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The 5 Most Important Benchmarks for a New SEO Client


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Senior Digital Marketing Specialist Nicolette Beard walks through the 5 most important benchmarks for a new SEO client and how to create benchmark reports.You can craft marketing reports in minutes with Raven:

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The 5 Most Important Benchmarks for a New SEO Client

  2. 2. Welcome!  Business Owner  Editor / Publisher  SEO Consultant  Ghost Blogger  Online Marketing Strategist @RavenNickiB
  3. 3. Reach-Based Benchmarks Reach represents SEO work toward increasing visibility and traffic.  More reach means more visitors.  More visitors take more actions.  More actions lead to more results.
  4. 4. Our Sample Client , an eCommerce website based in Florida  Sells candy to consumers, primarily for special occasions Raven’s Evaluation Tools • Site Auditor • Site Performance • Backlink Explorer • Research Central • Competitor Manager
  5. 5. Benchmark No. 1: Crawlability For Web Design firms: • Is there a proper site map? • Are pages blocked in the robot.txt file? • Is the site architecture creating duplicate or error pages? Search engine bots need to find your website and its content quickly. Common issues:  Blocked pages  Redirected pages  Load time
  6. 6. Benchmark No. 2: On-Page Factors For Marketing Agencies • Are your writers, SEOs and developers working together to created optimized content on the page and in the code? Search engines require quality pages to index. Common issues:  Stub pages  Duplicate content
  7. 7. Benchmark No. 3: Link Value For Marketing Agencies • Is the content link worthy? • Is there evidence of sharing social content with industry peers and customers? • What outreach has attracted online media outlets? A valuable external link is trustworthy and relevant to readers and search engines. Common issues:  Few .EDU and .GOV links  Few social shares
  8. 8. Benchmark No. 4: Link Diversity For Marketing Agencies • Does the target website have evergreen content? • Are there ways to add or promote content that would encourage linking and sharing? • What niche forum might your audience participate in that could drive traffic? A large, diverse set of trustworthy sites linking to yours indicates quality. Common issues:  Total linking domains  Types of linking domains  Quality of linking domains
  9. 9. Benchmark No. 5: Deep Links For Marketing Agencies • Does the target website contain a resource hub or newsroom? • Are there ways to add content that would drive deep links without creating a huge burden for your client? Deep links can drive more traffic to the most relevant destination. Common issues:  Too many links to home page  Too few links to key hub pages
  10. 10. Goals and Results These benchmarks help you set goals that clients can understand and you can reach.  Report milestones  Remind clients why your services are valuable Photo credit: Flickr
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