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ESPN Final Project






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ESPN Final Project Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ESPNBy: Daniel Loewy
  • 2. Nature of the Business The product is in the name, ESPN: Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. American, global television network that focuses on sports-programming  Sports talk shows, event telecasts, and expert analysis The competition:  National Networks: CBS, NBC  Specialty Networks: MLB TV, NFL Network, Golf Channel, etc…
  • 3. …(continued) Aside from their presence on cable networks across the world, ESPN also has an array of product offerings:  ESPN Insider  ESPN the Magazine  30 for 30 Documentaries  Clothing apparel  ESPN Zones located across the U.S. Challenges in capturing product sales:  Budget constraints related to advertising  Maximizing advertising reach amongst consumers
  • 4. The Pitch To implement a low-cost digital marketing campaign which seeks to utilize social media, primarily, in order to reach a greater number of our target customers. We feel there is an opportunity to make this niche market more aware that ESPN even offers for-purchase, premium products.  Facebook  Twitter  Mobile Solutions
  • 5. The Facebook Plan Existing Facebook page is highly interactive, excellent opportunity to supplement this current strength. In coordination with Marketing, determine keywords that correlate to the interests of Facebook users.  Use this acquired knowledge to employ the use of Banner Ads  Reach Your Target Customers  Deepen Your Relationships  Control Your budget
  • 6. (… continued) Reach Your Target Customers  Reach over 800 million potential customers  Choose your audience by location, age, and interests Deepen Your Relationships  Promote your Facebook page and/or website  Utilize the “Like” button to increase your ad’s influence Control Your Budget  Set and control your budget daily  Choose to pay only when people click ad (CPC) or when they see the ad (CPM)
  • 7. The Twitter Plan Many prominent ESPN analysts already have a strong presence on Twitter, as well as the network page itself.  ESPN also employs many former professional athletes Excellent and convenient opportunity to have “famous” people promote your product  Example: Football Insider, Adam Schefter, could promote ESPN Insider subscriptions  No added expenses, employees already under salary Use the “Promotion” feature on Twitter
  • 8. (… continued) Promotion feature:  ESPN could refine their target reach by targeting users with platform messages  iOS, Android, and Blackberry International Opportunities:  70% of the 140 million active users on Twitter are abroad  TwitterAds and the Promotion feature could allow ESPN to tap into a new niche market
  • 9. Mobile Solutions Create and develop apps that compliment the product offerings of ESPN (TV) and  Coupon offerings  Limited time offers  Fantasy Sport apps  ESPN the Magazine access for iPhone and Android users Promote these apps through other social media platforms that ESPN already employs
  • 10. Metrics First and foremost, monitor the sales figures on products that are related to social media promotion.  Use prior sales figures of related products as a historical benchmark. Elicit consumer feedback regarding the effectiveness of the recent social media marketing campaign. Track increase in mobile apps purchased Utilize the Google AdWords feature that allows you to monitor the effectiveness of keyword selection and click-throughs
  • 11. Budget First, it is important to note that the goal of this digital marketing campaign is not to incur traditionally expensive advertising costs  Mastering social media marketing to minimize costs highlights the intrigue of this proposal That being said, ESPN has an enormously large check book:  Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company  Industry market share leader Realistic digital marketing campaign budget given company revenues and resources: $400,000
  • 12. Wrap-Up Minimize advertising costs through utilizing various forms of social media.  Facebook  Banner Ads  Twitter  “Promotion” feature, ESPN internal promotion  Mobile Solutions  For-purchase phone Apps Further segment consumer market to better target that audience  Raise product awareness  Reach more consumers to capture more sales