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  • The search boxes allow you to type in the person’s last name [surname] and first name [given name]. You can select a year and a state if you know them. Then, click on the box that says ‘Search’. Clicking on the light green ‘Advanced Search’ tab allows you to refine your search to include county, age, sex, race, and birthplace. If you know the series, roll, and page number of the census record you need, enter it by clicking on the ‘Find by Page Number’ tab.
  • If HeritageQuest finds the name you were looking for, it will list which census records it appears in. Click on one of the results to be taken to an image of the actual census record.
  • If you are searching for a person, click on the ‘People’ link. Click on ‘Places’ to look for place names. Then type the specific name into the search box given
  • Click ‘Books’ Once you have typed a name or names into the search box(es), click ‘Search.’ Your results page will give you a list of books in which that name is found. If you would like to download the entire book (this could be many pages!), click ‘View Image.’ If you are interested in seeing in what chapters of the book the name is found, click ‘View Hits’ instead.
  • Clicking on that chapter’s link sends you to the beginning of the chapter. If you click on the number beside it, you will be sent to the first page in the chapter upon which the name you are searching for appears.
  • If you know the name of the periodical you would like, you can go to the ‘Publications’ page and type in your title, or browse titles alphabetically. You will be able to find the citations of articles from periodicals but, unlike with the books, you will not find the full text of the articles. Instead, you will be directed to instructions on how to order the article you need. See the PERSI page to learn more about ordering articles. Let’s say we decide to search: Kansas state historical society – or click the ‘K’ letter below the search bar and locate it by browsing…
  • Genealogy Heritage Quest & Genealogy Connect

    1. 1. FREE Genealogy Workshop What are these databases and how can they help with research? What unique resources are available in each of the databases? How do I log in to access them without paying subscription fees? Additional tips, time for sharing and practice Please call reference staff, we will print handouts for attendees Part I: Library Subscription Databases January 18, 1:00 – 2:00, East Room Part II: State Provided Databases January 25, 1:00 – 2:00, East Room Cynthia Hesser, Presenter
    2. 2. Heritage Quest & Genealogy Connect GENEALOGY DATABASES FROM STATE LIBRARY OF KANSAS
    3. 3. 3 Getting Started with HeritageQuest OnlinePresentation by Cynthia Hesser Leavenworth Public Library – Email: Many PPT slides thanks to: May P. Chan Prairie History Room Regina Public Library © 2008
    4. 4. What is HeritageQuest Online? A searchable database providing access to U. S. Federal Census records from 1790 onwards, PERSI (a PERiodical Source Index to genealogy and local history periodicals for both the US and Canada), and digitized copies of genealogy and local history books. 4
    5. 5. HeritageQuest Online vs. Ancestry Library Edition HeritageQuest Online’s collection is strongly American focused whereas Ancestry Library edition provides access to records from Canada & the UK HeritageQuest Online has 6 databases vs. Ancestry’s 7000+ databases HeritageQuest Online compliments Ancestry Library edition 5
    6. 6. 6 Main Resources found in HeritageQuest Online U.S. Census records, 1790-1940 Freedman’s Bank Records, 1865-1874 PERSI (PERiodical Source Index) which is an index of 6,500 local history & genealogy periodicals and 2.3 million articles Revolutionary War pension & bounty-land warrant Full text of 30,000 local & family histories, from UMI collection U.S. Serial set – search memorials, petitions, etc. of the U.S. Congress
    7. 7. 7 How Do I Log In to the Databases? 1. In the Internet address bar, type: and click “Resources and Training” at top of page. 2. Select “Explore a Topic”. 3. Select a desired genealogy database: Ancestry Library, Heritage Quest, FOLD3, Digital Sanborn Maps or Genealogy Connect. “Heritage Quest” and “Genealogy Connect” will be in the far right column of state database listings in the group titled “Popular Topics”.
    8. 8. Or access: http:/ Click “Online Resources” 9
    9. 9. Select Heritage Quest on right side 10
    10. 10. Heritage Quest opens in a new tab 11
    11. 11. Home Page for HQ Online 12
    12. 12. U. S. Census Returns HQ Online contains digitized images of each decennial census from 1790-1940. Census records from more recent censuses are not yet available due to 72- year access restrictions…For this reason the 1940 census just became available in 2012 13
    13. 13. However… HQ Online contains name indexes for only 12 of the decennial censuses, meaning you can only search on census years that have been indexed ◦To locate information in census years that haven’t been indexed, you have to use browse functionality. ◦Note: All of the 1930 and 1940 censuses is available to browse but only a portion is available to search. 14
    14. 14. 15 HeritageQuest uses copies of census data rather than the original census records. Because these copies only list the head of households, no other family members are indexed by HeritageQuest. Therefore, only heads of households will be retrieved by a search! Also keep in mind…
    15. 15. Head of Household •Person who was responsible for the care of the home and/or family. This could be a husband, widow with children, person living alone, etc. •Exceptions included: –Persons residing within the household who had a different surname (e.g., a mother-in-law, boarder, servant, niece). –All individuals living in institutions (schools, prisons, hospitals, etc.) 16
    16. 16. Last but not least…1890 Census Over 99% of the 1890 population schedules were destroyed! Of 62,979,766 persons enumerated in 1890, a total of 6,160 names could be extracted from the following states: ◦Alabama, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota and Texas 17
    17. 17. 18 Basic Search display when „Census‟ is selected
    18. 18. Census Results 19
    19. 19. Saving Your Results 20 Ways to save documents
    20. 20. Taking Notes & Add to Notebook 21
    21. 21. Notebook 22
    22. 22. Advanced Search - Census 23
    23. 23. Browsing the Census 24
    24. 24. Searching for Books 25
    25. 25. Searching People 26
    26. 26. Search a Surname 27
    27. 27. Peruse Listing… 28
    28. 28. View Image… 29
    29. 29. Or View Hits… 30
    30. 30. Click on Hits to View… 31
    31. 31. Book Excerpt Result Screen 32
    32. 32. PERSI – Journal Articles 33
    33. 33. Searching for articles pertaining to… 34
    34. 34. Article Results List: 35
    35. 35. Searching Books! 36
    36. 36. View Hits Results 37
    37. 37. Text from a book: 38
    38. 38. PERSI 39
    39. 39. PERSI - People 40
    40. 40. PERSI: People: Leavenworth: Military 41
    41. 41. PERSI People: Leavenworth: Results 42
    42. 42. PERSI Leavenworth: Article Cited- Location 43
    43. 43. PERSI – Places: Leavenworth 44
    44. 44. Persi – Places; Leavenworth: Military 45
    45. 45. PERSI How To: 46
    46. 46. Publications tab – Titles of periodicals 47
    47. 47. PERSI Publications: KSHS 48
    48. 48. PERSI Publications: KSHS e.g.. 49
    49. 49. Important Search Tips: When looking for people in the U.S. Census, remember that only the heads of the households are indexed! Otherwise you will have to “browse” the records to find the individual No “Soundex” feature which means you will have to type in the various spellings of a surname if you are unable to find the desired results 50
    50. 50. Genealogy Connect
    51. 51. Intro to Genealogy Connect This subscription database from Gale contains more than 500 genealogical and historical references and provides access to over 1500 works searchable online. Kansas residents may access the database free of charge at HTTP://KSLIB.INFO by clicking “Explore Our Resources” and selecting “Genealogy Connect” in the right column.
    52. 52. What Genealogy Connect offers Gale Genealogy Connect is an advanced online tool for genealogical research, designed to instruct researchers in genealogical research methods and help them organize materials to build optimal family trees. It is powered by information from, publishers of works on genealogy and family history.
    53. 53. Features of Genealogy Connect It features a user interface with instant translation into 38 languages Unlimited 24/7 simultaneous access Seamless cross-searching across Gale Genealogy Connect collections Multi-page viewing (to recreate a book experience) Ability to print, save, e-mail, and share articles
    54. 54. What Genealogy Connect includes Includes: “how-to” works for doing genealogical research Colonial period works identifying early American settlers and chronicling immigration to America Works that can trace noble and royal ancestries Histories and source records for Native American tribes
    55. 55. Homepage Categories
    56. 56. Collecting Dead Relatives
    57. 57. Advanced Search
    58. 58. Help Guide Options
    59. 59. State Library of Kansas Let’s explore… If you brought a laptop and want to explore with me or independently: Access the Kansas library site above Click ‘Explore Our Resources’ in left column Click ‘Genealogy Connect’ in right column Let’s go!
    60. 60. Text Example - Revolutionary War
    61. 61. Finding a Revolutionary War Soldier
    62. 62. Major Record Sources
    63. 63. Pension Records
    64. 64. Compiled Military Service
    65. 65. Native North Americans - Pocahontas
    66. 66. Fun Stuff – Reference Works; Paper Trees
    67. 67. 69 Additional Resources
    68. 68. 70 Websites  State Libraries: usa-state.html  State archives:  Genealogical societies:  Find the U.S. GenWeb site for county of interest:  *In 2012 a digitized version of all the LDS microfilm is expected to be released online.   _Page  plains/kansas-city/  has 225 books online with over 3 million German names indexed. For information about people in Rheinland Pfalz area try A brand new German gen site is   HQ Tutorial:  v1WCvl-ps URL Country Codes:
    69. 69. 71 Finale! Thank you for attending  2 minute YouTube Tutorial on Heritage Quest YouTube Ancestry Library Video Tutorial:  We hope you will better understand and feel comfortable using these free genealogy resources as you begin your family history quest. We will be available at the Reference Desk if you have further questions. You may also email us your questions at –   OR: Sign up for a 1-on-1 Class  Access this slideshow at: Presented by Cynthia Hesser, Reference Librarian Leavenworth Public Library January 25, 2014