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Patron Printing Changes Due To The Price Change
Patron Printing Changes Due To The Price Change
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Patron Printing Changes Due To The Price Change


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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  • 1. Patron Printing Changes Due to the Price Change When we switch to the dual printer pricing (one price for black and white, a higher price for color), this will cause a slight change in the way the Public PC users will need to print. Before, they most likely only had the choice of one printer, usually named “Color Laser,” and it was the default printer. Now, there will be both a “Black and White” printer and a “Color Laser” printer available to patrons. The Black and White will be the default printer. NOTE: Both the “Color Laser” and the “Black and White” will print to the same Color Laserjet 4600, 4650, or 4700 that you already have. However, one will print in Black and White only while the other will print in full color. So, many patrons who are used to just clicking the “Quick Print” button in Word or Internet Explorer (which used to print to the Color Laser), will now find their document or web page printed in black and white. If they want the Word document or web page printed in color, they will have to go to File  Print and choose the Color Laser printer. Page 1
  • 2. Many patrons may also want to print only certain pages in color and the rest in black and white. Let’s say, for example, that a patron has a 15 page Word document, and they want to print pages 1-5 in black and white, and pages 6-15 in color. To do this, they will need to select the Pages circle under the Page Range area. Then, type in the range they would like to print. Similarly, say a patron wanted to print something in Internet Explorer, but they need to print certain pages in black and white and other pages in color. In this case, they can just type the numbers in followed by commas. The screen shot below shows how you would print all of the odd pages in black and white and all of the even pages in color. Page 2