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Align Comm Overview


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Our high level boilerplate. Two pages that summarize our capabilities.

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Align Comm Overview

  1. 1. Take a new look at your company through our lensDisconnects can be devastating. When internal teams aren’t aligned or the flow of vital strategicinformation is disrupted, it can choke the life out of any strategic plan.Disconnects can be easy to fix, That alignment is then re- Objective analyses are based onbut only once they are spotted. enforced through a clear, a comprehensive organizationalAnd that’s where AlignComm consistent and compelling survey and trademarked Returncomes in. communication framework. on Alignment ® process, which delivers unique insights, alongWe have the expertise to with actionable and measurablemeasure, monitor and manage Our work energizes company- recommendations.the root causes of wide plans, as well as divisionalmiscommunication, or group strategies that requiremisunderstanding and mistakes. the cooperation of otherIn other words, we enable departments.organizations to buildconnections between the groups We look at organizationswho, together, make a strategic through the lens of alignment,plan work. determining whether all of the elements that are vital to the Every organization is perfectlySimply put, well-aligned success of the plan are aligned to achieve the results theyemployees: positioned and prepared to deserve deliver results.  Know that there is a plan  Understand the plan We evaluate the degree of Our lens is both objective and horizontal alignment throughout  Agree with the plan subjective: the supply chain that connects your  Buy into the plan  Energize the plan products and services to the Subjective analyses are based market. Horizontal alignment on interviews and workshops ensures that people work togetherAlignComm (from Alignment that uncover many of the across organizational and functionaland Communication) was organizational discrepancies boundaries; it also links customerfounded to help companies that impact overall success, but requirements to the way they gorealize the potential of their may not be obvious to about their day-to-day business.strategy through measurably management teams.improved alignment of theirpeople, partners and processes. rd Copyright AlignComm LLC - 8042 243 Place NE, Redmond, WA 98053 - 425.868.0212 -
  2. 2. Equally important, vertical This is the core of AlignComm Regardless, in all cases wealignment defines the effectiveness expertise. Our approach to guarantee to provide freshof organizational agility, and the organizational alignment relies insights into any business.effective deployment of strategy on a phased, milestone-based We have seen the holisticand delegation of authority as and objective process that nature of alignment: themanifested in the actions of people selectively leverages our surprisingly large impact smallat work. Vertical alignment analytical tools and techniques and targeted adjustments canenergizes people, provides direction based on the size of the make, and the need for a clearand opportunity for involvement. challenge and the needs of the and consistent framework in organization. which to evolve and reinforce that alignment. We don’t want to change strategies—we just help make them work betterHowever, it is only the through adjustments to the waysuccessful alignment of these they are executed andtwo dimensions and the links communicated. Our focus is onbetween them that providing high-impact, easilycharacterizes a great interpreted diagnostics, and onorganization. the identification of realistic, quantifiable, actionable and prioritized adjustments. The principles that govern the internal alignment of organizations remain valid when re-engineering the relationship between alliance partners, but with an additional dimension.We work transparently with both parties in the relationship to analyze three alignment dynamicssimultaneously. It is only through first addressing the real or imagined obstacles to a successfulalliance within each of the partner organizations company that a well aligned, mutually profitable andsustainable relationship can be developed between them.An AlignComm relationship is personal, confidential and tailored to your exact needs. You can expectabsolute integrity and the assurance that everything we do will be in the best interest of your company,your employees and your partners.Our services include surveys, workshops, coaching, communication frameworks and creative writing. rd Copyright AlignComm LLC - 8042 243 Place NE, Redmond, WA 98053 - 425.868.0212 -