GLC church planting update 4-2013


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by Larry Sherman, Assoc. Superintendent, Director of Church Planting

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GLC church planting update 4-2013

  1. 1. The Great Lakes ConferenceGrowing over several years:GLC Mission: every church a healthy, missionalcongregation.GLC Vision: By the year 2020, to multiply to 100Missional, Christ-Magnifying congregations in anincreasing Mosaic of communities.How is it going? Let’s see if we’re “on-track.”
  2. 2. In the Great Lakes ConferenceThe following shows theGrowth over the past 15 yearsand as we project 10 years ahead.
  3. 3. 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020new 2 4 6 19 29 39ethnic 0 1 5 12 13 21total 56 59 67 81 90 100020406080100120newethnictotalGLC Growth over 25 Years# of churches projectionGoal: get to100 churchesby 2020We started with 59churches in 2000.On-Track:In 2012 - 83 churchesIn 2013 - 86 churches
  4. 4. 2461929390151213211995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020Growth in New Churches and Ethnic Churchesnew ethnicSurvival rate 25%Survival Rate refersto the % of newchurches that “makeit” after 5 years.10+ years ago, only 1out of 4 churches“made it.”Today, more than 3out of 4 “make it.”ProjectionSurvival rate 85%Ethnic and Multi-ethnicChurches: Each year approx50% of our new churches areethnic or multi-ethnic.Our hope is that the face ofthe ECC will more accuratelyreflect the face of NorthAmerica and the face of theKingdom.We have grown from 1church in 2000 to 14 ethnicor multi-ethnic churches in2013!
  5. 5. 02000400060008000100001200014000160001995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020c p attendcp conversionstotal attendanceGLC Attendance & ConversionsProjectionEvangelism is why weplant new churches:- Ave Church: 3/100- Ave ECC Church: 6/100- Ave ECC plant: 12/100- Ave GLC plant: 30/100+ Community Impact
  6. 6. GLC Church PlantingNew Community CovenantChurch, started mid-2012Buckhannon, WVPastor Justin BowersIn 2013, we project 3 newchurches:2 in Louisville, April 2013- Soul CenterPastor Ja’mel Armstrong- Grace CommunityPastor William Mack III1 in Livonia, July 2013- LifechurchLivoniaPastor Brian NanningaChurch Planting over the past decadeYear: # of plants Attendance Conversions/yr2000 2 111 302010 19 2687 871Over the past decade, planting is a kingdom investmentNet Cost of Planting is $35,258/yr total to the conference budget. Because church plants“give back” mission giving to the GLC, church planting is very cost efficient!
  7. 7. Pastor William andTori MackCovenant Agreementstarted 4-1-13Grace Community CovenantChurch meeting at StCecilia’s, a former CatholicChurch in the Portland areaof Louisville
  8. 8. Pastor Ja’mel andRochelle ArmstrongCovenant Agreementstarted 4-1-13The Soul Center CovenantChurch, in the Newburg areaof Louisville, KY
  9. 9. Prior to 2000 – Two Covenant Churches1. Faith Covenant Church, Farmington Hills2. Dearborn Covenant Church, DearbornHere’s an example from Detroit ofhow the GLC can grow in a region.
  10. 10. By 2011: 15 churches with Lifechurch of Southfield, MI
  11. 11. What God can do in 10+ years.2 churches to 15 churches.This allowed the GLC to have apresence in one metro area – andgive example of the diversity andvitality that represents us to otherareas.And in 2013:- Detroit Bible Tabernacle- Miracle of Faith- LifechurchLivonia18 total churches in thegreater Detroit area.These will be the focus ofCovenant Mission Detroit
  12. 12. Vision:We are on-our-way toward the 2020Vision of 100 missional, Christ-magnifying churches in anincreasing mosaic of communities.If we keep planting 2-3 newchurches a year, we should meet orexceed our goal. To God be theGlory!
  13. 13. How We Catalyze Church Planting:- The Right Planter- Connected, Called- Assessment- The Right Support- Coaching- Training- The Right Core Team- A missionary team- The Right Partners- Parent and Partners
  14. 14. The 4 Core Ministriesof the GLC- Church Vitality- Church Leadership- Church Planting- Church Outreach
  15. 15. THANK-YOUFor your Prayers andYour PartnershipIn the Good NewsThrough theThe Great Lakes ConferenceGarth McGrath, SuperintendentLarry Sherman, Director of Church PlantingSteve Armfield, Director of Church VitalityDan Wolter, Chair of GLC