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Technical manager/executive with broad and deep experience in high-tech systems development for defense, homeland security, commercial and telecommunications applications. Has MSEE , BS in Physics and 20+ years of experience. Able to go hands-on in system design and software with extensive skills in systems, networks (data and telecom), wireless and real-time embedded software, firmware and hardware development. Has built start-up organizations and has managed large development organizations. Understands and has defined and implemented formal life-cycle processes ensuring quality of products as well as meeting industry regulatory requirements. Products delivered include wireless mesh-based surveillance products, video codec systems, integrated network edge voice, data, and digital video access platforms, interactive digital video systems, control systems for facility automation and energy management and embedded 1553B bus weapons systems. Holds three patents with more in process.

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Mark Cromwell Engineering Executive resume

  1. 1. Mark Cromwell Engineering ExecutiveQualifications and Experience
  2. 2. Summary of QualificationsProven engineering leader with a record of bringing complextechnology products from concept through deployment. Broadtechnology background and demonstrated ability to be effectiveinteracting with all levels of both large and small organizations. • Embedded systems, • Understands lifecycle software, hardware processes • Cross-functional teaming • Entrepreneurial and • Wireless, video, telecom, innovative defense • Project/Program • International customers and management teams • Attitude and Integrity
  3. 3. Professional Experience Summary Software Hardware Networks Wireless Home-land Digital Telecom (C,Java, (procs, Defense Com-mercial (TDM, ATM, (802.11 Mgmt Security Video Products Linux, FPGA, DSP, IP) g,n.s) RTOS…) …)AgileMeshAmbradoLowtech SysXaltedCelerity SysDSCAMF Ctrl SysMostekChryslerGeneral Dyn
  4. 4. Mark Cromwell - Experience Details AgileMesh, Richardson, TX Co-founder, CTO, VP Engineering• Conceived, designed and built two generations of rapidly deployable mesh and cellular wireless video surveillance and intelligence products – H.264 and MJPEG video CODECs – $6M in sales, to date – C and Linux on TI DaVinci (DSP,ARM9)• Used in municipal venues and local and Federal law enforcement and military – SWAT teams – Major sporting event security – Cabinet-level VIP protection.• Filed five patent applications covering wireless mesh-based video surveillance and video IP routing• Designed, built and coded power management ancillary products – C on Microchip Pic processors.• Recruited and led highly qualified engineering team of hardware and software engineers that built and fielded finished products within 12 months
  5. 5. Mark Cromwell - Experience Details Ambrado, Richardson, TX VP Engineering• Led team of 30 hardware, firmware and software engineers (10 of these in India) – HD video encoding and decoding platforms.• Developed and delivered broadcast quality High Definition video codec systems – MPEG2 – DV, DVCPro, and DV25 – H.264• Transitioned products to international manufacture, delivery and deployment of video systems.
  6. 6. Mark Cromwell - Experience Details Xalted Networks, Plano, TX VP Engineering and CTO• Developed business plan, sought and obtained funding, designed and documented the system architecture, hired and organized more than 80% of the company employees and contractors (140 at peak).• Designed and built a carrier-class, voice, data and digital video access platform which includes: – OC-48 SONET, DS1, DS3, ADSL, POTS interfaces – Distributed, scalable, environmentally hardened and survivable architecture – TDM, ATM, IP switching and routing mechanism – Element Management System – Used DSP, FPGA and leading edge microprocessors and network processors – Eleven major PC-board designs and 500,000 lines of C++ and Java code• Seven patent applications filed.• Defined and installed development processes (scaled for a startup organization) which resulted in full configuration control and documentation of the designs.
  7. 7. Mark Cromwell - Experience Details Celerity Systems, Knoxville, TN VP Engineering• Deployed interactive digital video systems in Korea, Taiwan, Israel and China. Designs used: – ATM – SONET OC-3 – ADSL, VDSL• Doubled the effective capacity of the video server by improving the design of the high-speed SSA system backplane• Directed design and development of an interactive digital video and high speed Internet set-top box – ATM – Ethernet – IrDA – RF power-line carrier (CEBus and X-10), MPEG• Installed configuration management, development processes, formal testing
  8. 8. Mark Cromwell - Experience Details DSC Communications (now Alcatel/Lucent) VP Engineering• Led up to 170 engineers developing software, firmware, and hardware for nine major telecom product lines• Defined and implemented processes that achieved – ISO-9000 certification – Bellcore CSQP (Customer/Supplier Quality Process) recognition• Developed the North American and Japanese versions of the DEX CS 3/1/0 cross-connect product line – Became the market leader – More than $1B in revenue – 75% market share.
  9. 9. Mark Cromwell - Experience Details Other Positions• LowTech Systems, Plano, TX - Founder and President – Battery and capacitor powered portable LED lighting systems• AMF Control Systems, Dallas, TX - Product Manager, Engineering Leader – SCADA and energy management systems design• Mostek Corp., Carrollton, TX - Sr. Software Design Engineer – Multiprocessor computer system design• Chrysler Corp. Electronics Division, Huntsville, AL – Systems Analyst – M1 Main Battle Tank – design of integrated data system• General Dynamics, Fort Worth, TX – Aerosystems Engineer – Real-time weapons systems simulation
  10. 10. Mark Cromwell - Education• Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, M.S. Electrical Engineering 1980 (with honors). Computer design and computer science• The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, B.S. Physics 1974 (with honors). Minor in math. National Merit Scholarship
  11. 11. Mark Cromwell - Patents• Distributed Digital Cross-Connect System and Method – Patents 6,198,720 and 7,110,353• Video Node for Wireless Mesh Network – Patent 7,835,331• Router/Switch Architecture – Patent Application filed and in process• Surveillance Apparatus and Method for Wireless Mesh Network - Patent Application filed and in process• Self-Configuring IP Video Router - Patent Application filed and in process• Multiple Networking patents applications filed – due to companies’ exit, no longer being pursued
  12. 12. Contact Information• Phone (469) 441-7996• Email