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Online Lead Generation Formula


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Most businesses do not do keyword research when their website is built, even when they do it is rare that the website is actually properly optimised for these keywords.

The Google keyword tool is free and will give you a good indication of the search volumes and the competitiveness of a keyword

It can also be used to discover which keywords Google thinks a website is relevant for - which can give you ideas for keywords to target.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation has two aspects - on-page and off-page.

On-page SEO is primarily about meta-tags and content.

Meta-tags are;

page titles
page headings
image tags

Use the keywords you researched previously in these meta-tags - but remember each page of your website can only target one or two keywords effectively (certainly to start with).

It is also important to have useful content to engage your prospect. Whilst it is important to give Google what it wants you must not lose sight of the fact that the ultimate aim is to generate leads and this can only be done by communicating with real people.

Content should be 'problem-to-solution' content - it should solved, at least partially, a problem for the prospect. Each business can trace sales back to problems - for an accountant prospects have the problem of tax returns and cash flow, a florist's prospects have the problem of how to communicate a certain emotion to someone, etc.

Google records the time people spend on a website - if you do not have engaging content then visitors will not hang around and Google will downgrade your website in its index because the stats will say that your content is not relevant to the search query.

Video is a great way of increasing engagement and getting visitors to stay longer on a web page.

BL - Backlinks

Backlinks represent the Off-page SEO side of the equation. Backlinks are links pointing to your website from third-party websites.

Backlinks are not all created equal - the most powerful backlinks are;

keyword anchor-text contextual backlinks

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  • 1. Online Lead Generating Formula(KR + OPO) x (CS+LS+SS+PPC) = TT TT x OF = L L + FU = C
  • 2. KR = keyword researchThe Google keyword tool will tell you;What your prospects are typing into Google tosearch for your products and servicesHow many times the phrases have been searched
  • 3.
  • 4. Set to ‘Exact’ match
  • 5. Exact match local results
  • 6. OPO = On Page OptimisationYour Keyword must be found in the web page‘meta-tags’;• Page URL• Page title• Page heading and sub-headings• Description tag• Image tags
  • 7. Web page content shouldcontain a minimum of 500 wordsof relevant, on-topic text.
  • 8. CS = Content SyndicationMulti-media content created and syndicated online•Articles – article directories, web2.0 sites• Video – Youtube, Vimeo, etc• Audio - iTunes• Slideshows – Slideshare, Sliderocket, etc• PDFs – Scribd, Docstoc, etc
  • 9. SS = Social sharingPost on your website or blog and target social shares;• Twitter• Facebook• Google+•LinkedIn•Instagram•Pinterest
  • 10. LS = Local Search• Google Places• Google+ Local for BusinessThese are ‘broken products’, but they are all localbusiness have to work with – so we must use them!• Use Google+• Get reviews• Get citations – make sure your businessname, address & phone number are uniform on all sites
  • 11. PPC = Pay Per ClickGoogle’s changes in search algorithms and displayedresults are viewed by many as a way to make PPC(Google Adwords) more attractive to businesses.Pros: Can bring targeted buying traffic Instant resultsCons: Need expert help to set up Must be managed or can get very expensive
  • 12. Google search trends for 2013A brief aside; Google search changed dramatically in2012 and will do so again in 2013. The move will betowards the following metrics;• User-experience• Google+• Social sharing• Authorship• Incoming links from relevant websites
  • 13. TT = Targeted TrafficIt is better to have 100 visitors who are targeted– find you through relevant keywords - than1000 visits from searchers who found youthrough non-relevant keywordsRelevant keywords = ‘buyer’ keywords
  • 14. TT x OF = LOF = Opt-in Form Collect prospect information; • Name • Email • Phone number • Nature of enquiry
  • 15. The opt-in form will only work if you are making the right offer! It must be RELEVANT and VALUABLE!
  • 16. Targeted Traffic x Optin Form = L L = Lead
  • 17. L + FU = CLead + Follow-up = Customer
  • 18. Follow up via email and/or telephone By email, at some point you MUST ask for the sale, but provide more VALUE first!If you ask for and receive a telephone number then this is a STRONG lead – call them back ASAP!
  • 19. Lead Generating Websites• Wordpress websites• SEO – Content creation & syndication• PPC set-up & management• Social media set-up & management• Training & Workshops