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CLWR Confirmation (ELCIC)


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An overview of the work of Canadian Lutheran World Relief designed for use with confirmation students.

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CLWR Confirmation (ELCIC)

  1. 1. What makes you who you are?
  2. 2. Is it the music you listen to?
  3. 3. The clothes you wear?
  4. 4. How you style your hair?
  5. 5. The things you own?
  6. 6. True – our identitypartly comes from individual tastes and habits…
  7. 7. but also from theconnections we have to others … like our family.
  8. 8. Family is about your roots
  9. 9. Family is about relationships
  10. 10. Family is about being there to celebrate accomplishments
  11. 11. Family is about caring for one another
  12. 12. At baptism, you became a member of another family …
  13. 13. God’sfamily
  14. 14. Do you likereceiving gifts?
  15. 15. Guess what! As a member of God’s family,you’ve already received the greatest gift of all
  16. 16. That’s amazing love
  17. 17. That’s the kind of love God has for you
  18. 18. And the kind of love Godwants you to show others.
  19. 19. So how can we respond to God’s love?
  20. 20. Two ways:
  21. 21. 1.Love God with all your heart, soul and mind
  22. 22. 2.Love your neighbour just like you love yourself
  23. 23. You do the first part by:
  24. 24. Worshipping God
  25. 25. Through prayer,devotion and reflection.
  26. 26. And, with God’s help,living your life in ways that please God.
  27. 27. You can do the second by:
  28. 28. Caring for theenvironment
  29. 29. Listening to a friend who’s sad
  30. 30. Or just by helping people however you can.
  31. 31. Here’s how Jesus explained it.
  32. 32. You learned all about neighbours from Martin Luther’s comments on theTen Commandments in the Small Catechism
  33. 33. We should fear and love God that we may not hurt nor harm ourneighbour in his body, but help and befriend him in every bodily need.
  34. 34. It’s realistic to help neighboursnearby but God’s family is spread all over the globe!
  35. 35. How can we be neighbours to those in need who are so far away?
  36. 36. Since God loves us so much, through CLWR, we can share that love with people around the world in many different ways.
  37. 37. ELCIC members like yourself can’tpersonally help neighbours who areso far away …
  38. 38. but they can do it by giving moneyand other helpful items toCanadian Lutheran World Relief.
  39. 39. And governments in Canada often support CLWR by providing additional funds that increase the work CLWR can do.
  40. 40. Canadians donated more than $1.5 million to CLWR to help people in Haiti recover from an earthquake.
  41. 41. And through CLWR, Lutherans in Canada helped people in Japan after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
  42. 42. In Africa, Lutherans have helped people in areas suffering from drought.
  43. 43. And helped farmers grow more food.
  44. 44. Much of the work carried out by CLWR is made possible by partnerships with other organizations.
  45. 45. The Lutheran World Federation is an organization of145 Lutheran Churches, including the ELCIC, in 79 countries.
  46. 46. CLWR supports LWF projects in several countries and regions including East Jerusalem and Palestine. Palestine
  47. 47. At Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalemyoung children get the care they need for diseases such as diabetes.
  48. 48. Young Palestinian women and men learn trades at the LWF Vocational Training Centre.
  49. 49. So what does this have to do with me?
  50. 50. At your baptism, a candle was lit.
  51. 51. Let your light so shinebefore others that theymay see your good worksand glorify your Father inheaven.
  52. 52. Shine your light. Be a neighbour.
  53. 53. Fill aWe Care Kit
  54. 54. Give aGift from the Heart
  55. 55. Pray for the work of CLWR and its staff
  56. 56. Encourage your congregationto promote and support CLWR
  57. 57. Visit CLWR at www.clwr.orgFriend CLWR onFollow CLWR on