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TM Lewin - SEO 2013 Campaign
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TM Lewin - SEO 2013 Campaign


Published on

SEO Strategy Proposal for TM Lewin -

SEO Strategy Proposal for TM Lewin -

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • Social Crawlytics
  • Transcript

    • 1. SEO 2013 Project Plan
    • 2.  Increase sales from online sites from natural search sources in the declining market with increasing competition.
    • 3.  Client has 4 e-commerce domains: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  One blog linked from all the above: ◦  Technology: ◦ CMS: Demandware ◦ Analytics & Tracking: Coremetrics, Levexis ◦ CDN: Akamai
    • 4.  Identify potential SEO problems within all assets  Broken links  Status headers  JavaScript, CSS  URLs structure  Information architecture  W3C Compliance  Meta tags
    • 5.  Find keyword opportunities specific for each region  Which products are in most demand  What do the customers really search for and buy  Short to medium tail strategy recommended
    • 6.  Type of link  Anchor text  Clusters of similar IPs  Link position on the page  Quality (defensibility) of the site link originates from  Is the page where the link originates actually indexed?  Asses internal link structure as well
    • 7.  Talk to the client - get previous reports, lists of links developed and understand what has been done up until now  Listen to the client - to understand their goals and their current appetite for risk  Use link analysis tool
    • 8. Opportunity Mapping (link opportunities and topic areas) •Core customers groups •Identify key opportunities and niches to target •Communication with the client is key to help understand their various customer segments •Objectives: find link opportunities, identify the niches, discover topic areas Competitor Link Profile Analysis •Spot their weaknesses •Steal their best ideas •Do not just replicate their back links profile
    • 9. Understand who your competitors really are (not necessarily the businesses your client thinks they compete against). Analyse competitor link profiles - using the methodology described in the previous exercise Benchmark your link profile versus competitors - does your profile stand out in comparison to average figures based on competitors? Identify key opportunities based on competitor link profiles (direct and indirect)
    • 10. SEO PPC PR Social
    • 11.  Clear and focused link building  Take into account identified weaknesses (closing natural search gap)  Exploit opportunities (both external and internal)  Future proof: make links a natural by-product of normal marketing strategy
    • 12. • Meta Tags • CSS • JavaScript • URLs structure • Etc.
    • 13.  Current snippet in Google results:  How they could look like:  Better CTR, conversions and effectively rankings
    • 14.  Users who engaged with a piece of content such as an article, forum thread or video on the site before reaching a product or category page are 5 times more valuable than users who arrived directly on a product or category page.
    • 15.  Users who engage with quality content place more trust in the brand and convert at a higher rate, purchase more products and have a greater tendency to make repeat purchases  Increasing brand trust, improving conversion rates and encouraging larger sale values are all vital elements of any digital marketing campaign
    • 16.  Current Blog Snippets in Google results:  With Authorship markup:  Implementation of Authorship markup ◦ 55% better rankings with authorship integration ◦ 36.6% without ◦ 8.1% equal
    • 17. • Social SEO is about engagement! • Strong relationship between social shares and links
    • 18.  Pruning links profile  Things to change / update: ◦ The anchor text ◦ URL destination ◦ Removal of bad links
    • 19. Typography Readability Spelling / Grammar Shareability Keyword Use Copyscape report Social media shares
    • 20. Reviews – implementation, incentivisation Q&A section / Q&A on product pages Consideration of Forum Blog posts, in- depth content reviews
    • 21.  Research Q&A on Yahoo answers, Quora, Facebook, Twitter  Search for questions in Analytics data & keyword tool data  Content Asset Identification ◦ Whitepapers ◦ Long-form blog posts ◦ Mobile Apps & tools ◦ Free resources & downloads ◦ Guides  Identify assets in need of a facelift or just an update
    • 22.  Understand from the client any content production they have done in the past  Dig through archives of the site (  Look for pages with significant amount of links  Uncover hidden assets (Social Crawlytics)
    • 23.  Fill the gap between “the current state” and “the future state” ◦ Enhance content with more details ◦ Paginate it for better user experience ◦ Add videos, actions steps, screenshots, templates  Objective: Surpass competitor’s content assets  “Why would someone link to this?”
    • 24. Ensure it is sharable  Brainstorming  Competitor Analysis  Examples / screenshots from competitors Site structure  Where does content need to go (blog or Q&A)  How should the sections be structured  Design & UI  Interlinking between sections
    • 25.  Weekly / monthly content plan  Special events & calendar  Blog calendar  PR calendar
    • 26.  Infographics  Articles and guides  Blog posts  E-newsletters  Images – graphics, etc  Polls and surveys  Press releases  Social media content (tweets, statuses)  Video  White papers
    • 27.  Identify any guest posts that drive referral traffic  Could it benefit with updating or enhancing  Important part of brand reputation showing the ideas and expertise is not outdated  For posts sending most referral traffic plan 2nd links tier building
    • 28.  Link salvage opportunities  Legacy subdomains
    • 29.  Benefit prospective customers  Create content that helps to attract links  Align closely with Gap Analysis
    • 30.  Seek opportunities where nothing more than the brand name or URL is mentioned  Find places that use your images (TinEye)  Find citations of your content elsewhere (Copyscape)
    • 31.  Take advantage of any link opportunities from your competitors back link profile  Do not miss any referral / sales opportunities
    • 32. Co-ordinate content calendar with next month’s blogging targets Include links to websites that will be next month’s target Create highly relevant niche posts Opportunities  Directly earn links with solid content  Establish credibility to help with outreach  Platform to get the attention of link prospects
    • 33.  Identify links opportunities  Evaluation  Researching prospects  Contacting prospects  Content writing  Facilitating publication
    • 34.  Bloggers first, webmasters later  Bloggers: new content published  Two step process ◦ Social outreach ◦ Sending emails  Webmasters: secure permanent links on resource pages
    • 35.  How well was the content performing – published on client’s website and externally  Performance metrics: CTR, referrals, traffic, sales, ROI  Leverage relationships with influencers, bloggers, curators, editors, journalists
    • 36.  Have we achieved the goals and objectives?  What are realistic targets for next stage?  Any tactics worth replicating?
    • 37. Questions?