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Grande format overview 1209 margie lewis
Grande format overview 1209 margie lewis
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Grande format overview 1209 margie lewis


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We’re offering oversized versions of 6 brand new designs and 1 current design,with some reaching as high as eight feet! Grande Format designs include everything from modern to whimsical, so take a …

We’re offering oversized versions of 6 brand new designs and 1 current design,with some reaching as high as eight feet! Grande Format designs include everything from modern to whimsical, so take a look at our offering today and order your favorites!

Published in: Design
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  • 1. ©2010 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Grande Format Overview_1209Grande FormatOverviewWhat if Uppercase Living vinyl designs were availableat nearly double the size? Now it’s a reality, through ourGrande Format product line! We’re offering oversizedversions of 6 brand new designs and 1 current design,with some reaching as high as eight feet! Every designcomes in our traditional solid-color vinyl so customerscan create a bold visual statement on any large surface—without the mess and hassle of paint.applying grandeformat expressionsEvery Grande Format design arrives with numberedparts, so customers can easily piece them togetherand apply them to their surface. We’ve simplified theprocess even further by including simple yet detailedapplication instructions for Grande Format expressionsin the application instruction pamphlet inserted ineach order. You can find these same instructionsbelow, so you can more adequately answer customers’questions on the Grande Format application process: 1 Find a Partner Because of the size of Grande Format Expressions,we recommend finding at least one other personto help you with the application process. 2 Lay Out Your Expression Using the floor or another large surface, layout each vinyl sheet that came with your Grande Format order. Confirm that you havereceived all the segments necessary to completeyour expression. 3 Cut Out Each Segment Cut out the separate segments of yourexpression, leaving about 1 of space aroundeach one. If multiple segments are includedon a single vinyl sheet, they will be separatedvisually by thin divider lines. These lines aremerely reference marks to help you differentiatebetween segments. 4 Tape Segments onto Your Surface Using painter’s or masking tape, tape eachsegment to your surface in the location youplan to apply it. 5 Locate the Registration Marks Determine Your Beginning Segment Each segment of your design includes a setof diamond-shaped registration marks ( ),each of which features a number. Locate thenumbers on each segment, then follow thedirections below. • If your expression has only 2 segments: theregistration marks on both segments willinclude a “1,” and only one piecing will benecessary to complete the expression. Simplyselect the segment that will be easiest toapply first on your selected surface, then thesecond segment will follow.Favorite places to apply Grande Format:• Rooms with vaulted ceilings• Around a large picture window• As a headboard above a bed• In a playroom• On large living or family room wallsGRANDE FORMAT EXPRESSIONSARE EASY TO IDENTIFY.Simply look for the Grande Format icon inour catalogs and on the back label of GrandeFormat expressions.Margie LewisIndependent 639 1338
  • 2. ©2010 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved.Grande Format Overview_1209 2 • If your expression has more than 2 segments:locate the two segments with a “1” in theirregistration marks. You will apply thesesegments first. If your expression needsto align with the base of your surface, startwith that segment of your design first toensure that it is positioned correctly. If yourexpression does not need to align with yoursurface, begin with the piece that is easiestto apply. 6 Apply Your First Segment Place your first segment face up on a flat surface.Using the green UL Transfer Tool included withyour order, rub firmly across the entire surface ofthe segment. Flip the segment over, and slowlyremove the thick backing paper, leaving yourvinyl design adhered to the sticky transfer tape.Have your partner hold the top portion of thesegment away from the surface as you apply thebottom portion. Smooth the vinyl with the palmof your hand until the entire segment is adheredto your surface, then rub your UL Transfer Toolfirmly across the entire expression. Slowlyremove the sticky transfer tape, leaving yourvinyl segment adhered to your surface. 7 Continue Piecing Your Design Together Once your first segment is in place, locatethe next segment with a “1” in its registrationmarks. Rub the expression face-up with yourUL Transfer Tool, and remove the thick backingpaper. Hold the segment where the registrationmarks appear, and have your partner hold theopposite end away from the surface. Line up theregistration marks of this segment directly ontop of the first segment’s marks. Smooth out theentire expression using the palm of your hand,rub it with the UL Transfer Tool, and remove thetransfer tape as indicated in Step 6. Continuethis step with the rest of your segments, liningthem up with their corresponding numbers. 8 Remove Registration Marks Once you’ve applied all the segments of yourdesign, remove the registration marks. Yourexpression is complete!Grande Format designs include everythingfrom modern to whimsical, so take alook at our offering today and encouragecustomers to order their favorites!For a video demonstration on how to apply a Grande FormatExpression, please visit and click“Application Instructions” under the Products tab.For easy Grande Format applicationon glass, use our Mistick™WetApplication Solution.