Quality of Life Brochure


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Quality of Life Brochure

  1. 1. PITT COUNTY DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION Greenville, NC MSA...A Hands-On Community...
  2. 2. We’ll Give You a Hand...and More!A hands-on community for hands-on living! That’s whatattracts people to the Greenville, NC MSA. We’re a welcomingcommunity eager to extend a hand to newcomers. Discover ourhealthy economy, thriving cultural environment, diverse arrayof industries, affordable housing – all things that reflect ourunbeatable quality of life – and you’ll wonder why you didn’tget here sooner. Pitt County is where entrepreneurs launchfirst-of-their-kind businesses, biotech scientists make brilliantdiscoveries, medical teams transform modern healthcare,manufacturers fulfill million-dollar orders, and artists earnthunderous ovations. From the college community and health-care mecca to business center and entrepreneurial haven, themulti-faceted Greenville, NC MSA is – hands down – anexciting relocation choice for people seeking quality oflife…and quality of place.
  3. 3. “ I interviewed in bigger towns and asked a lot of questions about lifestyle and benefits. Here, you have the extra money to do more and go places. The cost of living doesn’t use up all your income. ” Mike Santos Owner, Chef’s 505 LIVINGLooking for affordable living? Perhaps you prefer a quiet,tree-lined street in the historic district or a custom home in anewer neighborhood strikes a chord. How about a convenientlylocated townhome? A country estate with some acreage? Ormaybe golf course living is more your style. Whatever yourtaste or budget, Pitt County has a range of neighborhoods andhome styles to choose from. The affordable living allows residentsthe means to do those things that make life enjoyable, suchas day excursions, attending sporting events, or cooking outwith friends. The “living” here is relaxing, affordable, andexciting. The variety and values are here, and you’ll enjoybeing able to brag to former neighbors about Pitt County’slow property taxes.
  4. 4. “ You don’t have to be in a big city to accomplish something exciting. I don’t think I could have found a more advanced, integrated medical and industrial environment than in eastern North Carolina. ” Dr. W. Randolph Chitwood Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Robotic Surgery Pioneer MEDICALUniversity Health Systems (UHS) of Eastern Carolina booststhe bar on healthcare excellence every day as an award-winningmedical center providing teaching hospitals for the EastCarolina University Brody School of Medicine. UHS surgeonspioneered minimally invasive robotic heart surgery and areon the leading edge for pain management. Our doctors arerenowned for break- throughs in cardiovascular medicine anddiabetes research. The hospital is one of only 110 organizationsnationwide to be designated as a magnet nursing environmentfor excellence in nursing care by the American NursesCredentialing Center. A dedicated Children’s Hospital...anationally recognized Level I Trauma Center...a leading edgeCancer Center…and our newest addition, the East CarolinaHeart Institute, is just the beginning. With doctors, nurses,and a high caliber medical facility, you won’t find better accessto quality healthcare than here.
  5. 5. “ Greenville is as close to heaven as I expect to be while still on earth. ” Janice Faulkner Former NC Secretary of State and ECU Professor EDUCATIONGive your child the academic advantage in one of PittCounty’s outstanding schools. Students in the K-12 programenjoy a stimulating and challenging educational environment,including programs for the gifted as well as media andtechnology. Pitt County Schools won the prestigious GatesFoundation Award for its innovative Health SciencesAcademy, whose specialized curriculum prepares students toenter the healthcare workforce and/or post-secondaryhealthcare education. Our educational opportunities aren’tjust for youth. Adults of all ages take advantage of ouracademic arenas to pursue undergraduate and graduate degreesas well as to conduct research. Both high school and collegestudents have access to the myriad resources of East CarolinaUniversity, a Doctoral II research-intensive university, and theforward-thinking Pitt Community College. In every academiclevel, Pitt County is at the head of the class.
  6. 6. “ This is an easy town to live in. There’s always something to do with new and exciting recreational opportunities in the area. ” Dave Mirra Professional Stunt Bike Champion RECREATIONHike in 320 acres of preserved wilderness. Enroll a child inan East Carolina University sports camp. Play a challenginground of golf. Cheer a winning team to victory at a variety ofbasketball, baseball, volleyball, and football games.Recreation of every kind is at your fingertips once you’re inSports Illustrated’s North Carolina Sportstown USA! It’shands-on action on the courts, on the fields, on the bikeramps, and in the stands. Besides every traditional sport, you’llfind BMX bike riding and shake hands with internationalchampions. East Carolina University’s robust athletic programskeeps sports fans cheering in every season. Our temperateclimate means outdoor opportunities year-round. So nameyour game – then come on and play!
  7. 7. “ Jazz is alive here, where folks experience world-class performances by world-class artists in intimate settings. ” Carroll V. Dashiell, Jr. Bassist, Composer, Director of the ECU Jazz Ensembles CULTUREFrom Mozart to Miles Davis, from ballet to Broadway, we set thestage for bravo performances that keep our venues packed!Our vibrant creative atmosphere makes Pitt County the perfectplace to match artists with audiences. Grab your ticket andtake in season after season of concerts, plays, gallery openings,dance performances, operas, and museum exhibits. Sign upfor art lessons or see what’s hanging at the GreenvilleMuseum of Art. Enroll your child in music lessons with ECUSchool of Music faculty members. Audition for a communitytheater production. Bring the family to one of our numerousoutdoor festivals. Hit the stage at an open mic night. Whatevercultural activities you enjoy, we’ve got something happeningall the time to engage your eyes, ears, and creative spirit.
  8. 8. “ We’ve got the right mix of Southern hospitality, Yankee gumption, rapid expansion, and overall desire to be bigger than the sum of its parts. ” Michael Crane Public Relations Director & Grant WriterECU Schools of Art, Communication, Music & Theater and Dance HOSPITALITYMay we take your order? Whether you feel like Indian,American Bistro, Italian, or Tex-Mex, Pitt County has yourreservation! This is the place to experience world flavors atan International festival, uncork some excitement at a winetasting, or meet friends after dinner in an upscale lounge.From fast food to Four Star, it’s always easy to find a greatmeal in Greenville. Not hungry? Try shopping! Any item youwant can probably be found in one of our boutiques, specialtyshops, or nationally known retailers. Fine home furnishings,European clothing designers and casual fashions, artisans’collectibles, fashionable gourmet shops, and more make forcosmopolitan shopping in the heart of eastern North Carolina.
  9. 9. “ Pitt County has a wealth of resources that youtypically find in a city five times its size: a tremendous university and community college, the best medical center in the state, a well-prepared workforce, and some of the best little league teams for children in the world. Living here creates a sense that the future promises to be extraordinary. And no matter where you come from, Greenville makes you feel like you’re finally home. ” Joel Butler Vice-President of Community Services Administration Pitt County Memorial Hospital
  10. 10. Pitt County Map To Norfolk, VA 13 64 Bethel To Rocky Mount 30 13 To Norfolk, VA 11 903 33 13 30 222 64 43 Fountain Bethel 258 264 East Carolina To Washington To Rocky Mount 264 GREENVILLE 30 University To Raleigh Farmville Grimesland 13 33 13 264A Winterville 11 903 33 903 30 222 43 Ayden Fountain 258 102 102 11 264 43 East Carolina To Washington 264 GREENVILLE UniversityTo Raleigh Farmville Grifton To New Bern 118 Grimesland To Kinston and the Global TransPark 33 13 264A Winterville 903 Ayden 102 11 102 43 Grifton To New Bern 118 To Kinston and the Global TransPark Eastern Seaboard Map
  11. 11. PITT COUNTY DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION 111 S. Washington St., Greenville, NC 27858 USA(800) 548-4153 / (252) 758-1989 Fax (252) 758-0128 www.locateincarolina.com