KQA Cricket Quiz Finals 2013


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KQA Cricket quiz conducted

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KQA Cricket Quiz Finals 2013

  1. 1.  Rounds: List it Written Round Clockwise Written Round II Anti-clockwise LVC
  2. 2. List It Fill in the blanks of this song by Mojo called C’monAussie C’mon. It was used to advertize world series cricket by KerryPacker. Lyrics contains references to Aussie cricketers of thetime. Identify A – J. 5 points for each, bonus of 10 for getting all 10correct.
  3. 3.  A pounding down like a machine, B making divots in the green. C is taking wickets, D is clearing pickets. And the E’s eyes have got that killer gleam. C’mon Aussie C’mon C’mon Aussie C’mon C’mon Aussie C’mon C’mon Aussie C’mon Mr F is playing havoc with the bats. G is good to have you back. H is making runs I is chewing gum. And J is wielding willow like an axe.
  4. 4. Exchange Sheets please
  5. 5.  A – Denis Lillee B – Len Pascoe C – Rodney Marsh D – David Hookes E – Chappell’s F – Max Walker G – Ian Redpath H – Bruce Laird I – Doug Walters J – Gary Gilmour.Song video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qJLi5y2d2w
  6. 6. Stamping their Authority.
  7. 7. Stamping their Authority 5 stamps. 8 answers to be filled up. 5 points for each. A bonus of 10 for getting all 8 correct.
  8. 8. 1. When was this stamp released?
  9. 9. 2. Identify these 4 cricketers
  10. 10. 3. For whose golden jubilee was this stamp released?
  11. 11. 4. Identify the 2 teams involved. (No part points)
  12. 12. 5. Somebody’s centenary. Whose?
  13. 13. Exchange Sheets Please
  14. 14. 1. When was this stamp released?
  15. 15. 1971, celebrating our victories.
  16. 16. 2. Identify these 4 cricketers
  17. 17. CK Nayudu, Vinoo Mankad, Deodhar, Vijay Merchant
  18. 18. 3. For whose golden jubilee was this stamp released?
  19. 19. Jasu Patel
  20. 20. 4. Identify the 2 teams involved. (No part points)
  21. 21. Royal-Thomian rivalry
  22. 22. 5. Somebody’s centenary. Whose?
  23. 23. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  24. 24. Clockwise 15 Questions Infinite Bounce Infinite Pounce +10/-10
  25. 25. If you list South African test cricketers by caps in the order in which each playerwon his Test cap, the list stops with X at 235 in 1969/70.After their readmission to test cricket in 1992-93, the list resumes at 236 withY.Ys only Test appearance was South Africas first Test back in the fold, atBridgetown in 1991-92. He was also a member of the team that went to the1992 World Cup in Australasia and eventually ended up playing only 2 ODIs.He died a month short of his 34th birthday apparently of a rare viralinfection, but 18 months later his body was exhumed and a post mortemsuggested he might have been poisoned.Coincidentally X was still playing cricket when Y made his debut.Id X and Y.1.
  26. 26. <answer slide>
  27. 27. X - John TraicosY - Tertius Bosch
  28. 28. He played 2 tests for Pakistan and is the lesserknown brother of a famous wicket keeper. But hisgreatest claim to fame or notoriety comes in hiscontribution as a substitute fielder. Thatcontroversy along with others ensured a surrealending to a test match, played in front of emptystands. Who?2.
  29. 29. <answer slide>
  30. 30. Nadeem Khan, brother of Moin Khan.His direct throw from deep mid wicket ran out Sachin.Spectators at Eden Gardens felt Shoaib Akhtar wasobstructing the batsman.
  31. 31. •This is Ravi Mammen. He is considered to bethe main man behind a company’saggressive marketing campaign in the 80’s.He died of a heart attack in 1990.•Why in a cricket quiz?3.
  32. 32. <answer slide>
  33. 33. MRF Pace Foundation.•Ravi Mammen was the brain behind the MRF Pace foundationand was instrumental in getting Dennis Lille to be the maincoach.A.
  34. 34. Margaret Thatcher had a fairly controversial reign as thePrime Minister of England. There was a famous piece ofGraffiti in London that said "Thatcher out"The Australian team for the 1989 Ashes had won the seriesand were travelling for the 6th test match at the Oval,London. They came across this graffiti, but it had beenvandalized as "Thatcher out ___ ________" tohighlight (depending on your viewpoint) the ineptness ofthe umpires or as a tribute to the tormentor-in-chief forEngland.What was the addition to the graffiti?4.
  35. 35. <answer slide>
  36. 36. LBW AldermanTerry Alderman had taken almost 50% of his 41wickets as LBW.
  37. 37. •Adreshir _____ was the vice president of a Cricket Club inBombay. His son, a promising cricketer, died in the prime ofhis life.•A proposal was initiated at the time of his death (almost 80years ago from today) and his son is now chiefly rememberedfor this reason.•Why do we remember Adreshir’s son?5.
  38. 38. <answer slide>
  39. 39. Rohinton BariaA proposal was discussed to have an inter-university trophy. The trophyis named after Rohinton Baria.This year, it was jazzed up and had SRK as brand ambassador. JainUniversity, Bangalore are the current champions.
  40. 40. Aftab Habib represented England in 2 tests (against NZin 1999). He scored a total of 26 off 140 balls in the 2tests and never played for England again.In 2005 he was employed by the Taranaki CricketAssociation in NZ and in a game between his NewPlymouth United club and Hawera, he did somethingto "make a stand". Unbelievably, he was later to faceaccusations of bringing the game into disrepute at ahearing carried out by the Taranaki CricketAssociation . Habib said he what he did was wellwithin his rights wrt the laws of cricket.What did he do ?6.
  41. 41. <answer slide>
  42. 42. He retired hurt due to too much sledging from theopposition.
  43. 43. Regarding Xs selection in a test against SA in 2008,Ian Botham described it as"The most illogical, pathetic and diabolical piece of selecting Ive seen. The selectors haveembarrassed English cricket. I want to hear a proper explanation for this, as doEngland fans around the country."Geoffrey Boycott said"This was one of the first big decisions taken by Englands new selection panel, and theygot it badly wrong. They need to admit their mistake and realise that wild hunches areno way to build an international cricket team."Following Englands defeat, captain Michael Vaughan appeared to criticise the selection,saying"It does look a confused selection, but the selection of one person does not lose you aTest."X never played an international game after that. Xs younger brother has had a promisingstart to his career though. Identify both.7.
  44. 44. <answer slide>
  45. 45. Darren Pattinson and James Pattinson.
  46. 46. When England were forced by the Government to cancel the tour arranged forSouth Africa to the United Kingdom in 1970 the authorities at Lordsthrough the Test and County Cricket Board devised a series of five matchesagainst The Rest of the World. At the time the matches were deemed to beTest matches, but that was later revoked.The RoW squad was chosen by F. R. Brown (manager), G. S. Sobers (captain)and L. E. G. Ames (secretary-manager of Kent) and comprised of:From Pakistan: Intikhab Alam, Mushtaq MohammadFrom South Africa: Eddie Barlow, Graeme Pollock, Peter Pollock, Mike Procter,Barry RichardsFrom the West Indies: Lance Gibbs, Rohan Kanhai, Clive Lloyd, DeryckMurray, Garry SobersAustralia and India just had representative each. Identify both.8.
  47. 47. <answer slide>
  48. 48. Graham McKenzie and Farokh Engineer.
  49. 49. •The first floodlit game in England took place in 1980 between Essexand the touring West Indians.Officials toyed with the idea of changing some of the rules, buteventually decided not to tinker and to play to the laws as they stood.Essex lent their mobile scorebox to the ground for this occasion for areason.Where did this game take place?9.
  50. 50. <answer slide>
  51. 51. Stamford Bridge.Officials toyed with the idea of reducing a side-on hit into the stands to two runs becauseof the width of a football field.The elctronic scoreboard could not cope with the complexities of a cricket score.Two days after the game at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea fought out a dull 2-2 draw withWrexham. As the game drew to a close the bored crowd chanted "We want cricket"!A
  52. 52. _________ is a large genus of filamentous fungi widely distributed insoil and in association with plants. Most species are harmlesssaprobes, and are relatively abundant members of the soil microbialcommunity. The name comes from Latin for spindle.Contd..10.
  53. 53. X wrote in The Guardian"This was written up as the ________ Test because the pitch had beeninfected by a fungus following a freak storm a few days earlier. It was damp,entirely grassless and mottled, seemingly perfect conditions for spinbowling.""..from 79 for one I took four wickets, bowling flatter and quicker than usual tomake use of the pitch, and the captain two to reduce them to 98 for seven..""Their second innings began on Saturday morning and after an initial burstfrom Snow and Geoff Arnold we went for spin at both ends. I had a spell offive for 18 in 13 overs either side of lunch and we knocked off the 20 runs weneeded to win shortly after tea."Id X and the blank.
  54. 54. Derek Underwood and Fussarium Test
  55. 55. •X’s first important contribution in a game came in this gameagainst the visiting Pakistanis. He batted at No. 9 in this gameand contributed with 6 wickets.•He improved his batting so much he was asked to open in thegame played at Karachi. Who?Scorecard next slide.11.
  56. 56. Q
  57. 57. <answer slide>
  58. 58. Asif Iqbal•He played for Hyderabad before emigrating to Pakistan.•In 1978 against India, he was asked to open the batting whenPakistan needed about 164 runs in around 25 overs.A
  59. 59. <answer slide>
  60. 60. What is happeninghere?13.
  61. 61. <answer slide>
  62. 62. Geoff Griffin was called by umpires for chucking. Hedecided to complete the over by bowling underarm.He was similar to Muralitharan as a childhoodaccident left him with an unstraightened right arm.A
  63. 63. If this happened in the firstinnings of the test match,what infamous incident(involving one of theplayers pictured here) tookplace in the secondinnings?14.
  64. 64. <answer slide>
  65. 65. Ian Botham apologises to Bob Taylor after running him out in Englands firstinnings against NZ in 1978.That was accidental but in the second innings Botham ran out Geoffrey Boycotton purpose as he was scoring too slowly.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAeFm22xB7Q
  66. 66. Cricketer X’s tweet wasRT’d but for somereason hemisunderstood it andsubsequently sent anabusive DM to theretweeter.Contd..15.
  67. 67. His teammate Y jumped to his rescue with this tweetbut he also did agree that X’s account was indeedgenuine.X then later deleted his Twitter account.Identify X and Y.
  68. 68. <answer slide>
  69. 69. X - Upul Tharanga.Y – Farvez Maharoof
  70. 70. Scores.
  71. 71. Bowlers!+5 for every correct answer.+10 if you get all correct.Written Round II
  72. 72. Exchange sheets.
  73. 73. 1) Matthew Wade2) Sultan Zarawani3) Rodney Marsh4) Alec Stewart5) Merv Hughes, Terry Alderman, MalcolmMarshall, Abdul Qadir.Answers
  74. 74. <answer slide>
  75. 75. 15 QuestionsInfinite BounceInfinite Pounce +10/-10Anticlockwise.
  76. 76. Shujauddin Butt played 19 test matches for Pakistanprimarily as a left arm spinner. He took 20 wicketsin a 19 test career and later became a selector forPakistan. He even played all the test matchesagainst India in 1955. The question is, why did hespend some extra time in India 16 years later?1.
  77. 77. <answer slide>
  78. 78. Prisoner of War.He was a Colonel in the army and was arrestedduring the 1971 Indo-Pak war.
  79. 79. 2.
  80. 80. X on the left is congratulating the batsman Y for aunique feat.This feat has been achieved only 8 times and onlyonce after the batsman in the picture did it.Z came very close to achieving the feat last year.Identify X, Y, Z and the feat
  81. 81. <answer slide>
  82. 82. X - Colin MilburnY - Glenn TurnerZ - Nick ComptonFeat - 1000 runs in a first class season before themonth of May.
  83. 83. •This English player of the 30’s and 40’s played 7 tests withreasonable success. But he is mostly remembered for thisamusing and possibly apocryphal story.•When the player reported to the front desk at the hotel, he wasasked ―Bed Sir‖? Thinking that they thought he was Bedser, thewicketkeeper replied, ―No, X.‖ The receptionist duly directedhim to the first door on the right.•Identify.3.
  84. 84. <answer slide>
  85. 85. Jack Crapp.•Played 7 tests for England after the war. He wasGloucestershire’s first professional captain.A.
  86. 86. •A largely forgettable ODI took place at the West Pac stadiumbetween England and New Zealand at the Westpac stadium in2002.•But why have people ―heard‖ this game?4.
  87. 87. <answer slide>
  88. 88. •Peter Jackson used the noise generated by the spectators in theLOTR: The two towers.A.
  89. 89. •Picture of Leicester’s X andMartin Johnson in 2001.Martin Johnson went on tocaptain the world cupwinning English team in2003.•The guy on the left thoughhas been in the newsrecently and has morearticles on cricinfo ratherthan on scrum.com.•Yaaru?5.
  90. 90. <answer slide>
  91. 91. Pat Howard•He was appointed as the General Manager for TeamPerformance of the Australian Cricket team.•Has faced rampant criticism from ex-cricketers. And played amajor part in the Gang of four exclusion.A.
  92. 92. •In 1946, Vijay Merchant scored a classy 128 and looked like hewould get more. But, he was run out in a very unusual manner.It probably wasn’t a fluke that Merchant was run out in themanner that he was.•Who ran Merchant out and how?6.
  93. 93. <answer slide>
  94. 94. •Dennis Compton.•He used all the skills that made him a winger at Arsenal andkicked the ball onto the stumps from MID-ON.A.
  95. 95. X, a Lords centurion for Cambridge University, had been tipped to playfor his country before being hit by one of his beloved buses while atEton. So when England were stricken by illness before the BombayTest of1963-64, X was asked to stand by. He agreed and cheekily said, "I dontcare if Cowdrey and Parfitt are flying out as replacements. If I make50 or above in either innings, Im damned if Ill stand down forCalcutta."However, Cowdreys future career was saved when at the 11th hour itwas decided that Micky Stewart would play despite illness. Stewartappeared on the scorecard as `Absent ill 0.X?7.
  96. 96. <answer slide>
  97. 97. Henry Blofeld
  98. 98. Identify both.•Abida Sultan and Begum Sajida were sisters. Abida Sultan gaveup her right to the throne of a royal state and opted to go toPakistan. Begum Sajida, who continued to stay in Indiasucceeded her.•Both the sister’s sons have associations with the game. Sajida’sson went on to captain India. Abida’s son went on to head theadministration in Pakistan. Identify both the sons.8.
  99. 99. <answer slide>
  100. 100. •Nawab of Pataudi Jr.•Shahryar KhanA
  101. 101. •X always dreamed of opening the batting for Yorkshire andEngland.•In 1957, Middlesbrough club sent a team to play cricket againstRedcar cricket club. X, came in at no. 6 and scored 4, whereasY, who would later be known for his close association with X,top scored with 31 as Middlesbrough won by a wicket. Nextyear, Y scored 41 and X took 2 for 21 and scored 15 not out toonce again guide his team home to victory.•X represented his country twice but is considered as one of thegreatest coaches of the world.•X and Y?9.
  102. 102. <answer slide>
  103. 103. X - Brian CloughY - Peter TaylorA.
  104. 104. Various theories for why this player bowled with acap on -1. He did not want to show his receding hairline.2. He had more test wickets than hair on his head.Despite all that he was still good enough to take 13wickets against South Africa in what turned out tobe his last test at the age of 44.Who?10.
  105. 105. <answer slide>
  106. 106. Clarrie GrimmettA
  107. 107. Leslie Hylton made his debut on the England tour of the WestIndies in January 1935 in Barbados.A rain-affected surface produced a rather strange game. Englanddeclared at 81/7 in reply to West Indies’ score of 102, andHylton returned flattering figures 3-8 off 7.3 overs. Hyltonended the series with 13 wickets in 4 matches.Hylton did well enough to be chosen for the next tour, whichwas to England in 1939.By that time, however, his bowling had fallen off, and his twogames only yielded a further two wickets at a cost of 55.56runs. Hylton was never chosen again and so he retired andsettled down to life in Jamaica in the civil service.He also is the answer to the question, ―Who is the only testcricketer _________ .‖What’s the question?11.
  108. 108. <answer slide>
  109. 109. Hylton was hanged for the murder of his wife in1955.He is the only Test cricketer known to have beenexecuted.
  110. 110. This began life in Sialkot in 1931, when brothers Dwarkanath and Kedarnath Ananddecided to diversify the family business. By the time World War II broke out, theyhad 250 people working in its unit, and it continued through the war years.In 1947 Dwarkanath’s family is holidaying in the hill resort of Kud in Kashmir whenPakistan and India are officially severed from each other. The family is told not togo back to Sialkot, now in Pakistan, and to move to Amritsar instead.Dwarkanath, who was not on the trip, stayed put in Sialkot, hoping the situationwould resolve quickly. It didn’t and Dwarkanath was asked to move to a refugeecamp.The Anands drifted from Amritsar to Delhi, then to Mathura, and then Agra. ―Wewere refugees in our own country,‖ Anand says. ―It was a horrible abuse word forus—refugees.‖ Finally, in 1950, many industrialist families uprooted from Sialkotmanaged to negotiate space and financial help from the government to re-establish their factories in Meerut,‖What?12.
  111. 111. <answer slide>
  112. 112. Sanspareils Greenlands
  113. 113. •During a game, when England were 164 for 7, Frank Tysonwalked out to bat. He joined his captain Len Hutton. Theywere in pursuit of their opponents first innings total of 200.•Len Hutton is said to have told Tyson ―Stick around for a while,we may not have to bat again.‖ These words ended up beingtrue.•Who were the opponents and how much did they score?13.
  114. 114. <answer slide>
  115. 115. New Zealand, 26 all out.A.
  116. 116. A disciple of Stan McCabe in Mosman club, Sydney, DouglasKeith _____ made his debut at 20 for NSW in 1939, thelast season before the War suspended Sheffield Shieldcricket.In an unofficial four-day Tests against India on the Servicesway home his sequence as opening batsman was 113, 40, 14,0 and 92. He was Captain-coach in Western Australias firstSheffield Shield season but never played Test cricket forAustralia.He is credited with an innovation in the game that is seen eventoday, albeit not very often. This innovation was seen evenearlier this year.What ? And give me his name.14.
  117. 117. <answer slide>
  118. 118. The umbrella field also called the Carmody field afterDouglas Carmody
  119. 119. The title of Greame Swanns autobiography is a pun that references both hiscraft on the cricketing field as well as the unhinged, frank opinions andstories contained in the book. Name it (spelling important)In a similar vein, Richard Blakey, who kept wickets for England in 2 testsand ODIs in the early 90s titled his autobiography _________ .The Independant said this about the title:"No one would judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to a title such asthis one it becomes a little more difficult.There is not merely a temptation to judge the book and its contents on thedouble entendre of the title of Richard Blakeys grande oeuvre, but also theauthors mentality. It is staggering the Yorkshire wicketkeeper was able topersuade the publishers to run with it..."Identify both titles15.
  120. 120. <answer slide>
  121. 121. <answer slide>
  122. 122. Jeff Vaughan.He is the assistant coach of the South Australia T20team. There were two injuries on field that day,hence he came onto the field as substitute andended up taking this catch.
  123. 123. LVC18 slides1st set: +45, -202nd set: +35, -153rd set: +25, -104th set: +15, -55th set: +5, -0
  124. 124. 1. +45, - 20
  125. 125. 2. +35, -15
  126. 126. 3. +25, -10
  127. 127. 4. +15, -5
  128. 128. 5. +5, 0
  129. 129. <answer slide>
  130. 130. Bowlers who have taken a wicket with their first ball in international cricket in ODIs.• GG Arnold• Clive Lloyd• Shahid Mahboob• Shane Thomson• Inzamam-ul-Haq• EZ Matambanadzo• S Ramesh• WW Hinds• Josephat Ababu• Martin van Jaarsveld• M Zondeki• KS Lokuarachchi• R Clarke• FH Edwards• Thilan Thushara• Kevin O’ Brien• Parth Desai• Bhuvanesh Kumar
  131. 131. Stumps.
  132. 132. Tie breaker
  133. 133. •Which English wicketkeeper, nicknamed Badger, has written anautobiography ironically titled ―Keeping Quiet‖?1
  134. 134. Identify the player and the team he is playing for.2.
  135. 135. 3. In 2008, Wisden magazine published an article andspecifically highlighted these 5 cricketers in thearticle – Abdul Qadir, Bishan Bedi, Wes Hall,Inzamam-ul-Haq, Jeff Thomson. What was the subject of the article?
  136. 136. 4 List all 10 fielders with more than 150 test catches. + 1 for a correct
  137. 137. 5. List all bowlers from India who have taken 5 ormore wickets in an innings at Lords.