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  1. 1. About Student:Name: Levent GökalpNo:283289Departmant:Computer EngineeringUniversity:European Uiversty of LefkeAbout Lecturer and Lecture:Lecture’s name: Karen HowellsLecture:ENGG437 Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  2. 2. CONTENTS I will talk about Kadir has and his family.. Who is Nuri Hasoğlu? What were their initial jobs? Who is Kadir Has? About Kadir has’s family life … About his company and what is he created? Details about building.. Kadir Has to be philanthropy Referances
  3. 3. ABOUT KADIR HAS’S FAMILY LIFE … He as Nuri-Zakia Hasoğlus children was born in Kayseri on 20 september 1921 Hasoğlunun children. He graduated from Boğaziçi High School in 1942. Kayseri, Mehmet-Şehime Germirlis daughter of a famous family and got married in 1942 with Rezan Hasoğlu.
  4. 4. WHO İS NURI HAS? Kadir Has ‘s father was poor before start trade..His father built many factories in Adana and he was been numbered rich in Turkey.And he was akbank bussines partner with a group. Then he built Mercedes bus and truck factory.and gioın on as chairman of the board. Nuri Hasoğlu
  5. 5. WHAT WERE THEIR INITIAL JOBS? And also he is first builder Coca-cola factory in Turkey.He has built Peugeot bu factory with Koç family in Bursa.The French took the Turkey distributor of the famous Michelin tires.
  6. 6. WHO IS KADIR HAS? Kadir Hasoğlu after the Sabancı Family had a stake in Akbanks greatest founding.Contributions to the education and training of future generations and effort to grow the best terms and conditions for his efforts Çanakkale Ondokuz Mayız Universty decision taken in the meeting held on 16 April 1998.
  7. 7. The Senate on 1 June 1998 the Faculty of Education Departmentof Educational Sciences in the fieldof Educational Management- Planning and Economics Emeritus the dignity of a doctor.
  8. 8. And also the decision of the meeting held on 8 July1997 at Marmara University Senate on 30 June1998.The Turkish education Ataturk Faculty of Educationbecause of the moral and material contribution tothe title of Honorary Doctor.
  9. 9. ABOUT HIS COMPANY AND WHAT IS HECREATED? He has built a universty(Kadir Has Universty). He established first shopping centers in Turkey for the children alone.Its name is Çocuk Dünyası.he has own huge shopping malls and movie theaters. He gave hıs name to that companies.
  10. 10. DETAILS ABOUT BUILDING.. Kadir has universty built in Istanbul in 1997. Education very important for him.Becouse he didn’t study in unversty. So he want builted that his universty.But govermant dont let him for built.But he won all lows for education then built it.
  11. 11.  Kadir Has also love children.And want creat acompany for children .That company’s name isÇocuk Dünyası.There are many that market inTurkey. The purpose is children improvetheirselves on education.
  12. 12.  He have many huge shopping on his name. Kadir has shopping centers generally in bigcities like Istanbul.Becouse there are many studentin big cities for student get quality and cheaper thingsbuy by students.Also his name has given to a stadium in Kayseri for he isKadirHas AVM(Shopping) Kadir Has Stadium
  13. 13. The philanthropic businessmen in Kayseriand in Turkey raised Kadir Hasoğlu diedyesterday with a heart attack on 22 March2007. Returning home after a meeting at theUniversity of Kadir Has. Kadir tired around03.30 pm.He said fainted. Has grown in theAmerican Hospital in anambulance could not be saved despite allinterventions.
  14. 14. HE WAS VERY CHARITABLE A HUMAN On 24 March 2007 Kadir Has University whichwas founded after the ceremony the first statefuneral was buried in the family vault Kucukyali.He donations are estimated to for education about500 million dolar.He and his wifes personal fortune is 150 millionYTL.Kadir Has subscribe to Kadir Has Foundationlast fortune.
  15. 15.  As well as he was veterans one of the pioneers of Turkish industry and in the private sector.
  16. 16. REFERENCES http://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kadir_Has http://www.google.com http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/ekonomi/6180422.asp?gi d=112 http://www.khas.edu.tr/tr/hakkinda/khaskim.htm