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Personal portfolio of freelance graphic designer/illustrator - Mark S. Hufford

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Mark Hufford - Portfolio

  1. 1. Mark S. HuffordDigital Graphic Design Portfolio
  2. 2. [ project ] Packaging Design and Branding [ date ] May 2012 [ description ] Create a brand logo and package design for a multi-unit carrier. Concept; Verona flavor infused olive oils for culinary use. Project included a full product profile. Final prototype design files were professionally printed prior to assembly. Photoshop and IllustratorProduct Packaging Design [ notes ] Images used: pepper, garlic, basil, lemon and olive wood photographed by Mark Hufford
  3. 3. [ project ] Thumbnails Packaging Design and Branding [ date ] May 2012 [ description ] Create a brand logo and package design for a multi-unit carrier. Concept; Verona flavor infused olive oils for culinary use. Thumbnail process for project labels and carrier.Product Package Thumbnails
  4. 4. [ project ] Illustration for magazine article [ date ] January 2012 [ description ] Mixed media illustration for magazine article written by Patricia Sharpe of Texas Monthly Magazine. The project objective was to incorporate a concept and mixed media illustration that supports the article title and content. “Eating Their Words” questions the top Texas chefs about their predictions for future food trends in the state of Texas over the next several years. Photoshop and InDesign.Advertising Design
  5. 5. [ project ] Event program design [ date ] March 2012 [ description ] Project objective was to recreate a program design for a real life event. The Austin Classical Guitar Society hosts ‘Guitars Galore’ each year that supports the education and instruction of classical guitar to school children in the Austin area. Design utilized Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. [ notes ] Images used of guitar and woodgrain were photographed by Mark Hufford. Logos and event content are from the ACGS website.Event Prgoram
  6. 6. [ project ] Illustration and magazine page layout [ date ] January 2012 [ description ] Original watercolor illustration for magazine article. Page layout incorporates Ice 9 surf board foam blanks with the article on the hottest surfing spots. This is page one of the complete article. Photoshop and InDesign. IN AN INCREASINGLY BUSY Byron Bay, Australia world, going for a surf is a chance to get back to nature, test yourself This onetime sleepy dairy town against the ocean, have fun and turned hippie-surfer-stockbroker en- get some exercise. And these days clave is quite possibly the best place learning to surf doesn’t have to be in the country, maybe the world, toAdvertising Design the fearful, difficult proposition it learn to surf. There’s a variety of once was. Forgiving foam surf- waves to suit different levels, from boards and qualified surf instructors gentle rollers off Watego Beach to mean standing up and riding a wave the beach breaks of Tallows and in your first session is very likely — The Wreck (in small swells). and then you’re hooked. Byron Bay Surf School offers both Read on for Matador’s list of the lessons and accommodation. Or best surf spots to start your new stay at the Byron Bay YHA (for- addiction… merly J’s Bay), complete with pool.
  7. 7. [ project ] Event poster design [ date ] January 2012 [ description ] The objective for the Texas Folklife Festival project was to use traditional illustration in combination with type that communicated and supported the event image. Illustration and border completed using acrylics. Project completed in Photoshop and InDesign. [ notes ] Final concept submitted to the Texas Folklife Festival event poster contest for use in 2013.Event Poster
  8. 8. [ project ] Full page advertising layout [ date ] July 2011 [ description ] Design and layout for full page advertisement with effective use of type and imagery. Logo for Sweet Indulgence was created in Illustrator. Page layout completed in Photoshop and InDesign.Advertising Design
  9. 9. [ project ] Event Poster and Program Cover [ date ] April 2011 [ client ] Softball Austin [ description ] Redesign and layout for Softball Austin’s yearly hosted tournament open to the LBGT softball leagues in all states. Event poster printed and used throughtout the Austin area to promote the event and the design was also used for the event program. Photoshop and InDesign.Event Poster
  10. 10. [ project ] Page layout [ date ] February 2012 [ description ] Project: design and complete a single page layout using typography and imagery for print. Page layout is for a 9” x 9” book of poetry. Images by photographer Christine Cote. PhotoshopDigital Graphics
  11. 11. [ project ] DVD redesign [ date ] October 2011 [ description ] Objective: recreate a DVD cover and label utilizing only typographic elements. Type was used to recreate the statue that the movie is so well known for. All required DVD package elements included in layout and design. [ notes ] see original imageDVD Redesign
  12. 12. [ project ] Web Site Layout Design [ date ] August 2011 [ description ] Objective: Create a logo and design at least four page layouts for a web site that demonstrate consistency in navigation, theme and style. Logo was printed on a coffee mug and embroidered on a baseball cap for use in the project. Photoshop and Illustrator [ notes ] Images used are original.Website Design
  13. 13. [ project ] Spot Illustration Two page layout [ date ] September 2011 [ description ] Objective: create three spot illustrations to support the subject and content in a two page layout. The spot illustrations communicate the process of baking cookies. IllustratorDigital Graphics
  14. 14. [ project ] Corporate Identity [ date ] April 2012 [ client ] Josh Youngblood,owner. Economy Air [ description ] Objective: Create a corporate identity and standards of use manual for HVAC company Economy Air. Package includes business forms, marketing tools, vehicle sign, brand identity overview and guidelines. Illustrator and InDesignCorporate Identity
  15. 15. [ project ] Logo and advertising design [ date ] June 2012 [ client ] Brian Snyder, owner. Splash of Color [ description ] Client request was for a logo design that would be used on business forms and marketing materials for a house painting business. The objective was to create something colorful that would communicate clearly what Splash of Color offers. With the completion of the logo, the client required a design and layout for door hangers that were printed by A’DEAS Printing. Designed in Illustrator. [ notes ] Photo images supplied by client.Advertising Design
  16. 16. [ project ] CD Package Design [ date ] August 2012 [ client ] Champions of Commerce aka C.O.C. Joe Rushing and Rob Cox [ description ] Cd package design used to label and promote live performances of the duo C.O.C. Required packaging elements: jacket, label, 6 page folder and tray insert. [ notes ] All original images supplied by client Joe Rushing.CD Packaging
  17. 17. [ project ] Corporate Identity and Logo design [ date ] June 2012 [ client ] Nick Snyder, owner. Heritage Painting Services, Inc. [ description ] Client needs: corporate logo and identity for use on all advertising, marketing materials and business forms that would aid in the franchising of the business. Standards for the use of the logo and branding are set for consistency with the company image.Logo Design
  18. 18. [ project ] Digital Illustration [ date ] September 2011 [ description ] Objective: Study of object shape and volume utilizing tools, techniques, layers and effects in Adobe Illustrator CS5.Digital Graphics
  19. 19. Traditional Illustration [ project ] Charcoal Drawing [ date ] November 2009 [ description ] Charcoal drawing from life demonstrating reflections, shadows, and environment.
  20. 20. [ project ] Interior Space in Perspective [ date ] August 2010 [ description ] Conte drawing from life showing perspective in an interior space.Traditional Illustration
  21. 21. Mark S. Hufford graphic designerContact Information P.O. Box 283 Buda, Texas 78610 (512) 749-7411 website - email -
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