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Fresher's Sports Quiz 2013 prelims


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Fresher's Sports Quiz 2013 prelims

  1. 1. Quiz Club, IITK presents Fresher’s Sports Quiz prelims In association with Fresher’s Inferno
  2. 2. Quizmasters • Archish Mazumdar • Akshay Sunil Masare • Arnab Biswas • Jatin Vikram Singh
  3. 3. Q1) In 1956 when he was ten, Richard Stokes was taken by his father to the Ashes Test at Old Trafford, and watched X. "I cannot recall all the dismissals," he said, "but I can tell you the crowd was really excited and there was a lot of noise." In 1998, while working in India, businessman Stokes strolled to watch a Test match between India and Pakistan in Delhi - and endured an even noisier day as Y. X and Y are two similar incidents, what are they?
  4. 4. X – Jim Laker , Y – Anil Kumble • Event - Took ten wickets in an innings
  5. 5. Q2) * Shooting ,today, is a popular olympic sport. Most of the shooting events have not been changed over time neither have there been any objections over them. but a certain event that debuted itself in 1900 Paris Olympics has been discontinued after its maiden appearance. The officials at Paris stated that it was simply the messiest event.What was That event?
  6. 6. Live pigeon shooting
  7. 7. Q3) In 2010 FiFa World Cup , Thomas Muller, Wesley Schneider , Diego Forlan And David Villa , these four footballers scored the maximum of 5 goals . But Still one of them got the golden boot . Name the criteria which led to this decision .
  8. 8. Maximum number of assists
  9. 9. Q4) Guess the player …. He was born of parents who belonged to the middle class Italian origin . He had a growth hormone deficiency detected at the age of 11 . Currently he is one amongst the best in his sport. His teammates nicknamed him “The Flea”
  10. 10. Lionel Messi
  11. 11. Q5) During the Fifa World cup qualifiers of 2010 , one of the managers called in for a squad of 78 . This raised a big hue in the media . Can you name the manager and the country to which he belonged ??
  12. 12. Argentina – Diego Maradona
  13. 13. Q6) * Identify
  14. 14. Rufus
  15. 15. Q7) One of the greatest players of all times , X. We all know him for his contribution for cricket . But interestingly he has also played world cup for Football. Can you name X??
  16. 16. Vivian Richards
  17. 17. Q8) One of the greatest sport persons of the decade . He is a left handed player , though he autographs with his right hand . .He ranked first in his sport for a long time . His father owns a glass and window business . Can you now name him ??
  18. 18. Rafael Nadal
  19. 19. Q9) * A 86 year old rivalry between two football clubs resembles closely to OLD FIRM RIVALRY. Interestingly, both clubs share the same home stadium but one team has its fan base in a country X and other in country Y. Name the rivalry.
  20. 20. Kolkata Derby
  21. 21. Q10) The F1 season of 2012 had a remarkable event . There were seven different winners for the first 7 races . The main reason said was that the teams were not able to cope up with the new tyres . Which company was the sole tyre manufacturer in this grand prix . ???
  22. 22. Pirelli
  23. 23. Q11) At the age of 19, He won the 2011 South American Footballer of the Year award, after coming third in 2010. He followed this up by winning it again in 2012. In 2011 He received nominations for the FIFA Ballon d'Or, where he came 10th, and the FIFA Puskás Award , which he won. He is known for his acceleration, speed, dribbling and finishing. His playing style has earned him critical acclaim, with fans, media and former players drawing comparisons to Argentine forward Lionel Messi and former Brazil player Pelé, who has called him "an excellent player".
  24. 24. Neymar
  25. 25. Q12) * He compiled a career singles win-loss record 384-296, winning 16 singles titles to go along with 13 in doubles. He beat the best, including John McEnroe at his peak in 1984 (in the first round in Cincinnati).He had five career wins over Jimmy Connors in their 11 matches.He reached his career high ranking in singles of World No. 16 in July 1980. He has also had a brief acting career, his most notable appearance is probably as an MI6 agent in the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy
  26. 26. Vijay Amritraj
  27. 27. Q13) He was the finest bowler that India could produce . He took 250 wickets within 5 years of his career but suffered a setback because of his knee injury . He did not have enough money to get his surgery . A film actor came up to help him . Can you name the player and the actor ??
  28. 28. Kapil Dev
  29. 29. Q14) * Guess the game …… This game was much famous amongst the noble families . Men as well as women used to play this. The references to this game have been found in the books of Firdausi . Persians claim to be its originator because they possess the earliest possible references to this game . It will be easier if you studied Slave Dynasty , one of the rulers died playing this game .
  30. 30. Polo
  31. 31. Q15) “When Germany was four goals down, a ball hit Allen's pad and rebounded. The Germans took full advantage of this and made a rush, netting the ball before we could stop it. That was the only goal Germany would score in the match against our eight, and incidentally the only goal scored against India in the entire Olympic tournament. India's goal-getters were Roop Singh, Tapsell and Jaffar with one each, Dara two and myself three “ These are the extracts from the autobiography of a great player .Can you name the player and the book ??
  32. 32. Major Dhyanchand • Book name is “Goal”
  33. 33. Q16) Where in the world will you see the following verse? “ When Ivo goes back with the urn, the urn; Studds, Steel, Read and Tylecote return, return; The welkin will ring loud, The great crowd will feel proud, Seeing Barlow and Bates with the urn, the urn; And the rest coming home with the urn.”
  34. 34. The Ashes Urn
  35. 35. Q17) The romans played a game called ‘harpastum’ , which bears a close resemblance to this game. This game was banned in 14th century in England for being violent , but ironically , the first ever game was played in England itself . Now this sport is one of the most popular sports in the world. Guess this sport.
  36. 36. Soccer
  37. 37. Q18) In the World Cup 2010 controversies , one of them was the “ Hand of Henry “ affair . X(Player) handled the ball to William Gallas during the match which was converted to goal that caused their opponent( Y, a country) to be eliminated . Later he admitted the fact that he had handled the ball during the press conference . Y appealed the world cup federation but nothing happened . Can you point out X and Y ??
  38. 38. Thierry Henry , Ireland
  39. 39. Q19) This is a native American sport with sticks and rubber balls. Was also a part of summer Olympics in 1904 and 1908.
  40. 40. Lacrose
  41. 41. Q20) This innings by an Australian cricketer saved them the ashes test in 2005. Australia had to survive 105 overs and he made a score of 156. He got out in the 101th over with 24 balls remaining to play. Australia could draw the test. He later said that he received threatening phone calls in restroom to get out. Can you name this cricketer ???
  42. 42. Ricky Ponting
  43. 43. Q21) Born on February 17 , Brooklyn , New York , He is one amongst the finest basketball players who won the most valuable player award 4 times . His team , Y , nicknamed him Black Cat. Can you guess the player and Y ?
  44. 44. Michael Jordan – Chicago Bulls
  45. 45. Q22) • (i)Jimmy Snuka • (ii)Jake Roberts • (iii)Giant Gonzalez • (iv)King Kong Bundy • (v)Diesel • (vi)Sycho Sid • (vii)Kane • (viii)Big Boss Man • (ix)Triple H • (x)Ric Flair • (xi) Big Show and A-train • (xii)Kane • (xiii)Randy Orton • (x)Ric Flair • (xi) Big Show and A-train • (xii)Kane • (xiii)Randy Orton • (xiv)Mark Henry • (xv)Batista • (xvi)Edge • (xvii)Shawn Michaels • (xviii)Shawn Michaels • (xix)Triple H • (xx)Triple H • (xxi)CM Punk ID this illustrious list.
  46. 46. Undertaker’s winning streak
  47. 47. Q24) What is happening in this picture ???
  48. 48. Michael Schumacher’s farewell
  49. 49. Give funda, what is this advert about? Q24) *
  50. 50. Michael Vaughan accused VVS Laxman of using vaselin on his bat to avoid detection by hotspot
  51. 51. Q25) * Vishal Ladwa is a 23 year old Indian origin player at Manchester University. Though the sport is not very popular in England, he managed to form a team at whatever institute he went to. Thus making the sport quite popular in English Universities. Due to his passionate approach to the sport he is called ‘David Beckham of X’. to cap it all he has now been named as English X team Captain. Name the sport X.
  52. 52. Kabaddi