Lee Changzhi\'s Portfolio


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Lee Changzhi\'s Portfolio

  1. 1. Great things happen whenpeople come together.In a media saturated world, all peoplewant is an opportunity to connectauthentically with another human being.Lee Changzhi is an award-winning brandstrategist who believes that brandactivation through live experiences is thekey to building customer loyalty andempathy. I create events, publications,environments and basically do anythingto foster genuine relationships andfriendships between people and brands.I believe design must solve problems,and I believe that the core design of thehuman psyche is to have meaningfulrelationships between people.
  2. 2. No great thingis created suddenly.Pop-out Store / Environmental Retail BrandingFor an momentary exhibition on the process of ‘Idea Creation’. Threerooms were designed with three different identities. As visitors movethrough each room, they experience a feeling of ‘frustration’ in the RedRoom, ‘calm’ in the Blue Room, and finally a moment of ‘eureka’ in theYellow Room.Visitors then exit the exhibition to see the three rooms in totality andthey realise, that no great thing is created suddenly. I wanted to capturethis ephemeral moment of realization, as so visitors were encouragedto pen their throughts down and float their ideas as lanterns onto thewater bodies.
  3. 3. a walk through the spaces in our mind____________________________
  4. 4. no great thing Is created suddenly_________________________
  5. 5. The Greenhouse Project.Pop-out Store / Environmental Retail BrandingFor a pop-up store that sold paper products and was aptly named“The Green House,” I built the entire environment out of 5000 sheetsof used office paper. Not only did people have a great time in the store,but the material cost was kept to a minimum.Sustainability comes in many forms. It might be in terms of the use ofreusable or recycled materials, but in this project, I looked at sustain-ability also in the use lighting. Permeable walls and fabric allowed lightto flow from interior spaces to exterior ones. I look at sustainabilitywhen setting the Greenhouse Resturant. How will it be instead of usingcenterpieces of flowers, we use paper?
  6. 6. let the trees grow and let the flowers blossom__________________________________
  7. 7. Find beauty not only in thething itself but in the patternof the shadows, the light anddark which that thing provides.
  8. 8. Haptic is the senseof touch, of feeling,of all senses engaged.Pop-out Portfolio BookThe sense of touch is an important part of experiencing the world. Itmight be through feeling the materials, or perhaps even through justlooking at the fragility of an object, the three dimensionality of it,or the spaces in between paper and paper.
  9. 9. The best things in life.Identity / Personal BrandingThis slogan forms the core values of my work as I cross the milestone intoa new journey upon graduation from college. This motto is also somethingthat drives my passion in everyday life.It’s always about people. Really, it is.To me, the best things in life are shared experiences we have with one an-other. As an experiential brand consultant, I created a business card thatexuberates these core values. It will be used to introduce myself to newpeople I meet along life’s way.With the help of a little hot stamping, slogans and texts imprinted ontoa simple black card are given new meaning and context. Words can onlybe read at a certain angle under the right lighting conditions. Recepientswho encounter the card will get to experience a thought-provoking phase.They will get to flip and feel the textures that represent my brand, my corevalues, and who I am.Depending on the lighting, colors might even come to life, reflected in thefoiled text. Every experience with this card is different, just like how everyperson I meet, is different.
  10. 10. The message is the keywhy someone should listen.Direct Mailer / Non-Profit Awarenss CampaignThe Challenge:Create a brochure which discusses the cliched topic of globalwarming, and make the messgae effective once again.The Solution:Messaging is key to visual communication. Often times, it is diffi-cult to bring across a message in an original and unique way. I hadthe opportunity to do so recently when presented with an opportu-nity to develop a brochure that discussed Global Warming.As the viewer unfolded the brochure, it formed for an ephemeralmoment, the shape of an iceberg, which then disintegrates as thefull thing is pulled open.Through a simple action, without the explicit use of words, a mes-sage about the melting polar-caps is communicated. We are alsoreminded how we are responsible for its destruction.Put a few icebergs together and you’ll get your own artic ocean.Note the polar bears living in their caves.
  11. 11. An atmopshere is astate of mind whensomething excitingfills the air.Numbers Party / Experiential MarketingThe Challenge:Create an experience that gets staff from an accounting firm together tobuild up morale, and truly reflects the values of the company.The Solution:Get as many people as possible involved. People love to be a part of themaking, constructing and building of atmospheres.Events and public gatherings are a fantastic and unique segment ofbranding that I am truly passionate about. I believe live experiences, justlike any other form of branding, needs to be authentic, honest and truth-ful. But the key element to their success is that they need to be sensorial.This can be evoked in many ways through the use of texture, lighting, fab-rics, smells, sounds and colors. An event is always created to facilitategreat conversations, to create a momentary world, and a memorableexperience for everyone.
  12. 12. 1 2 3 45 6 7 89 10 11 12
  13. 13. Stories are the buildingblocks of enduring institutions.Publication DesignThe Challenge:Design a type specimen book that showcases Mrs. Eaves, de-signed by Zuzana Licko, and bring out the personality of thisfont family.The Solution:Stories are the building blocks for memorable experiences.People relate best to an object, product or event when a storyis told in such a way that it creates empathy.The Mrs.Eaves type specimen book is more than just a bookabout this legendary typeface designed by Zuzana Licko. Ittells the story about a woman named Mrs. Eaves, the townshe lived in, and secrets about her everyday life. As you openthe book, a scenographic set of a townscape pops out and astory isuncovered about her unusal relationship with JohnBaskerville (a typeface in his own right). This in turn bringsthe typeface to life, and gives it personality.
  14. 14. A Strong PersonalityIntegrated CampaignMagazine AdvertisingInteractive Web ExperienceThe most iconic brands are those that are authentically human.They are the brands that we can put a face to and live vicariouslythrough images, experiences and interactions. The Journeyman isa brand about relationships. It focuses on travels, stories and thehuman spirit we all have in us, that is the yearning to explore, goforth and connect with different people from different cultures.In an integrated Web and offline experience, via a journal notebookand a commorative photo book, visitors are invited to be a part ofthe journey. They are invited to contribute to the brand by sharingtheir throughts on interesting people they have met during theirtravels through social media platforms.
  15. 15. “Travel is the common thread that links thesevast and diverse places. For many journeyman,it will become the defining experience to whichthey keep referring in later life.”
  16. 16. Thank you!Call: (917) 302-9372Write: info@leechangzhi.comWebsite: www.leechangzhi.comiPad / iPhone: www.changzhilee.com