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LaTeX Tutorial

LaTeX Tutorial



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Manit bhopal group_1_latex_assignment_part_2-1 Manit bhopal group_1_latex_assignment_part_2-1 Presentation Transcript

  • PHASES OF WORKING IN LATEX2. Compilation and OutputFor Compilation and Outputwe select Build and Output under Build Menu ORPress Ctrl+Shift+F5
  • OUTPUT FILES1 Device independent output: <filename>.dvi2 PostScript output, produced from dvi: <filename>.ps3 PDF output, produced from dvi: <filename>.pdf
  • STRUCTURE OF A LATEX DOCUMENTThe general syntax of a LaTeX file is as follows: documentclass[options]{class} Further optional global commands and options, such as usepackage{packagename} begin{document} text mixed with typesetting commands end{document}
  • TITLE AND AUTHORUnder LaTeX We Can define Title and AuthorsInformation in following way-title{Our First LaTeXe{} Document}author{ Mrs. Aarti Kumar Department of Computer Applications MANIT BhopalMrs. Dipti Chauhan Department of Computer Applications MANIT BhopalMr. Dharmendra Singh Rajput Department of Computer Applications MANIT BhopalMr. Krishna K. Mohbey Department of Computer Applications MANIT Bhopal}date{today}documentclass[12pt]{article}begin{document}maketitleend{document}
  • TITLE AND AUTHORtitle • It is used to define the Title of Article of Document {It is defined before documentclass but to print the title we have to use maketitle command which is defined insidebegin{document}author • For Adding Authors Detail. {It is define before the documentclass}maketitle • For adding Title within Document {It define under the documentclass}
  • ABSTRACTdocumentclass[12pt]{article}begin{abstract}This is the papers abstract.end{abstract}end{document}
  • SECTION AND SUBSECTION Sectioning commands provide the means to structure your text into units.•part•chapter (report style only)•section•subsection•subsubsection•paragraph•subparagraph•subsubparagraph (milstd and book-form styles only)•subsubsubparagraph (milstd and book-form styles only)
  • SECTION AND SUBSECTIONdocumentclass[12pt]{article}section{Section Headings}We explain in this section how to obtain headingsfor the various sections and subsections of ourdocument.subsection{Headings in the `article Document Style}In the `article style, the document may be divided upinto sections, subsections and subsubsections, and eachcan be given a title, printed in a boldface font,simply by issuing the appropriate command.end{document}
  • TEXT FORMATTING The Following are some Text Formatting Commandsdocumentstyle[11pt]{article}setlength{topmargin}{-.5in}setlength{textheight}{9in}setlength{oddsidemargin}{.125in}setlength{textwidth}{6.25in}begin{document}title{LaTeX Typesetting By Example}author{Mrs. Aarti KumarDepartment of Computer Applications}renewcommand{today}{July 5, 2012}maketitleThis article demonstrates a basic set of LaTeXformatting commands.Compare the typeset output side-by-side withthe input document.end{document}
  • SOME MORE TEXT STYLES LATEX COMMAND OUTPUTemph{emphasised text}texttt{typewriter text}textbf{bold text}textit{italicized text}textsl{slanted text}textsc{small caps text}
  • Continued in Part-3