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Net beans

  1. 1. File Edit View Navigate Debug Run Refactor Source Profile Team Tools Windows Help
  2. 2. Working of Icons • 1st Icon File Icon name • New project (It is use to make a new project) • New file (For creating new file in existing project or outside) • Open project (For opening existing project ) • Close project (for close the current project) • Open file (Open file from pre-written) • Open recent file (Open to recently closed file) • Project group (Creating or selecting groups for adding projects) • Project properties(About the project properties i.e. words, lines, memory.)
  3. 3. •Import project (It is use to import project) Like this…..
  4. 4. • Export project (Save project in different directories) • Save (Save current work for later use) • Save as (Save current work in different file formats) • Save all (Ctrl+shift+S) • Page setup (To set the page size and type) • Print (To print out any file) • Print to html (For save out in a html extension file use this function.) • Exit (Exit from file icon)
  5. 5. • 2nd Icon Edit Icon name • Undo (Ctrl+z..Move Current to previous format/text/change) • Redo (Ctrl+y.. use undo command & you go upward changes then use redo command) • Cut (Ctrl+y.. Move text to other place or line) • Copy (Ctrl+y) • Paste (Ctrl+y) • Pasted formatted (writing format paste) • Paste from history (Ctrl+shift+d) • Delete (for delete) • Select all • Select Identifier (Select method or class name)
  6. 6. • Find Selection (Find in selected area) • Find next (Find word in next line or area) • Find previous (Search word in previous line) • Find (Ctrl+f…Search word in all projects or file) • Replace (Ctrl+h..Change word with other word ) • Find usage (alt+f7.. Find usage of project or file) • Find in projects (Ctrl+shift+f..Search in projects) • Replace in projects( Ctrl+ shift+ h for any changing) • Start macro recording(macro is to record a series of commands for playback at a later time) • Stop macro recording (end recording)
  7. 7. • 3rd icon View (Icon name) • Editors (source,history) • Split (Create editor window more than 1) (vertically,horizontally,clear) • Code folds (Code folding allows collapsing and expanding certain parts of the document) • Ide logs (This function shows IDE usage & working details) • Tool bars (file,clipboard,undo/redo,run,debug,performance, Small toobars icons,reset toolbars,customiz) • Show editor toolbars (This option used for hide/show editor toolbar e.g. history, source, from main window) • Show line numbers (This option shows line number with coding area) • Show non-printable characters (This option show/hide non- printable characters) • Show breadcrumbs(Use when the structure of the website follow strict hierarchical structure of similar formatted content) • Show diff sidebar (This function used for color changing)
  8. 8. • Show versioning table (It’s used for high colors in selected text) • Synchronize editor with views (For automatically view current open file) • Shoe only editor (ctrl+shift+enter) • Full screen (alt+shift+enter) • 4th Icon Navigate (Icon Name) • Go to file (alt+shift+O…For opening & find location of file.) • Go to type(ctrl+O..Find file with type) • Go to symbol(Ctrl+alt+shift+O…Find symbol in file) • Go to spring bean(alt+shift+B…Hyper linking of Java classes and properties mentioned in Spring bean definitions, as well as hyper linking to other Spring bean references) • Go to test/tested class(Ctrl+alt+T…for test a desire class)
  9. 9. • Go to previous document(Using for opening recently closed project/file) • Go to source (Ctrl+shift+B.. Find source any selected class) • Go to declaration (Ctrl+B) • Go to super implementation(Ctrl+shift+P..To merge Eclipse project with net beans use this command) • Inspect (To look at carefully in order to find problems) • Last edit location (Ctrl+Q) • Back (Alt+left) • Forward (Alt+right) • Go to line (Ctrl+G) • Toggle bookmark (Ctrl+shift+M..Save a file link in net beans for easy access) • Bookmark history popup next (Ctrl+shift+period..Check next save links of files & projects.)
  10. 10. • Bookmark history pop up previous (Ctrl+shift+comma..Check previous save links of files & projects) • Next error (Ctrl+period..To jump on next error in file) • Previous error (Ctrl+comma..To jump on previous error in file)S • Select in projects (Ctrl+shift+1..For select item in projects use this command..) • Select in files (Ctrl+shift+2) • Select in previous (Ctrl+shift+3) • 5th Icon Source (Icon name) • Format(alt+shift+f) (This option for source format settings) • Remove trailing spaces(Remove spaces from line)
  11. 11. • Shift left (Alt+shift+Left..Shift word left side with this.) • Shift right (Alt+shift+right..) • Move up (Alt+shift+up) • Move down (Alt+shift+down) • Move code element up(Alt+shift+page up) • Move code element down(Alt+shift+page down) • Duplicate up (Ctrl+shift+up) • Duplicate down (Ctrl+shift+up) • Toggle element (Ctrl+slash) • Complete code (Ctrl+space) • Insert code (Alt+insert)
  12. 12. • Remove surrounding code (Alt+backspace) • Fix code (Alt+enter) • Fix imports (Ctrl+shit+I) • Organize imports (Organize download file) • Organizer member(Organize program element) • Show method parameters (Ctrl+P) • Show documentation (Ctrl+shift+space) • Make controller • Insert next matching word (Ctrl+shift+K) • Insert previous matching word (Ctrl+K) • Inspect • Scan for external changes
  13. 13. • 6th Icon Refactor Icon name • Rename (Ctrl+R) • Remove (Ctrl+M) • Copy • Safely delete (Alt+Delete) • Inline • Change method parameters • Pull up • Push down • Extract interface • Extract super class
  14. 14. • Use super type where possible • Introduce (variable,constant,field,parameter,method,local extension) • Make inner to outer level • Convert anonymous to member • Encapsulate fields • Replace constructor with factory • Replace constructor with builder • Invert Boolean • Inspect and transform
  15. 15. • 7th Icon Run Icon name • Run project (F6) • Test project (alt+F6) • Build project (F11) • Clean and build project (shift+F11) • Set project configuration(Default,customize) • Set main project • Generate javadoc • Run file (Shift+F6) • Test file (Ctrl+F6) • Compile file (F9)
  16. 16. • Check file (Alt+F9) • Validate file (Alt+shift+F9) • Repeat/build run (Ctrl+F11) • Stop/build run • 8th Icon Debug Icon name • Debug project (ctrl+F5) • Debug file (Ctrl+shift+F5) • Debug test file (Ctrl+shift+F6) • Attach debugger • Finish debugger session (Shift+F5) • Pause • Continue (F5)
  17. 17. • Step over(F8) • Step over expression(shift+F8) • Step info(F7) • Step info next method(Shift+F7) • Step out(Ctrl+F7) • Run to cursor(F4) • Apply code changes • Take GUI snapshot • Set current thread • Stack (make callee current Alt page up, make caller current Alt page down, Pop top most call)
  18. 18. • Toggle line break point(Ctrl+F8) • New break point(Ctrl+shift+F8) • New Watch(Ctrl+shift+F7) • Evaluate expression(Ctrl+F9) • Check to dead lock • 9th Icon Profile Icon name • Profile project (Alt+F2) • Profile file • Profile test file • Attach profiler • Rerun profiling session(Ctrl+shift+F2)
  19. 19. • Stop profiling session(Alt+shift+F2) • Reset profiling session(shift+F2) • Run GC(Alt+shift+F2) • Take snapshot of collected results(Ctrl+F2) • Take heap dump • Load snapshot • Load IDE snapshot • Load heap dump • Compare snapshot • Advance commands(run profiler calibration, view command line arguments, display internal statistics)
  20. 20. • 10th Icon Team Icon name • Shelve changes • Git (Clone, Initialize Repository, Repository browser • Mercurial (Initialize Repository, Clone other) • Subversion (Checkout, Import into Repository) • History (Show history, Revert deleted) • Find task • Report task • Create build job • 11th Icon Tools Icon name
  21. 21. • The first option is add to palette….. • The next option is internationalization .four option is appeared in this option • 1:internationalize…. • 2:insert internationalize string…. • 3: internationalization wizard • 4: internationalization test wizard • The next option is Java Platform • • The next option is Net beans Platform • • The next option is Ant variables • • The next option is Ant Libraries • • The next option is servers • • The next option is Cloud providers
  22. 22. • The next option is Templates • • The next option is DTD’s and XML schemas • • The next option is Palette….. there are 2 options • Swing/AWT components • HTML/JSP code clips • The next option is plug-ins…. • • And the last one is Options. The new window will appear, there are 6 options. The first one is
  23. 23. • 12th Icon Widows Icon name • • The first option is PROJECTS, for this the key is • Ctrl+1 • The next option is FILES, for this the key is • Ctrl+2 • The next option is FAVOUROTES, for this the key is • Ctrl+3 • The next option is Services, for this the key is • Ctrl+5 • The next option is ACTION ITEM, for this the key is • Ctrl+6 • The next option is PALETTE, for this the key is • Ctrl+Shift+F8 • The next option is PROPERTIES, for this the key is • Ctrl+Shift+F7
  24. 24. • Versioning: • The two options will appear. The first one is • 1: Subversion • 2: Me curious • OTHER: • 1: Three options will appear • The first one is Exception Reporter • 2: The next option is Java doc. • 3: The next one is Analyze Stack. • WEB: • 1: Two options will appear • The first one is Web Browser Ctrl+shift+W • The first option is Documents, for this the shortcut key is Shift+F4
  25. 25. • The next option is FAVOUROTES, for this the key is Ctrl+3 • The next option is Services, for this the key is Ctrl+5 • The next option is ACTION ITEM, for this the key is • Ctrl+6 • The next option is PALETTE, for this the key is Ctrl+Shift+F8 • The next option is PROPERTIES, for this the key is Ctrl+Shift+F7 • • OUTPUT: • The next option is Output, for this the key is Ctrl+4 • The next option is search result, for this the key is Ctrl+Shift+O • The next option is Find usage result, for this the key is • Alt+Shift+U
  26. 26. • The next option is inspector windows. • The next option is test result. • The next option is Versioning Output • The next option is Refactoring Preview. • The next option is Analyzer. • The next option is Terminal. • Navigate: • Two options will appear. The first one is • Navigate for this the shortcut key is Ctrl+7 • The second option is Bookmark.
  27. 27. • EDITOR: • Two use this command, the short key is Ctrl+O • Configure Window: • Four options will appear, the first one is • 1: Minimize • 2: Maximize • 3: Float group • 4: Dock, for this the shortcut key is Alt+Shift+D • Reset Windows: • The first option is Close window, for this the shortcut key is Ctrl+W • The first option is close all documents, for this the shortcut key is Ctrl+shift+W • The first option is Documents, for this the shortcut key is Shift+F4
  28. 28. • 13th Icon Help Icon name And the last option is help, for this the first command is • Help Contents • Online support and Docs • Keyboard shortcut cards
  29. 29. • Java doc index search, for this the shortcut key is Shift+F7 • The next option is Check for Updates • The next option is Start Page • and the last option is about. • ASSIGNMENT IS COMPLETE……!!!