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About Banners broker
Banners Broker is an online advertising company.An authentic, real, based in Toronto, Canada. A young company, which began trading in late 2010, which has since seen its growth rocket to the point that some times he almost could not face himself.
What is Banners Broker? It's just a standard advertising platform with a generous rewards program. That's all ... For a more complete break down on how Banners Broker works.

How it works
Banners Broker uses its Platform in a manner reminiscent of other highly successful companies, some of which may seem to have a monopoly on the industry. Site owners who want to monétise their own sites can connecte with this business and doing what is offered by others as well as their own businesses. Banners Broker all done is done as an intermediary.
The cost-effectiveness of this system is simple. They rent space on websites, paying the owner for the privilege and a profit is made for BB. It is a win, win a bit like some of the best known advertisers in the industry. The difference between them and the biggest advertisers is that they have developed a reward system that attracts advertisers as well as Publisher.
This technology is so precise that they can ensure that the customer's initial purchase is doubled within sixteen weeks using a mathematical technique called doubly compound. The use of these two powerful methods that can generate precise targeted traffic to any type of business and gain customers doubling each time. In fact, many people make a good living Banners Banners, or simply supplement their income passive online today.
So why have we not heard of this company? Well, they have not been online since October 2010, since their inception, they have sold more than 2 million banner impressions. Not bad for a young company.

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My small banners broker guide

  1. 1. Banners Broker Secret Agent Guide to Maximum Results1.BB make money by Renting Advertising space on Publisher sites to you, the members. Whenyou buy a package of space from BB you will share in the profits they make. You purchase smallpackage at about $415 or a larger one at $3655. The main plan here is that you use the moneyyou make in BB to buy larger and larger quantities of web advertising space so that your profitsgo out the roof without you having to put in more and more and more new money!2.How you log in: type in Then click on the LOG-INbutton in the right hand corner.(Image below will show you the login button in the right hand corner)3.You will be asked for your email address and password.4.Once you are in you will be greeted with three things to choose from. (See image below). Youneed to click on the one that says AD-PUB COMBO.5.Ad-Pub Combo stands for: ADvertising-PUBlishing COMBination package. It means you arebuying publishing space, (advertising space that BB sell for you to make a profit) and they ALSOgive you banner impressions for your own adverts to promote your own web business or off-linebusiness. Two things for the price of one!6.How BB sell you this publishing space comes in the form of “PANELS”. A PANEL represents thevalue of the space you bought across all the BB websites. There’s a $10, $30, $90, $270,$810 andthe $2430 Panel. (You can grow your BB business to have as many panels as you want!) Forexample: if you have a $10 panel (yellow in color) it will make you $20 back. A $270 (green)panel will make you $540.7. The image below shows a green panel. The two monetary figures $272.43/$540 show whatthe green panel will pay into your E-wallet-$540 and what it has made already-$272.43. Thispanel Is already over half way complète!8. The most important thing you buy from BB is a PACKAGE of panels rather than single panels.The reason is that BB will send you two rounds of complimentary traffic. This means that theyincrease in value and make you money without the need to do anything else with them until thethird time you wants them to increase and make you money. For Example- A $415 packageincreases to $800 in panel value, then $800 in panel value increases to $800 in panel value PLUS$800 in your eWallet
  2. 2. 9. The panels ALSO REPRESENT ADVERTISING space that you are given to advertise YOUR OWNwebsite or off-line business! You bought an Ad-Pub Combo Package= ADvertising-PUBlishingCOMBination package, hence getting two things for your money10.You have 6 PACKAGES to choose from (after this purchase you can buy individual panels atthe same time if you want, if for example you want to put larger amounts of money into your BBbusiness). HERE ARE THE COSTS OF A PACKAGE OF PANELS:YELLOW or Starter package $25 &processing FeePURPLE or Basic package $55 &processing feeBLUE or Business package $145 &processing feeGREEN or Professional package$415 & processing feeRED or Enterprise package $1225& processing feeBLACK or Ultimate package $3655& processing feeNB –The applicable taxes and processing fees only apply in certain countries and regions thesewill be displayed when you come to deposit.11.Only ONE package can be activated per account but you can buy as many individual panelsasyou want. HERE ARE THE COSTS OF INDIVIDUAL PANELS:
  3. 3. There is a $15 per month administration fee. The first month is included in your package.Onceyou start making money into your E-wallet you will cover your admin fee. There is also a$100monthly subscription fee available, but you only need to be a premium member if yourequiremore than one traffic pack. In the real world, any business person would tell you that$100 is avery low overhead to run a business)13.If you decide to buy a Green package or above and you reside in the UK then you need toknow there are regulations that prohibit spending over £200 on a business idea in the first week.This means you have to start with a Blue, Purple or Yellow package and 7 days later can upgradeto Green or above. After 7 days apply for the upgrade and then redeem the upgraded package.14.PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU WANT TO SPEND OVER $5000 IT IS CONSIDEREDANINTERNATIONAL PURCHASE. BUT YOU OR YOUR REFERRER WILL HAVE TO CONTACT THE UKRESELLER FOR BANNERS BROKER, IAN DRISCOLL, TO DO THIS. IAN‟S SKYPE NAME IS EPIANN. Hisother contact details are:Operations:The Office 19 Bar House Lane KeighleyWest Yorkshire BD20 6HAPhone:01535 210 649Mobile:07968 006 296BUYING A PACKAGE OF PANELS:15. First, you need to log-in.
  4. 4. 16.Then go to the tab that says “E-wallet”. The drop down menu says “Fund E-wallet”. Use thein house processor option as this is immediate. BB will log you out as a security precaution soyou will have to log back in.17.If you want the Green package then fund the E-Wallet with $415. Even though you can’tbuy a Green package right away its easier to put all the money in the E-wallet and then buy theBlue package then upgrade. Please note that 20% vat and a 5% admin fee are charged on top ofthis figure. Green would actually cost $529.18.UK Vat is only charged when buying for the first time or whenever you put new money intoyour E-wallet. When money builds in your E-wallet that money is not subject to VAT whenyoupurchase more panels. Other countries may or may not have a VAT charge.19.Once the money is in your E-wallet you go to the “Purchase” tab and the drop down menushows “Purchase Packages”. Whenyou click on that you will see the options to buy. You haveto begin with a „Blue Package‟ or lessfor the first 7 days (only if you are in the UK). But you canupgrade after the 7 days are up. There is an UPGRADE tab under the ACCOUNTS tab when youlog-in and it is extremely easy to do this. As per point 13.20. To pay for the Blue package you enter a“Qty” of 1. Click next.21.Once your package has been purchased you need to go to the tab” MANAGE INVENTORY”and the drop down menu will say “VIEW PACKAGES PURCHASED”. Click on that. See imagebelow.22.You will see the a blue box that says “ ACTIVATE”. Click this to open up and activate your panels. YOU HAVE STARTED! YOUR BUSINESS IS NOW UPAND RUNNING! CONGRATULATIONS23.To see your panels each day, go to the tab MANAGE INVENTORY again and the drop downmenu shows “view panels”. This also opens up another menu to choose which color panel youwant to see, etc. Here’s an image. Play around with this to get used to it.
  5. 5. ACTIVATING YOUR PANELS:24.Panels need to be activated with something BB call TRAFFIC HITS! This is like the fuel to movethe panels so they make money. It’s like buying acar. Just because you bought it doesn’t mean it will move. You need to put petrol into it to makeit move. So traffic hits are like the fuel needed to drive the panels. (TRAFFIC QUANTITIES NEEDEDFOR EACH PANEL ARE DETAILEDFURTHER ON DOWN!).25.If you still don’t grasp this idea of Traffic Hits think of it like a points system. You need somany points to activate your panels. Technically, BB are “driving” traffic to your panels to getthem to complete and make you money!26. But you will be extremely happy to know that the first purchase of A PACKAGE OF PANELScomes with FREE or COMPLIMENTARY TRAFFIC HITS to QUALIFY or activate them so theyincrease in value TWO TIMES! You will notice the word COMPLIMENTARY on your panels.That’s complimentary or free traffic so that you panels will activate or as BB say “QUALIFY”!27.This image shows that the panel has been activated with complimentary traffic given by BB toget us started. It says “Panel Qualified Complimentary”
  6. 6. 29.To get your panels to QUALIFY or activate for a 3rd, 4th time and from now on YOU NEE30.First, if you refer people below you who sign up and purchase a package, BB will give you“Sales Credit Traffic Hits”. We just call them Sales Credits. BB will give you up to half the value ofthe panel that the person bought under you. For Example: A Yellow panel needs 5,000 traffichits. BB will give you 2,500 traffic ! hits if your referral buys a Yellow panel below you. Thatmeans 2 sales of Yellow panels directly below you will give you 5000 traffic hits which is enoughto activate one Yellow panel of yours. Here‟s an image of one Yellow panel waiting to be“Qualified” with traffic!!
  7. 7. 31.PLEASE NOTE : THAT IF YOUR REFERRAL HAS A LOT OF PANELS QUALIFIED YOU WILLGET ALOT OF SALES CREDITS TO ACTIVATE YOUR PANELS! AS THEIR PANEL NUMBERSGROW SO DOYOUR SALES CREDITS!32. Secondly, you can buy traffic hits Called “Traffic Packs” at $50 each which gives you 50,000Traffic Hits. They will give you 50,000 more, complimentary, making it 100,000 if you areapplying to your Publishing panels rather than using them for your own personal advertisingcampaigns.33. Once you have the Traffic all you need to do is click the square on the right of the panel thatsays: ”Qualify Panel Traffic Required”. BB will do the rest. If you have sales credit traffic that willbe used up first. If you had to buy traffic then that will be used as the second choice.34.To see what traffic you have hit the tab that says “Traffic Bank” As you can see in this image,where it says “traffic available for each panel” over the colored panels, this is where you salescredit traffic tally is recorded. The image below shows Green and Blue Sales Credits. In the Boxthat says “General Traffic”, this is the tally for Traffic you have bought using $50traffic packs. Thisbox has 75,000 traffic hits left.
  8. 8. 35.HERE‟S THE APPROX LENGTH OF TIME PANELS TAKE TO COMPLETE OR AS BB SAY: “REACH ITSTRAFFIC CAP”! THEY MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!IT IS EXTEMELY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THESE AMOUNTS AS IT HELPS YOU CALCULATEANDMANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT BETTER!Yellow 4-5 weeks,Purple 5-6 weeksBlue 6-7 weeksGreen 7-8 weeksRed 12-14 weeksBlack 30-34 weeksPlease note that for the first two times, your package panels take TWICE as long as statedabove:The exception seems to be the yellow panel that completes quite quickly.FIRST TIME TAKES:PACKAGE Yellow 1/2weeks- Possibly less!PACKAGE Purple 10-12 weeksPACKAGE Blue 12-14 weeksPACKAGE Green 14-16 weeks
  9. 9. PACKAGE Red 20-22 weeksPACKAGE Black 60-68 weeksSECOND TIME OF COURSE IS THE SAME TIME PERIOD AGAIN.THE THIRD AND FROMTHEN ON FOLLOWS THE FIRST SET OF WEEKS MENTIONED ABOVE.It HAS to be remembered that the figures above are based on past performance and are notindicative or predictions as to what WILL happen with your panels. Your panels complete as andwhen they receive traffic to your publisher site –the more traffic your site receives the quicker your panels will complete.It’s perfectly normal for two panels purchased and qualified at the same time to complete atdifferent times. Please remember this:** Panel speed is based on the level of traffic to yourpublisher sites **If your panels have not moved for more than a week, raise a ticket.Comments in the support rooms of ‘my panels are moving slow’ will be ignored.MORE ON PANELS!36. Let’s take a Green panel as an example. It costs $270 to purchase. When it reaches its trafficcap it will have made $540. This amount goes straight into your E-wallet and immediately BB willrepurchase back a Green panel ready to be activated once again with traffic to make you afurther $270 in approx. 8 weeks (see above disclaimer). This E-wallet show that Purple panelscompleted and BB deposited $60 each then re-purchased another Purple back at $30.
  10. 10. 37.Look at the image of the panel below. On the right hand side you will notice there is a50%and 100% setting. This is a re-purchase setting. This panel is set at 50%. That means 50% ofthe money that went into the E-wallet will be used to repurchase another panel! This panelisBlue which costs $90. It will put $180 into the E-wallet and the automatic re-purchasesystemwill buy you back a new Blue panel for you to qualify again! That leaves $90 profit in yourE-wallet!38.BB set your package panels at 100% the first time they are activated. The image belowshowsan example of this setting
  11. 11. 39.They do this so that when the panels complete, 2 more are purchased with the money made.If you started with a Green package (1 Yellow, Purple, Blue and Green Panel Worth$400) thenthe first time they complete 2 of every color are bought. 100% of the money that went into theE-wallet is used to buy more panels. Suddenly your BB inventory space that you can make moneyon has now increased 2 fold= 2 Yellow, 2 Purple, 2 Blue and 2 Green Panels). Your Green packageof panels worth $400 is now worth $800. BB will qualify all these panels with complimentarytraffic so that when these 2 sets of panels complete $1600 goes into your E-wallet and then $800is used to re-purchase 2 of each panel again. You now have $800 worth of PUBLISHINGINVENTORY ready to make you a profit! This means you have produced $800of revenue in cash!40. The “comp 2” that you see on your panel or “comp 1” show if it’s the first or secondcomplementary traffic stage for your panels. This shows one of 2 panels with the “comp2” andmeans the first panel completed and now the 2 new panels are onto their second helping ofcomplementary traffic!41. The above information leads me to the KEY point that you need to grasp when itcomes toincreasing your BB profit. THE MORE PANELS YOU OWN THE MORE PROFIT YOU MAKE. ONCEYOU OWN $2000 WORTH OF PANELS YOU WILL MAKE PROFITSOF EITHER $2000, IF ALLACTIVATED WITH SALES CREDITS OR $1500 IF ALL ACTIVATED WITH BOUGHT TRAFFIC OVER A 4TO 30 WEEK PERIOD!42.Use some of your profits to buy more and more panels and increase the amount ofPUBLISHING INVENTORY you have in BB.THE MORE PANELS THE MORE PROFIT!
  12. 12. 43.Panels can be transferred to other BB members. You only need their username: There isatransfer button on the panels: See image.44.You can transfer an unqualified panel or buy a package and transfer that too. Useful when hel45.Your panels are time stamped from the day of purchase. When a Yellow panel is purchasedbyyou directly from your E-wallet or by BB, as in re-purchased, that panel is stamped with thedateof purchase. If it takes two weeks to come up with traffic hits to qualify/activate this panelBB willstill count the time of purchase as the start time and take those two weeks intoconsideration. A$10 Yellow panel takes 4 weeks to complete. If it takes you 2 weeks to get itactivated it shouldonly take a further 2 weeks to complete. This image shows a large gapbetween purchase dateand the date it was qualified by traffic! (See again point 35 on timings)ping a family member setup in BB.
  13. 13. 46. Roll ups: BB has an automatic system in place that joins or rolls up three of your panel’s tomake the next color up. So three Yellows worth $10 each can roll up to make one Purpleworth$30. If you have 6 or more panels sitting waiting for traffic to get them activated then thisautomatic rollup will occur. BB will take three of them and roll them up. If you had 9 BB will takesix and so on. You want to aim to have only 5 panels with the same purchase date as they shouldcomplete together. That way you may avoid this happening. * BB gives you a week grace periodbefore automatically rolling up.47. WHY WOULD THIS BENEFIT YOU: It has to do with the number of weeks it takes for thesepanels to make you money! Yellow panels take 4 weeks to complete and Green takes 7/8approx.27 Yellow panels will make you $270 in 4 weeks or less. One Green panel makes $270in 7 weeks.The more Yellows, Purples, Blues and lower level panels you can keep active and not rolling upmeans money arriving more quickly.48.Traffic boosters: Traffic boosters make your panels complete 20% faster. You can seethe tabfor this on your panels. Here is an image.49.It is best used on Red or Black panels but nothing lower. It‟s not really worth it on theothers. It would take approx. 6 weeks off the Black Panel and 2 off the Red! Ifsomeonepurchases a traffic booster below you then you receive 10% commission which goesinto yourE-wallet! See image below
  14. 14. INFO ON TRAFFIC50. TRAFFIC HITS REQUIRED FOR EACH PANEL: Everything goes up in THREES! Retain to memoryif possible.YELLOW - 5,000-PURPLE -15,000-BLUE -45,000-GREEN -135,000-RED -405,000-BLACK -1,215,00051.When a referral of yours purchases a PACKAGE you receive the sales credit traffic hitsimmediately.52.When the referral’s panels qualify for a second time with complimentary Traffic youDONOT receive any Traffic Hits.53.When they qualify the panels every time after this you will only receive the traffic when thepanel finishes not when the panels are qualified or activated.54.So you will not see sales credits again from your new referrals for many weeks after they havestarted. It will come from their Yellow panels first as they are the first to complete.(PLEASE NOTE
  15. 15. THAT OFTEN THE YELLOW PANELS FINISH QUICKLY BUT THERE ARE NOGUARANTEES) ThenPurple, Blue, Green, etc. But remember they have at least 2 panels to activate now and you needa minimum of two activated panels below you to give you sales credits to activate one of yours.55. This makes the start of the runway a bit long to get sales credit traffic hits off the ground andsupporting you in activating your panels. That’s why plenty of referrals are beneficial.Rather than just 2 or 3 if you got 8 or 10 immediately under you then you will have a nice storeof Sales Credits to use.56. But never forget that you always have the option of buying traffic hits. Yes, you have to useup money in the E-wallet that you have made but you do want your panels to keep unrolling andbe activated and making you money. The simplicity of it is this: $50 worth of traffic hits boughtwill activate $200 worth of panels thus making you a profit of $150 - ($200 minus the $50 traffichits pack= $150). Show me something else where you know you can get those odds.57.There is a button on your panels that says LOCK: See image:58.Locking a panel means you are going to keep it and not transfer it to another account. Itmeans you can release the sales credit to your referral above, providing it is a purchased panel. Ifthat happens to be family members then you are more than likely to do this as it helps themqualify their panels more quickly. You need to press the button first before you qualify it as youcan’t lock it afterwards.
  16. 16. 59.There are exceptions to the above: Re-purchased Panels can’t release the Sales Credits. If apanel is newly purchased out of the E-wallet then it can be locked and release Sales Credits. If 3panels roll into a new one then that Panel can be locked and release will happen.** Do not lock panels just for the sake of it. It is more beneficial to your inviter if you roll upthree unlocked panels. **60.The bigger the amount of money one of your referrals starts with means he will want to buyindividual panels and activate them immediately with bought traffic hits, then the more SalesCredits you will see faster and more often! For Example: He could buy a Red package at$1225. Atthe same time he could buy 4 more Yellows, Purples, Blues and Greens and activate theseimmediately using purchased traffic. You get the sales credits for the package of panelsimmediately.61.If you buy traffic hits at $50 for one pack you are then committed to buying that every singlemonth from here on out. If you are on a $15 subscription then you can only buy one per month.If you want to buy more than one per month (and are thus committed to that amount everymonth) then you have to upgrade your subscription to $100 per month. This gives BB futureprediction as they need to be ahead of the game and hence this rule.62.If you cancel your Traffic Pack subscription you are penalized heavily. You lose all yoursalescredits and all the complimentary 50,000 traffic hits you got for the previous traffic packsand you can‟t buy any more traffic packs for 6 months. So please judge their use wisely! Yourtraffic bank will also go into debit if you have already used the50,000 complementary hits,requiring you to purchase the required number of traffic packs torectify the deficit.63.One bought traffic pack at $50 will activate $200 worth of panels thus giving you a profit of$150 in cash, plus $200 in new panels.64.When you buy a traffic pack for $50 the person that referred you gets $5 or 10% of the$50sent to his E-wallet. Here‟s an image from an E-wallet to show that:
  17. 17. SIGNING UP REFERRALS65.To increase your SALES CREDITS you need to sign up new referrals and also help yourcurrentreferrals expand the number of panels they own and qualify.66.Once you grasp how BB works you will find it easier to tell them. Use the following linkstoshow them how it works:67.This is a presentation by Ian to review and use to promoteBB JAN 11TH68.This 7 minute presentation link was created by two BB members like us and they havegiventhe OK to use. When a person watches it they are directed to sign up for a free account.So addyour user name at the end and it will take them straight to your signup page if theydecide to doit. This is the link to Ian Driscoll‟s live webinars which are normally on a Tuesday night 8pm UKtime. Sign in at 7.35/40 as it‟s usually packed. 70. To get business cards with the QR code BB members Approx. £95for 250 but they are of the best quality.71.To sign-up someone else up for a free account/website you need to send link. Just tell them to click on the word signup on thetopright hand corner. Copy and paste the following info to them with the link you have sentsothey know what to do on the sign-up page.
  18. 18. BB will ask you for the following details:First Name, Surname, email address, password, phonenumber, country that you livein and Username (this is the name that will go at the end . Please be aware that you cannot change this so choosewisely. It canbe related to what banners broker does. Here are some ideas of usernames people have used:impressions, webadverts, onlineads1, bassclm,Pauline, consultant, impressions, rosylee, tricky,etc.). Once you have done thisPLEASE, PLEASE write down your username, and password aspeople forget it andcause themselves a problem. The next step will be to read terms andconditionsCAREFULLY then click sign-up and you have your very own BannersBrokeraccount/website to send to other people to sign up under you (if you wish).Basically itlooks like a website and people can read a lot of things on there andwatch videos. But it is alsoyour account and you have to LOG-IN and there you canbuy what you need to get started pluswatch your business grow.HOW TO EXPAND YOUR PROFITS!73. OK , NOW HERE‟S WHERE YOU NEED TO BE A MATHEMATICIAN!The more panels you own the more money you are going to make. If you had up to$10,000worth of panels (which you can build up to from your first small package), and thesepanels areall activated withsales credit traffic hits then they will make you a profit of $10,000 into yourE-wallet and $10,000in Panels ready to be activated between 4 and 30 weeks.THEN you could use $5000 of that profitin the E-wallet to buy and activate more panels so thatyou have $15,000 worth of panels. Oncequalified your profit bumps up to $15,000 and thevalue of the inventory also $15,000 all ready togo again. PANELS=PROFIT! The more panelsyou have active means the more profit over a 30week period. Decide what your financial goalis and aim to reach that as soon as possible with BBPLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A RESTRICTION ON QUANTITIES OF PANELS YOU ARE ALLOWED TOQUALIFY USING BOUGHT TRAFFIC.YOU ARE RESTRICTED BY SOMETHINGCALLED THE MACRO 2:1.THE MACRO 2:1 SYSTEM- Related only to qualifying panels with Bought TrafficPacks74.MACRO 2:1 SYSTEM- to prevent someone coming into BB and only purchasing 100s of Yellowpanels and activating them with BOUGHT Traffic, as they complete the fastest, BB put ina ratioof how many panels you can qualify this way. SO THIS IS ONLY TO DO WITHQUALIFYING WITHBOUGHT TRAFFIC ONLY!75.The first allowance is 5 of everything up to red (but with this 2:1 ratio). Black is unlimited.
  19. 19. 76. You start like this (PLEASE see my table below): Also more written explanation below.FIRST ALLOWANCE ON THE MACRO RATIO BEFORE BLACK PANELS ARE NEEDED!First allowance First allowance First allowance First allowance First allowance5 5 5 5 5Plus 10 Qualify 5 Purpleplus 10 Qualify 5 BluesPlus 20 Qualify 10 Purpleplus 10 Qualify 5 GreensPlus 20 Qualify 10 BluePlus 40 Qualify 20 Purpleplus 10 Qualify 5 RedsPlus 20 Qualify 10 GreenPlus 40 Qualify 20 BluePlus 80 Qualify 40 PurpleOnce these allowances have been used up then Blacks need to be bought or rolledup from thepanels below! Use three of the unqualified Reds!77.WHEN THE ALLOWANCE FINISH BLACKS NEED TO BE BOUGHT SO THE RATIO CHANGESTOTHE FOLLOWING:1 QUALIFIED BLACK ALLOWS2 REDS TO QUALIFY,2 QUALIFIED REDS ALLOWS4 GREENS, 4 QUALIFIED GREENS ALLOWS8 BLUES. 8 QUALIFIED BLUES ALLOWS16PURPLES, 16 QUALIFIED PURPLESALLOWS 32 YELLOWS. It goes from Black DOWN to Red then Green and so on, once you haveused up the allowance above. This image shows what the Macro ratio 2:1 looks like withvarying amounts of Black panels. Black panel purchasing is unlimited
  20. 20. Macro 2:1 ratio 32 16 8 4 2 1 64 32 18 8 6 2 96 48 24 12 4 3 128 64 32 16 8 4 160 80 40 20 10 5 192 96 48 24 12 678.The image below is taken of the allowance of panels. No Red or Blacks are active butshowsthe first allowance of 5 each before a Black is needed. This account has used up all of itsPurpleallowance which has boosted the Yellow‟s allowance. Blue is almost finished too. So to get more Purples activated one needs moreBlues. To get a Blue activate one needs to activateGreen. If 1 Green gets qualified the allowancegoes up for the Blue by 2 more! If these Bluescan be qualified it increases the allowance of thePurple panels and allows 4 to be activatedwith BOUGHT traffic.Remember that you can activate as many panels as you want if you have the sales credits. Thereare no restrictions.79.Once the fifth Red has been qualified you cannot activate any more unless you have a Black!Let‟s say the 5 reds are sitting there unqualified because you used up the quota. Just rollupthree reds and make a black. Then the 2 reds you have can be qualified immediately withBOUGHT traffic as it‟s a 2:1 ratio- 1 Black allows two Red, which allows 4 Green, once Greensarequalified allows 8 Blue, which allows 16 Purple, which allows 32 Yellows. So the 2:1 ratiostarts tore-work again but from the Black down to the Yellow. That means that once youactivate a Black,at that point you have an allowance to activate 2 Reds. If you want more than2 Reds you need toactivate more Blacks. When you activate two Reds it gives an allowance forGreen. So work fromBlack down!
  21. 21. 80.If you used up your 32 yellow quota in 4 weeks you can‟t activate any more unless anotherBlack is activated and all other colors down the line to Purple thus allowing you thoseYellowsagain. If the Yellows are unqualified they will roll up to higher colors and could cause adominoeffect on all the other colors of panels sitting there unqualified and thus end up makingyou a Black anyway. That‟s the good thing about rolling up panels. How many Blacks you haveactive determine all the other colors regarding qualifying with BOUGHT traffic!81.Once any Black completes (approx. 30 weeks) and is qualified again it immediately allows2Reds and so on…If you have 10 Blacks then the figures are amazing further on down theline.The number of qualified colors above determines the amount of colors below that canbeactivated with BOUGHT trafficYOUR PANELS ALSO REPRESENT PERSONAL ADVERTISINGSPACE!82.Your purchase of a package was actually a COMBINATION PACKAGE. It means you not onlyget publisher space to make a profit on you are given ADVERTISING IMPRESSIONS. An impressionis what your advert leaves on a person’s mind as they sweep their eyes over the website theyjust visited. They might or might not click on it. When one buys a package of impressions one isreally paying for the amount of visitors the site gets. If 2000 visit a site that day you use up 2000of your impressions. For every $10 spent on panels that are then activated you receive 1000impressions. This package is called an AD-PUB COMBO package and it is what you want all yourreferrals purchasing!83.You can of course use these impressions to promote you BB business and help get your ownreferrals from anywhere in the world. BB even gives you your own banner advert. See image!
  22. 22. 84.You are allowed 10 businesses to promote but only 3 at any one time. No gambling orpornography ads are accepted.85.Once you activate your panels you will see a button that says: “Get impressions”. See image:86. Click on this and they will be stored in your impressions bank under the Campaigns tab.Thereis a video tutorial there to show you how to use them.87.HERE ARE THE AMOUNTS OF IMPRESSIONS YOU GET ON EVERY PANEL YOU ACTIVATE:Noticeit goes up in threes!YELLOW 1000PURPLE 3000BLUE 9000GREEN 27,000RED 81,000BLACK 243,000OTHER VERY KEY AND USEFUL INFO89.Liquidating funds is very simple. Just click liquidate funds in you E-wallet! Make sure you havealready added your bank or Credit Card details in the “Accounts” tab and it will take 10 businessdays or more depending on your subscription level. There is a $15 fee to do thistransactionwhich is taken from the figure you withdraw. So if you want $1000 they will put $985 into your
  23. 23. bank account! You can also purchase a “Pay As You Go Credit Card” through BB. You can put upto $50,000 a year on it.90. Other things you get paid for.Apart from, Traffic packs, Traffic boosters and Promo121all at 10% you also get 10% commissionon anyone or any business just buying advertising fortheir business. Maybe a hotel wants to getadvertising and will use BB rather than Google ads. You will get 10% commission paid into yourE-wallet on what they purchase. They just sign up for a free account anyway and then click theAdvertising not the Ad-Pub Combo package boxwhen they log-in. Also if someone you knowwants to be a publisher for BB. You earn 10% of what they make!Hoorah! I like these generous BB Boys!91.Get onto Facebook and friend me. After you join my team in Banners Broker you will get accessto our Secret Agent Group on FB.92.If you want to learn more about Banners Broker they have a LIVE training every day. Just log-in to your free BB account. The webinar listing and times are on the left.93.HERE IS THE MAIN REASON BB WOULD LIKE US TO GET REFERRALS: Well thepunch line is that they want to build a MASSIVE subscription list. WHY you may ask? Ithas todo with future expansion. FIRSTLY it is good to understand some things about this businessof online advertising: For example businesses like Twitter, Google and Facebook have amassivesubscription list. They got theirs through offering a free service. They have access to allthesepeople sitting at their computers so they can directly promote a product to them andaremaking a fortune which they keep all to themselves. They have created what is called anADVERTISING PLATFORM! BB want to build their own advertising platforms but will sharetheprofits.I hope this guide has helped you understand Banners Broker better. If you haven‟tsigned upfor a FREE account with Banners Broker and you would like to so, just click the linkprovided:If you have questions after reading this BB Secret Agent Guide,then contact me directly.EMAIL:hakimposte87@gmail.comIf you are not one of my referrals please feel free to use this training manual.Good luck with your BB Journey!