BrightRoll Introduces: The Most Interesting Media Buyer in the World


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BrightRoll unveiled “The Most Interesting Media Buyer in the World” during a recent iMedia agency summit. This presentation given by CEO Tod Sacerdoti highlighted the digital video industry in 2011 while looking ahead to 2012. To keep the session fun and irreverent, BrightRoll paid homage to the iconic Dos Equis character known only as “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” The BrightRoll character shared pithy quotes about the world of the digital media buyer.

For more of what makes this media man most interesting, check out this recent video footage at complete with more notable quotes from the man himself.

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  • Publishers beg me to call about discrepancies because they miss me
  • My cookies are you powerful they can delete you."
  • I don't track conversions, conversions track me."
  • BrightRoll Introduces: The Most Interesting Media Buyer in the World

    2. 2. AboutBrightRollSCALE• #1 video network  110M (US) / 160M (global) uniques  3.6B online / 600M mobile pre-roll impressions per month
    3. 3. AboutBrightRollTECHNOLOGY• BRIQ: 5 years of video ad platform development• BRX: 100+ networks use our exchange to run video
    4. 4. AboutBrightRollRESEARCH• Over 360+ research reports conducted annually• New offerings including BluePrints & custom analytics
    5. 5. 1. Increased Reach2. More Sophisticated Buying3. Publishers vs. Aggregators
    6. 6. Reach Was Solved!• Video ad volume is greater than video content• 7+ B total US monthly video ad impressions
    7. 7. 14 Top 10 Online Publishers vs. Aggregators Total Ad Videos Served (billions)13 12.712 1111 10.7 10.4 1010 9.2 Aggregators 9 • BrightRoll • Tremor Video 8 7.4 • 7.2 Publishers 7 • Hulu • MTV Networks Online 6 • MTVN Tribes Q4 10 Q1 11 Q2 11 Q3 11
    8. 8. BrightRoll VideoRank: 5X performance, a mere 4% increase in cost• 38% more likely to complete• 586% more likely to click through• 565% more likely to roll over
    9. 9. 2012 Trends1. Growth of Platforms2. Maturity of Audience Buying3. Online & Mobile Become One4. Research = Performance
    10. 10. TechnologyPlatforms• RTB• Data & Measurement Integration• Optimization
    11. 11. AudienceBuyingGrows• BrightRoll ShopperConnect – NielsenCatalina Solutions• BrightRoll TAG – the first audience guarantee
    12. 12. Mobile is Digitaland Massive INVENTORY • Rise of non-traditional inventory sources AD UNITS • Interactive pre-roll RESEARCH • Proving the value of the media
    13. 13. • BrightRoll Client Dashboard• BrightRoll Video BluePrint
    14. 14. Manages 3.6 billion video ads, representing1 out of every 2 US video ads monthlyGenerates 600 million mobile pre-roll videoimpressions monthlyConducts 360 advertising research reportsannually
    15. 15. The world’s largestvideo advertising network.Reaching more than 160 million monthly uniqueviewers globally, BrightRoll enables advertisers toexecute smart digital campaigns across a massivepool of web and mobile inventory.Proprietary technology, full site disclosure, detailedreporting and flexible targeting provides brands andtheir agencies with the reach, frequency andscalability to achieve campaign goals.