8. Take an adventure in Kenya… for BRACE KenyanAventure is a travel People who travel on their tours If these dates are not possible for company with a difference. spend some of their holiday you, it is also possible to organise helping local people on community your own trip in support of BRACE. Charitable Gifting on Death As well as providing the sight seeing opportunities and relaxation most people projects. The company wants to help You would probably be travelling with individuals supporting a range of other charities. In April 2011 George Osborne announced This is good news for Charities. It is expect from a holiday, charities in the UK as well, by giving its customers the option of raising For further information about this in the Budget Speech that the designed to encourage us to remember it sets out to help local Government will introduce for deaths our favourite causes in our Wills. The sponsorship. KenyanAdventure remarkable opportunity, please see communities in Kenya. has chosen BRACE as one of its occurring from 6th April 2012 a reduced reduction in the Inheritance tax rate rate of Inheritance tax of 36% where a means that a large charitable gift will supported charities and is inviting brace.html or ring 0845 862 1381. person leaves 10% or more of their net have a much smaller impact on your people to support BRACE through a assets to a charity or charities. beneficiaries where the estate is liable trip that will take place from 12th to Inheritance tax. to 23rd March 2012. George Osborne stated “do the right Jenny Pierce, a legacies thing for Charity and the Government will do the right thing by you”. George Osborne and the Government very much want it to become the norm that we leave 10% of our wealth on BRACE Donation Form specialist with Currently any gifts to Charity in your death to Charity. This is part of the Please find enclosed a donation of £__________ to BRACE. Wards Solicitors Will do not incur Inheritance tax. vision for the Big Society. in Bristol, looks If a person’s estate is liable to The precise details of the changes to the FULL NAME Gift Aid Declaration Inheritance tax then after deducting at the likely exemptions and reliefs any excess sum tax rate are currently being thrashed If you are a uK taxpayer and complete the form below, out. The Treasury are putting together ADDRESS BRACE can recover at least an additional 25p for every pound impact of this (the net estate) is taxable at 40%. a consultation paper. The consultation donated, through the Government’s Gift Aid scheme – at no extra cost to you! year’s budget. So where your estate is subject closes on 31st August this year. I am a uK taxpayer and want BRACE to treat the following to Inheritance tax every £100 left A charitable gift post April 2012 reduces donations as Gift Aid donations: to Charity will reduce the amount what your beneficiaries receive but by • this donation Yes No remaining for the beneficiaries but will significantly less than under the current • all donations I make from the date of this declaration onwards (until I notify you otherwise) as Gift Aid donations Yes No also reduce the Inheritance tax on the Inheritance tax regime. • this and all past donations I have made Yes No estate by £40. Currently the effective cost of the legacy to Charity to the These measures are to be welcomed as I confirm that I am a uK taxpayer, resident in the uK for tax remaining beneficiaries is £60 per £100 it will encourage charitable gifting. It purposes and that I will advise BRACE if this situation should change. gifted. is vital if you are thinking of leaving a gift to Charity in your Will that you take From April 2012 if 10% of your net estate SIGNED professional advice from a specialist is given to Charity, the effective cost of Solicitor. POSt COdE DATE the charitable legacy to the remaining beneficiaries of your Will is only £24 per Jenny Pierce, Thank you for your donation. Please tick this box if you would like to receive a written acknowledgement: £100 gifted if you have a taxable estate. Wards Solicitors July 2011 Please return to BRACE Appeal Office, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol BS16 1LE | BRACE call the BRACE appeal office on 0117 340 4831 Autumn 20 |
  9. 9. News in brief... Bristol Barons Ball chose BRACE Members of Saltford Golf Club as its charity at the end of held a charity coffee morning in 2010 and raised over £3,000 aid of BRACE on 3rd March - and for us in one evening. With raised a remarkable £2,500 in a Gift Aid, the final total will be little over two hours. much higher. this year’s Ladies Captain, Pam Street (pictured above), selected BRACE as the charity for the club to support. Pam said, “A huge, big thank you to everyone who contributed to our wonderfully successful charity coffee morning. I couldn’t have done it without all my hard-working helpers and of course all the people who came and spent money.” We are grateful to the members “They’re not all for of Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club in me, honest…” Gloucestershire. They raised £3,169 and Geoff Simms came to the BRACE This was heard several times Golf Day to present the cheque. by Lynn and Debbie as they served delicious homemade Geoff says, “I have supported BRACE cakes to their customers, for the past 15 years or so and latterly many of them hospital staff. for the 10 years of the Golf Day. I was brought into supporting by my mother Lynn, a dementia nurse who who carried out fundraising until she works in the John James passed away a few years ago.” Laboratories at Frenchay Our thanks to the organisers of the Hospital, arranged the Bristol Beer Festival in March. Photo: Geoff Simms brought Stinchcombe’s cake sale and raffle as her They raised £479 for BRACE by cheque to the BRACE Golf Day and contribution to Dementia presented it to Kate Allenby Awareness Week in July, asking customers to donate their and Alan Parsons unused beer tokens. raising £143 for BRACE. | BRACE