"Dead Isn't Dead"--A Lost Script


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"Dead Isn't Dead"--A Lost Script

  1. 1. "Dead Isn’t Dead" By Legoleg "Lost", Created by J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, and Jeffery Lieber
  2. 2. ˘´ DEAD ISN[PLEASEINSERTPRERENDERUNICODE{ÂAZ}INTOPREAMBLE]T DEAD (CENTRIC: NONE), BY LEGOLEG DISCLAIMER: THIS WAS WRITTEN ALMOST ENTIRELY BEFORE THE FINALE AIRED. ANY SIMILARITIES TO PLOTLINES, LINES OR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IN THE FINALE IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTIAL AND UNINTENDED (Assuming new season after “What They Died For”) NOTE: I used more directions for character’s movements than usual in a script, as, since this is not going to be filmed, I wanted to keep the characters interesting and deep. So, I had to give specific directions for how the actors would look on screen, ie shocked, weary, teary, etc) Previously on Lost: A plane crashes Boone/Shannon/Locke etc die (shots of multiple deaths) Charles: “There’s a war coming, John...” Jacob gives Jack the drink to make him the next protector MIB: “I’m gonna destroy the island.” Cut to black ACT 1, SCENE 1 THE SHOT BEGINS WITH A CLOSED DOOR, AGED AND DUSTY. MOMENTS PASS, WHEN IT IS SUDDENLY SLAMMED OPEN, AND BENJAMIN LINUS STUMBLES IN, FOLLOWED BY SAWYER. THE SKY OUTSIDE IS PURPLE. BLOODSOAKED AND CARRYING A SHOTGUN AND PISTOL RESPECTIVELY, BEN AND SAWYER MOVE QUICKLY AROUND THE DOOR, AND SLAM IT, LOCKING IT SHUT. THEY QUICKLY MOVES TO A CABINET NEAR THE WALL, AND PULL IT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR WITH EFFORT, BEN FINALLY COLLAPSING IN FRONT OF IT, PANTING HARD. SAWYER STANDS OVER HIM, A DARK LOOK ON HIS FACE AS HE STARES AT THE DOOR. SAWYER Did you see, did they-- BEN I don’t know, I thought they were behind us. Why would I have seen them? I was running just as fast as you, James. SAWYER (SIGHING WITH ANGER AND EXHAUSTION) Damn it...wait here, Rambo, I’ll check if it’s clean. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. Ben nods as Sawyer slowly begins walking through the house, pistol in hand. We see that it is Ben’s house at the Barracks, everything still as it was. Even the Risk game is untouched. Tension builds as silence prevails for a few seconds. As Sawyer moves into another room, we see another shot of Ben, looking up suddenly at a thumping noise. His eyes widen as he stands and runs into the living room. BEN James--watch out, their here! The camera turns to see a shadowy figure in the dark, slowly walking towards him. Ben shoots the shotgun mercilessly, cocking between shots. One, two, three fires and we see a figure fall as he moans, crashing onto the Risk game and scattering the pieces everywhere. Sawyer runs in and looks down. His eyes close as he turns away in disgust and sadness. SAWYER Damn it, not him too... THE CAMERA TURNS SLOWLY TO THE DEAD FIGURE ON THE GROUND, WHO IS REVEALED TO BE MR. EKO. _______ LOST ACT 2, SCENE 1 IT IS NIGHT. JACK, KATE, HURLEY, AND SAWYER ARE WALKING THROUGH THE JUNGLE. HURLEY TURNS TO JACK. HURLEY So what it’s like, dude? JACK What d’you mean? SAWYER You know what he means, Doc. Jack stops and glances at Sawyer for a moment. JACK I don’t know what you want me to say, Hurley. I feel the same. HURLEY But...you don’t feel, like, enlightened? Aren’t you supposed to (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. HURLEY (cont’d) be a god or something now, like Jacob? JACK He wasn’t a god, Hurley. And I might be the protector, but I’m still the same Jack. HURLEY No, I don’t think you are. The old Jack wouldn’t have drank from that cup. KATE (NERVOUSLY) Guys, shut up. Someone’s coming. THE FOUR TURN TO LOOK AT THE FOREST, AND FROM THE LEAVES WALKS A BLOODY RICHARD, STILL LIMPING FROM THE MONSTER’S THROW. SAWYER STANDS STILL, STARING AT HIM. RICHARD (WEAKLY) Thank God I’ve found you. It was Him. He attacked me. He didn’t even let me talk. JACK Where’ve you been? Where are Ben and Miles? RICHARD Ben’s with the Man in Black. I saw them leaving together. I don’t know what happened to Miles. I- Suddenly, Sawyer leaps at Richard, punching him in the face. He falls to the ground. Hurley shouts and Kate grabs Sawyer, holding him back from another attack. Jack leans down to look at the unconscious Richard, and glances up at Sawyer JACK (ANGRILY) What the hell was that, Sawyer? SAWYER (UPSET AND ANGRY) It was him! That son of a bitch put the C4 on the plane! He made that sub blow up! If he hadn’t run off, they’d still be alive! JACK You don’t know that, Sawyer. (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. SAWYER (TRYING TO SHOVE OFF KATE) I DO KNOW! I’m gonna kill him, damn it! He did this! HURLEY Stop fighting, Sawyer. It’s my fault. Sawyer pauses and stares at Hurley. Jack shakes his head. JACK No, Hurley, it’s the Man in Black’s fault. You know that. HURLEY If I hadn’t lead you all to Him, none of this ever would have happened. I shouldn’t have tried to be a leader, Jack. SAWYER (SOFTLY) Shut up, Hugo. Jack’s right. It’s His fault, not ours. And I’m gonna kill him for it. He walks off into the jungle. Kate stares for a moment, then follows him. Jack and Hurley are left to pick up Richard. HURLEY (TO JACK) It wasn’t my fault, was it, Jack? JACK No. And don’t ever think that. Hurley nods slowly, and the two of them lift up Richard’s unconscious form and follow Sawyer and Kate. ACT 2, SCENE 2 Ben and the Man in Black are still standing over the well. Ben is staring at the Man in Black. MAN IN BLACK(TURNING) What is it, Benjamin? BEN What did you mean, destroy the island? Do you even have a plan at all? The MIB pulls out a knife and begins to clean it (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. MAN IN BLACK You know, Ben, I’ve been on this island for a long time. Longer than you can ever begin to imagine. And, I’ve had time to think. There are more thoughts in my head right now than you will have in a lifetime. And I can tell you for a fact that I do have a plan. And so far, it’s going perfectly. The MIB slips the knife away and sits on a log. MAN IN BLACK You know, when I was a boy, my mother showed me something that couldn’t exist. She showed me a glowing light in a cave full of water. She said "Every man has some of it, but they always want more." My own brother threw me in that same light, and I got more of it than I ever wanted. That’s why I am what I am. Dead. BEN (LOOKING AT HIM IN SHOCK) What? That’s impossible. Dead is dead. MAN IN BLACK Usually. In my case, though, it isn’t. I can take you to see my body in the caves, if you’d like. (Pause) Anyway, that was what got me thinking. This light, you call it electromagnatism, it gave me something worse than death. It gave me cursed life. So, why would any man want more of it? They wouldn’t. But I’m gonna give it to them, just a little bit. I don’t suppose you’ve ever wondered why I kill so many people, have you? Though you’re on your way yourself. BEN (EMOTIONLESS) I’ve never given it much thought. Anger, I suppose. MAN IN BLACK(LAUGHS) Not quite, Benjamin. You see, I’ve been creating an army. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. BEN (CONFUSED) What? The MIB stands. MAN IN BLACK Yes, Benjamin, an army. And I have almost everything I need. Bodies, of course, and Jacob’s death, which was remarkably difficult, but I managed thanks to you. All that’s left is the cave. BEN I don’t know what you’re talking about. MAN IN BLACK You will soon enough. Even now, everything is in my favor. The MIB walks into the jungle, smiling slightly. Ben stands still, staring after him. BEN (VERY SOFTLY) Not everything. Ben follows the Man in Black, disappearing into the jungle. CUT TO BLACK ACT 3, SCENE 1 Miles is standing over the bodies of Whitmore and Zoe, muttering softly and shaking slightly. He does this for a moment, then nods. MILES Thanks. I’ll remember that. Miles leaves the closet, and begins to leave the house when a hand grabs his shoulder. He shouts in surprise. VOICE Shut up, he might hear you, brother. We see that behind him is a filthy but alive Desmond. MILES Who the hell are you? (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. DESMOND My name is Desmond. Where’s that man? MILES Who? The nutso who killed those guys? He already left like an hour ago. DESMOND Good. I need your help, Miles. MILES Why should I--wait, how do you know my name? DESMOND (SMILING) Let’s just say I’ve met you in another life. ACT 3, SCENE 2 We are on a beach on Hydra Island. A lone figure lies unconscious on the beach, beaten and torn. One of the members of Whitmore’s Science Team approaches from beyond the Sonar Fence. He glances down, shotgun in hand, at the man, who, as we pan down, is revealed as Frank Lapidus. The scene changes, and Frank is now lying on a bed in the Hydra infirmary, the same bed that Desmond was in in "Happily Ever After". He slowly wakens and groans. FRANK Damn, that door hurt. A man walks up to him, who we have never met before. He sits on the bed beside Frank’s. MAN Good to see you’re awake. My name’s William James. He holds out his hand to shake, which Frank takes. WILL So, how did you come to end up on that beach? FRANK I was...on a sub-- Will suddenly stands. (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8. WILL (OUT OF DOOR) We’ve got one of them! Nearly insantaneously a group of people come inside, and grab Frank’s arms. Frank stares at them. FRANK What the hell’re you doing? WILL I’m sorry to do this, but we’re going to need to ask you a couple of questions. FRANK What kind of questions are we talking about here? Will leans in close to Frank’s face. WILL Where the hell is Charles Whitmore? ACT 3, SCENE 3 We see Richard’s eye open. he is lying in one of the tents at the desolate beach camp. It is morning. Kate brings a cup of water to his mouth, which he drinks, sputtering. RICHARD What...happened? Where are we? KATE Sawyer knocked you out. We’re at the camp. Right back where we started. RICHARD Where are Sun and Jin? Sayid? Frank? They weren’t with you. KATE They’re dead. He killed them with your C4. Richard groans and lies back for a moment. Kate looks out at the beach. Richard suddenly looks back up. RICHARD (CONFUSED) But, we never put C4 on the plane. Ben still has it. (CONTINUED)
  10. 10. CONTINUED: 9. KATE Then who put it there? RICHARD I have no idea, Kate. Probably Whitmore. Jack enters the tent, looking at Richard. JACK Good, your awake. Feeling any more pain? RICHARD (SARCASTICALLY) No, I feel fantastic, Jack. JACK (LAUGHING) Well, you’re gonna have to lie down for a little while. I don’t know what the Man in Black did to you, but you might have broken your leg. I found a few antibiotics in Sawyer’s old tent. You should take one every hour for the pain. HURLEY (OUTSIDE) Jack, come outside, quick! JACK (RUNNING OUTSIDE) What is it, Hurley? SAWYER Ben. The camera turns with Jack to see Ben walking towards them across the beach. He stops right in front of them. BEN I hope I’m not interrupting. SAWYER Where the hell have you been, Darnay? BEN I have a message from the Man in Black. SAWYER (GRABBING BEN) What the hell would you be doing with Him? (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. CONTINUED: 10. BEN (CALMLY) He wants me to tell you that there’s nothing you can do: he’s already won. It doesn’t matter that Jack’s the new protecter. It’s too late. HURLEY How do you know he’s the- JACK Forget it, Hurley. Ben, why are you telling us this? BEN (LOOKING LEFT) To distract you. Sawyer turns and yells, for the Man in Black is standing next to Richard’s tent, holding Kate, the knife to her throat. Richard is lying still in the wide open tent. Ben wrentches from Sawyer’s grip and moves to join the Man in Black. MAN IN BLACK I’m sorry it’s come to this, Jack Sawyer runs for him, with a look of pure fury, but stops when the Man in Black puts the knife to Kate’s throat. Sawyer stops, and Kate’s eyes fill with tears. HURLEY It’s alright, guys! He can’t kill her, remember? MIB Oh, yes, that’s true. That’s why I’m going to ask Ben to do it. Ben nods and takes the knife, yanking Kate into the same position that the Man in Black had. HURLEY Ben, what’re you doing? Sawyer pulls out a pistol, (the same one from the opening scene) and aims it at Ben MAN IN BLACK I wouldn’t recommend that. You’ll probably shoot her. And even if you hit him, he’ll still slit her throat. Sawyer stands for a moment, then slowly lowers the gun. (CONTINUED)
  12. 12. CONTINUED: 11. SAWYER (SOFTLY, TO MAN IN BLACK) Let her go, you son of a bitch. MAN IN BLACK I’m afraid I can’t do that, James. SAWYER You killed them all. ALL OF THEM! KATE (SOBBING) Don’t, Sawyer. Don’t. MAN IN BLACK No, James, that was you. If you hadn’t pulled the cords, no one would have died. JACK Don’t listen to him, Sawyer! (to MIB) What the hell do you want? MAN IN BLACK I want to know where the cave is, Jack. JACK Why the hell would I tell you that? MAN IN BLACK Because if you don’t, the only women who ever loved you will die. Your choice, Jack. Jack stares at him. The Man slowly smiles. CUT TO BLACK ACT 4, SCENE 1 Kate is still in the arms of Ben, and the beach seems to be at a standstill. All that can be heard is the waves crashing on the shores. Jack is standing right where he was before, seeming to be having an inward battle. Finally, he turns his tear-steaked face upward. JACK I...I can’t do it. I can’t tell you. MAN IN BLACK (NO LONGER SMILING) I’m very sorry to hear that. (To Ben) Kill her. (CONTINUED)
  13. 13. CONTINUED: 12. Ben digs the knife into Kate’s throat a little, and blood falls. She screams and begins to sob. Sawyer’s face is hard and angry. JACK Please...don’t do this, Ben. Ben says nothing, but stands, expressionless. HURLEY (TO MAN IN BLACK) No one needs to die, dude! Stop! MAN IN BLACK Yes, no one needs to die. Tell me where the cave is, Jack. Or her blood will be on your hands. Sawyer turns to Jack, his face hard and pained. SAWYER Tell him, Jack! He’s already killed Sun and Jin and Sayid. Just tell him! JACK I can’t, James. I’m the protector of this island. Sawyer, on hearing this, suddenly lunges at Jack, and knocks him to the ground, punching him in the face over and over. Jack lies on the ground in shock and pain, blood all over his face. Hurley runs forward to stop him. SAWYER TELL HIM, YOU SON OF A BITCH! TELL HIM WHERE IT IS! JACK (THROUGH THE BLOOD) I can’t James. This is bigger than all of us. It’s our desti- SAWYER I’M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT YOU AND YOUR DAMN DESTINY! (Pause, begins sobbing) I’ve lost everyone, Jack. My parents, Cassidy, Juliet, they’re all gone. The only people who ever gave a damn about me are either dead or gone. Don’t take another one from me, Jack. (CONTINUED)
  14. 14. CONTINUED: 13. JACK I love her too, Sawyer. SAWYER Not if you let him kill her. Jack lies still, breathing. Hurley has frozen awkwardly. Finally, Jack sighs. JACK Fine...I’ll tell you... KATE (CRYING) No, don’t do it Ja-- The Man in Black punches her, and she stops talking. Sawyer shouts. He stumbles to his feet. Kate is conscious, but unable to do anything. The Man in Black’s face is smiling again. MAN IN BLACK Fantastic. Lead the way, Jack. JACK Wait, what? MAN IN BLACK You didn’t think I’d just let you tell me a lie and get her back, did you? No, I want you to show me, Jack. Another pause. Jack looks unsure. SAWYER Show him, Jack. HURLEY But Jacob said-- SAWYER Shut up, Hugo! Jack, show that son of a bitch where the cave is, or I’ll kill you. Jack glares at him, then looks at the bleeding Kate, who is stirring. He sighs. JACK Fine. Let’s go.
  15. 15. 14. He treks off. Sawyer, Hurley, The Man in Black and Ben, with Kate, follow them. Richard, forgotten in the moment, lies unconsious in the tent. ACT 4, SCENE 2 Miles is standing outside, next to the fence where Alex is buried, eyes shut. Desmond walks out of Ben’s house, stuffing his backpack with supplies. DESMOND What are you doing, brother? MILES (JERKED OUT OF CONCENTRATION) Well, I was listening to someone, but you interrupted. Desmond nods in blunt acceptance and shoulders the backpack, signaling for Miles to follow him. Miles does, and they begin to leave the Barracks. MILES So, where are you taking me, exactly? How do I know you don’t work for Mr. Angry Smoke? DESMOND You’re just going to have to trust me, brother. And as for where we’re going, we’re going to find Jack. MILES Last I heard, he was going to talk to the Man in Black and make a treaty or something. Based on what he did to that hot chick and the old guy there, I don’t think looking for him is the smartest thing to be doing right now. Desmond turns around, staring at Miles intently. Miles stops and stares back. DESMOND You want bloody answers, Miles? I’ll give you answers, then. I just found out that there is another reality out there, where Oceanic 815 didn’t crash. That complicates things a bit, eh? Ever since then, I’ve had a plan. And that plan is to get everyone there together. If (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  16. 16. CONTINUED: 15. DESMOND (cont’d) I can do that, I might be able to negate all of this. MILES What the hell are you talking about, man? DESMOND (Gesturing around) All of this? This can’t bloody exist, brother. I have to get everyone in that other reality to realize what the hell is going on here, and if I can do that, maybe I can finally stop all of this from existing. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I know it’s got to be that way, brother! If I can stop this, maybe I can stop the war. MILES War? We’re on an island with, like, 50 people, 30 guns and one smoke monster, last I checked. There’s not much war to go around. DESMOND Are you telling me you haven’t sensed it too, brother? That you haven’t felt a change? Miles pauses, and thinks for a moment. MILES You know, an alternate reality might have seemed insane to me at one point, but not now. I can hear dead people, man. And they’ve been sounding a lot different on this island than anywhere else. More...loud, I guess. I hear them a lot easier. DESMOND That’s because they’re restless. This place won’t bloody let anyone move on. MILES How would you know that? You don’t seem like the Cole Sear type guy to me. (CONTINUED)
  17. 17. CONTINUED: 16. DESMOND I could feel them, Miles. In the energy, when Whitmore shoved me in a bloody generator, I could hear them, shouting. Like a lost connection between the worlds. They’re not dead in the other world, but they are here. That’s just wrong, brother. I was a priest, and I know a little bit about the soul, or energy, or whatever. Or, at least I think I do. Theycan’t be alive and dead at the same time. I think...I think this island is the catalyst between the worlds, of life and death. MILES What does that have to do with a war? DESMOND I think...I think this island can work both ways. If it’s giving them death and life at the same time, maybe it can switch the two. Maybe it can bring them back, or at least, a little of them. In the light, the energy that connects the worlds. MILES (LAUGHING) You mean, like zombies? We’re not in a Romero film as far as I know. DESMOND (SERIOUS) Yes, Miles. That’s exactly what I mean. Desmond turns and walks into the jungle, in much the same manner the Man in Black did after leaving Ben. Miles stands for a moment, then follows. CUT TO BLACK ACT 5, SCENE 1 Frank is staring into the eyes of William, not twitching. FRANK Whitmore? Haven’t seen him. (CONTINUED)
  18. 18. CONTINUED: 17. WILL Stop lying. We know your group forcibly escaped from our cages with the Smoke Monster. Whitmore went to the main island to track you down and hasn’t come back. What did you do to him? FRANK I sure as hell don’t know. The submarine sank. I’m the only one who made it, as far as I know. He suddenly realizes what he is saying, and looks horrified. FRANK Damn...Sawyer, Jack...Their all dead... WILL Who’s Jack? What do you mean, the sub is sunk? FRANK Well, since I was on a beach, coughing up a lake and torn up after your Sub was stolen, I’d think you’d have guessed that by now. WILL That was our only way off this island! What the hell happened? FRANK I don’t know. I just heard an explosion and got a whole lot of door in my face. And there’s always the plane. WILL It’s a damn crashed plane! There’s no way to get that thing in the air! We already checked, and it pretty much dead. We rigged some C4 just in case the Smoke tried to use it to get off the island. FRANK Yeah, we found your C4. Well, at least some of it. And as for the plane, you’ll have to let a pilot take a look at it before you make (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  19. 19. CONTINUED: 18. FRANK (cont’d) any assumptions. Let me see it and I’ll tell you if the thing can fly or not. WILL And why would we want to do that? FRANK ’Cause if the Man in Black is gonna do what I think he will, we’ll wanna be off this rock as soon as possible. ACT 5, SCENE 2 Jack is walking through a forest of bamboo, followed by the rest of the group. His face is determined but confused at the same time. SAWYER (whispering) I’m sorry, Jack. We have to show him. JACK Don’t you understand, James? It won’t matter. We’ll all probably die anyway. SAWYER Yeah, well I’m not gonna take that chance when I might be able to save her. JACK (stopping and looking down) You know, this is wear I woke up after the crash. (laughs slightly) We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? SAWYER No, we haven’t. Jack glances at him and then continues on. Hurley is behind next to the Man in Black. HURLEY Dude, why do you have to do this? (CONTINUED)
  20. 20. CONTINUED: 19. MAN IN BLACK It’s been far too long, Hugo, and it’s time that I took more initiative. I promise you, if you don’t try to stop me, I’ll let you live. HURLEY No way, dude. You’ve made that promise before. MAN IN BLACK (Laughs grimly) Well, I’ll probably have to kill you then. HURLEY Yeah, I guess you will. KATE (To Ben) Please...why are you doing this? Ben says nothing, but grabs her tighter and keeps going. As the group reach the edge of the bamboo, Jack turns to the Man in Black. JACK It’s beyond here. The rest of you don’t have to follow us. MAN IN BLACK (smiling) No, I want you all to see this. He gestures for Ben to come forward with Kate, which forces the rest to do the same. They come beyond the Bamboo grove and their feet hit water. The Man in Black looks off from the camera, his eyes glinting, and we turn to see the cave of light. MAN IN BLACK Finally...finally... He walks forward, and Jack shouts: JACK What are you doing? MAN IN BLACK Finishing what I started. (CONTINUED)
  21. 21. CONTINUED: 20. He reaches the cave, and turns around. As he watches the terrified group, he grins and begins to melt away. Turning darker and falling into the form of the smoke monster. He flies down the hole and vanishes into its depths. After a moment, the whole cave goes completely black, and suddenly bursts out with black light and smoke. It pours out from every crack, and the sound of magnetism (like that of the hatch) is heard. As the smoke flies over the island, the sky turns purple, but this time, it stays that way. As the event occurs, Jack turns to Sawyer. JACK We’re all dead, Sawyer. Sawyer does not reply. The camera focuses on Ben, who’s eyes are bright and full of a sick wonder. Kate uses this opportunity of distraction to shove Ben’s arm away. He doesn’t react. She backs away from him, and looks up at the sky. HURLEY What’ve we done, guys? ACT 5, SCENE 3 Frank is lying in the bed, and Will is still talking to him. WILL What d’you mean? What’s he gonna do, Frank? FRANK He killed almost everyone. All the candidates. I sure as hell’m not one. Since their dead, I don’t think there’s anything stopping him destroying this place. The only thing we can do now is get the plane off here, so he can’t. MAN ON WILL’S WALKIE-TALKIE William--William! We’ve got a situation. WILL (exasperated) What is it now, Mitchell? MITCHELL The Ajira people-the dead ones. They’re moving! What the hell is going on? (CONTINUED)
  22. 22. CONTINUED: 21. FRANK Their what? WILL (into walkie) Keep back, Mitch! Don’t get near ’em. Whitmore told us this would happen if they died. It’s too late to stop him. Will looks up at Frank. WILL So, about the plane.. ACT 5, SCENE 4 Camera flashes to Boone Hill, where the graves sit. A moment of silence, then the smoke and black light dive downward into the graves, making the dirt fly everywhere. The body of Boone, practically a skeleton, is revealed in the shallow grave. The grinding, violent smoke pulls him into the air, enveloping him. The light trickles white for a feeble moment, then goes back to black. Suddenly, it lets go, and the body falls to the sand. After another moment of silence, the figure, still rotting, slowly rises to its feet and groans. It looks right at the camera, eye level, and it’s eye sockets glow with black light. LOST