Jaqui- I’m Proud to be Deaf!


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I’m damn proud to be deaf!

Why? Because it is part of my identity that no-one can steal from me….


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Jaqui- I’m Proud to be Deaf!

  1. 1. ... Jaqui ... My name is Jaqui, I am from Australia. I am profoundly deaf. I'm newbie writer. I loves photography, sewing, sport. FollowUnfollowDashboard TEXT I’m damn proud to be deaf I’m damn proud to be deaf! Why? Because it is part of my identity that no-one can steal from me. Being deaf since the birth, I experienced no sound for many years but we have sound in our vibe from the vibration on the ground. Being deaf doesn’t mean I can’t do anything! I can do everything that hearing people do except hearing. I work in customer service in a supermarket. It bring me lots of challenge every day at work especially when I am deaf! Worked there over 1.5 years. I loves play sport especially in netball and dodgeball. They are in a hearing league. I start played dodgeball and loves it. Lots of fun and good for fitnes too. I believe being deaf shouldn’t be barrier to anything! There are lots of things we can do it! We are allow to driving as there common questions from hearing people. “Can you drive?” or “I though deaf people are not allow to drive” I was think why do the rear and view mirror exist? We can look on the road and look at the mirror if there any emergency ambo or police or firetruck. :) I’m damn proud to be deaf! Why? Because there is a deaf community in Australia and it is like a big family because it is small number of deaf people and we would probably know almost everyone (as if I do hah). I have some close friends even from Sydney. Still thanks graceful for mobile so we can text or Skype to have video call, Facebook to keep in touch with our life but of course social media take over our life because keep look on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr.
  2. 2. But once we meet in face/face it is like we talk for hours hours non stop! Always great to catch up with people you haven’t seen for long time. Warning: Deaf always have long good bye. for hearing you will say good bye then leave but for us, we will be say good bye then start talk about something else without realise you need to go. Probably take about 1 - 2 hours after say good bye. I’m damn proud to be deaf! Why? Because I have some great hobby which doesn’t stop me doing things I loves. Mainly photography :) and quilting. Photography is amazing thing for me because it is what I can see in the lens as my sight is powerful then ear. I loves depth of field photos. I loves do hobby that involve hands like take photos, doing some sewing because it is my strength with hand and sights. Hearing is nothing to me! I’m damn proud to be deaf! And Don’t feel sorry that we can’t hear! We are not disability! We just have ability of no hearing! We are label DEAF or HARD OF HEARING. NOT Hearing Impairing as we always get offence when people say that. It is like we are broke! I have attractment AUSLAN alphabet fingerspelling if you are keen to learn :)
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