NCompass Live: Genealogy Resources for Librarians


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Join Cindy Cochran and Judi Cook, from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society, as they guide you through the many historical resources available for librarians assisting anyone with an interest in genealogy and family history.

NCompass Live - Sept. 25, 2013.

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NCompass Live: Genealogy Resources for Librarians

  1. 1. SELS Meeting - May 23, 2013 Genealogical Resources
  2. 2. LLCGS
  3. 3. Come to Union College to the Don Love Building to find genealogical resources.
  4. 4. Go up a few stairs or the elevator and turn to the right.
  5. 5. Welcome to the Library
  6. 6. Customers may access the entire Union College Library for their research.
  7. 7. Some Union College books useful for genealogical purposes include the 140+ volumes of the “War of the Rebellion” (Civil War), encyclopedias, and many “Who’s Who” volumes.
  8. 8. There is a photocopy machine available and a microfilm reader. There are public access computers.
  9. 9. The Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society maintains a collection of genealogy books, dvds, microfilm, and periodicals within the Crandall Library. It is open to the public. We have reference and circulating materials.
  10. 10. Chloe Foutz, a former director of the Library, was instrumental in making this arrangement in the early 1990s.
  11. 11. In addition, approximately 3,000 volumes were given to the Society when the Historical Society changed its mission in the early 1990s. Ownership was made permanent in 2005.
  12. 12. 12 We now have over 5,000 books available for research. Donations have helped expand the collection.
  13. 13. We have around 3,000 genealogy periodicals arranged by state or country.
  14. 14. We use Heritage Quest as the index to our periodicals.
  15. 15. The LLCGS genealogy collection relies solely on our volunteers to add and maintain resources. We follow the Union College Library’s protocols.
  16. 16. Besides the regular collection, LLCGS stores important archival items – early Lancaster County probate records,
  17. 17. many Lancaster County marriage records that were being thrown away, (Digital scans are available for a fee.)
  18. 18. naturalization records, and the original 120,000 index cards typed by Melvin Sittler, a retired farmer, as he indexed the Nebraska State Journal, 1873-1900.
  19. 19. The old newspapers were salvaged from storage in bunkers near Mead, Nebraska in 1979.
  20. 20. 20 Our members spend numerous hours on preservation.
  21. 21. A big project awaiting us is scanning of the probate records.
  22. 22. 22 We have interest groups and workshops to assist genealogists.
  23. 23. In 1976 the Genealogy Society began gathering cemetery information from Lancaster County.
  24. 24. Eight volumes were compiled and printed and are available in our collection.
  25. 25. Our collection begins with the American Genealogical Biographical Index (AGBI) – over 200 volumes filled with personal names.
  26. 26. We have many good resources on Irish genealogy.
  27. 27. At some point we received the holdings of NISIA (Nebraskans of Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestry.)
  28. 28. We have books on Palatine and other Germans, and French-Canadians.
  29. 29. Czechs, and Frisians are represented.
  30. 30. Thanks to the Martin and Kilpatrick collections, originally donated to the Nebraska State Historical Society,
  31. 31. we have a very strong English selection.
  32. 32. Some of the English records are quite old.
  33. 33. There are quite a few books on New England, including the Massachusetts vital records -
  34. 34. and periodicals as well.
  35. 35. Most of our states are represented.
  36. 36. We have the set of 158 DAR Lineage Books plus their new Forgotten Patriots book. has 154 of the volumes.
  37. 37. LLCGS members requested more Nebraska materials, which the Library Committee has worked on adding for the last two years.
  38. 38. More Nebraska items - including our own LLCGS publications.
  39. 39. We have many “how to” books to assist in family tree research.
  40. 40. There are some good examples of family histories on our shelves.
  41. 41. If someone is writing a family history, we may have information from the past to enhance the project.
  42. 42. A customer could glean ideas on how his/her ancestors lived.
  43. 43. They could look in old yearbooks.
  44. 44. Perhaps find a photograph from World War I.
  45. 45. Did their ancestors travel from the farm to the city?
  46. 46. We have plat maps to locate where a family lived.
  47. 47. Or we can find their address and occupation in city directories.
  48. 48. Don’t forget information from newspapers.
  49. 49. Our website at has information that can be accessed on the internet.
  50. 50. Go to – the catalog is searchable without logging in as a member.
  51. 51. We can choose between the Union College catalog and the website catalog. This demonstration will use the LLCGS website catalog.
  52. 52. The first screen shows a complete list of titles along with searching choices.
  53. 53. The Holdings pull-down and the View Categories box do the same thing, so click either place.
  54. 54. Either location allows you to search by specific format, such as “Books Only”
  55. 55. “Online Only” lists books you can read online. Click on the eye to continue.
  56. 56. On this screen, click on the URL.
  57. 57. This is the online book at
  58. 58. Now that you have some idea of our treasures, we invite you to take a tour of the library.
  59. 59. LLCGS also has an interactive website. Let’s take a quick tour of the site. Query
  60. 60. LLCGS website
  61. 61. LLCGS website Find upcoming events. Go to bottom of Upcoming Events List
  62. 62. LLCGS website Find upcoming programs, discussions and tours.
  63. 63. LLCGS maintains links to ‘Surname Research’
  64. 64. LLCGS maintains an extensive database free to all. The society is continuing to add database info.
  65. 65. Example of cemetery info that can be found on Each yellow circle represents a cemetery. You can hover over the circle or click on it.
  66. 66. Example of name search that can be found on At each arrow there is a link to guide or explain what is needed or optional. The only required field is the last name and it can be a partial last name. Also, in the red box, a description of why the search may not find information .
  67. 67. Example of name search that can be found on An example of a search with a partial last name.
  68. 68. Example of name search that can be found on
  69. 69. Example of name search that can be found on
  70. 70. Need to contact us for more info or queries? Click on ‘Contact’ at
  71. 71. LLCGS maintains a listing of links to Local and State Genealogical Resource Sites.
  72. 72. LLCGS maintains a listing of links to local and state genealogical resource sites.
  73. 73. LLCGS provides current info on Facebook, blogs and twitter. Go to bottom of home page @
  74. 74. LLCGS & Gen. Societies Libraries Archives Library Commission Historical Societies Museums Ethnic Societies LDS Family Search Youth Projects • Partnerships • Collaboration • Shared Resources • Meeting Sites • Community Outreach Cooperation to Preserve the Past for Future Generations P. Ericson