Integrating SEO & Social Media


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Integrating SEO & Social Media

  1. 1. Using SEO to JustifyInvestment in Socialby Patrick Altoft
  2. 2. What I will be talking aboutDeciding what content to publish• Integrating with current activity• Market research• BrainstormingPromoting content• Outreach• Using social mediaContent strategy
  3. 3. Why SEO & social?Brands understand PPC and are willing to investSEO is far more profitable than PPC but more of a risk, brands still willing to investSocial is hard to measure & less profitable with lower chance of success (depending onthe industry) – so how do we get brands to invest?The answer is that social helps drive SEO.
  4. 4. Doing Real StuffWould you do this if it didn’t helpwith SEO?When you release a new page orpiece of content would your MD orPR department tweet about it?Would they tweet a link built by yourSEO team?If not then you probably shouldn’tbe doing itSEO has to be integral to marketing
  5. 5. Real Company Stuff
  6. 6. InfluencersFind key influencers & reviewwhat they are talking about eachweekFollow via Twitter listsUse data to decide what contentwould be popular with them
  7. 7. What do they link to?Analyse the past few months posts from thetop 10 blogs in the sector you want to target& see what they link toIf they never cover infographics then don’tuse that as your strategyAll sectors are differentDon’t aim too high initially
  8. 8. Get socialMake somethingusers will loveEncourage themto share*This is the Twitter Analyticsinterface for verified users
  9. 9. Social SEO is not about fans & followersIt’s about engagement
  10. 10. Tweeting
  11. 11. Sharing
  12. 12. Think About the FutureGoogle has a history of devaluing every type of link that was created for SEO purposes• Directory links• Press release syndication• Article syndication• Blatant paid links• Wordpress theme links• Advertorials• And many moreUnless the links you build are part of your overall marketing & communications strategythey will only work for a limited amount of time
  13. 13. Competitor AnalysisCompetitor analysis hasbecome pretty muchuseless in the last 12months.Most of your competitorslinks probably look terribleMaybe they disavowedthem?Analyse content thatwas widely shared &linked instead
  14. 14. CompetingIf you don’t have a better site, don’t expect to rank higher. Build linkspeople can’t replicate rather than just copying competitors
  15. 15. How It Works For Vue CinemasConstant communication and a weekly update withPR and Social agencies for Vue results in top qualitycontent and links from trusted established resourceswhich are relevant to their target audience.Radio Times78 retweets179 Facebook interactionsLink from high authority siteDomain Authority: 74
  16. 16. SuccessOften success is about finding oneor two high profile people to sharecontent & it will virally
  17. 17. What Google WantsThe goal of many of our ranking changes is to help searchers find sites that provide a greatuser experience and fulfil their information needs.Matt CuttsOur strategy therefore is to create a better search result for our clients than theircompetitors.This can be split into two simple to understand factors:• Creating more authority & being a better/more reputable company• Making better landing pages, specifically your primary pages
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Content StrategyOur Data Insights team analysed visits across one of the UK’s largestretail ecommerce websites and found that users who engaged with apiece of content such as an article, forum thread or video on the sitebefore reaching a product or category page were 5 times more valuablethan users who arrived directly on a product or category page.Users who engage with quality content place more trust in the brand soconvert at a higher rate, purchase more products and have a greatertendency to make repeat purchasesIncreasing brand trust, improving conversion rates and encouraginglarger sale values are all vital elements of any digital marketing campaign
  20. 20. Content AuditDocument• Typography• Readability• Spelling/grammar• Shareability• Keyword use• Copyscape report onstolen content• Social media sharesShareable Content• Brainstorming• Competitor Analysis• Examples &screenshots fromcompetitorsInformativeContent• Research Q&A onYahoo Answers,Quora, Facebook,Twitter• Search for questionsin Analytics data &keyword tool data• Gap Analysis ofcurrent content• Examples &screenshots fromcompetitors etcUser GeneratedContent• Reviews –implementation,incentivisation etc• Q&A section or Q&Aon product pages etc• Forums, blogcomments, guestblog posts, in-depthcontent reviews• Examples &screenshots fromcompetitors etcSite Structure• Where does contentneed to go (blog orQ&A etc)• How should thesections bestructured• Design & UI• Interlinking betweensections• Examples &screenshots fromcompetitorsContent RoadmapDocument• Monthly or weeklycontent plan• Special events &calendar• Blog calendar• PR calendarContent Strategy Framework
  21. 21. Use Your Assets to Build AuthorityMoneysupermarket.comreleases an annual HomeInsurance Monitor reportdetailing which towns in the UKare most likely to be burgled,common accidents, premiumsetcWith data from 3.3m quotes thiscould be amazingIt’s in a PDF – big missedopportunity
  22. 22. Quora for Content IdeasUse Q&A sites to drive contentstrategy:• Quora• Yahoo Answers• Also filters in Analytics to findquestions
  23. 23. and