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Espn marketing strategy


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Espn marketing strategy

  1. 1. ESPN marketing strategy
  2. 2. What is ESPN?• ESPN is already a very well established brand name that has become synonymous with sports.• It’s the first name you think of regarding getting your sports news
  3. 3. Brand Reminder• Buying up ad space on major networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC (they tend to only advertise on their own networks)• Create more in store reminders
  4. 4. Expand their name• Create sports related products, launching several sports lines• Partner up with related brands
  5. 5. Social media• ESPN has done well with twitter and the #gameface campaign• Use Facebook to their advantage, create opportunities for users to think of you
  6. 6. Facebook• Create contests much like they have with twitter• Offer incentives such as free subscription to ESPN magazine, trip• On their ESPN page, ask more questions to get consumer engagement
  7. 7. Twitter• Continue partnership with twitter, helps get more consumer engagement• Expand their reach
  8. 8. Applications• ESPN has done well with getting several different application• Make all applications known• Team up with a particular company on an application
  9. 9. Implementation• Make sure to be consistent with your message
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