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  • To get to the HPD Library homepage, you would click on the word Libraries in the left-hand column
  • Next you will see a list of the 4 NSU Libraries. The homepage I will introduce is for the HPD Library, but the Library catalog will search the resources of all 4.
  • I recommend that you bookmark this site. It has been redesigned to allow for accessibility from the homepage for the most popular services/resources….searching the Library catalog, list of the NSU Health & Medicine databases and a Link to AMA & APA Citation pages
  • Mph orientation

    1. 1. MPH Orientation
    2. 2. From the NSU Homepage:www.nova.eduHover your mouse over “RESEARCH”Click on [LEARN MORE]
    3. 3. UnderNSU LibrariesChooseHealth Professions
    4. 4. with the Public Health LibGuide
    5. 5. Find BooksTo find out what books we havechoose the Find Books tab
    6. 6. This searchwidget willsearch theLibrarycatalogDefault*Everything* whichis ALL formatsYou can change toeBooks(ex) Type in PublicHealth Genomics
    7. 7. eBooksThe icon in the right margin indicates the format.Click on the title to open up the full record.(ex) Public Health Genomics
    8. 8. To open the book1. Click on the link that says“Available online via NetLibrary”You will need to Log-In to get access
    9. 9. To access any of our resources, you are going to haveto “authenticate” or identify yourself as an NSUstudent by logging in.You will log-in using your Sharklink Log-in & password.The same one you will use for Web CT and to access WebMail.
    10. 10. It will open up the ePublisher’s site.In this example you would need to click on the link that sayseBook Full Text to open the book & turn pagesorClick on the section from theTable of Contents in the left-margin
    11. 11. If we do nothave itelectronicallyyou can checkto see if wehave it in print(ex)Introduction toPublic Health
    12. 12. As long as the item is not in RESERVE orREFERENCE can request it to be mailedto you via Interlibrary Loan
    13. 13.  Indicate your campus affiliation, thenscroll to the bottom & click [submit] & they will mail itto you
    14. 14. If the item you arelooking for is inReserve you canrequest a Chapter viaInterlibrary Loan
    15. 15. If the item you are looking for is inReserve you can request a Chaptervia Interlibrary Loan
    16. 16. 954-262-3117
    17. 17.  Fill in all of the information, indicate your campusaffiliation, then scroll to the bottom & click [submit]
    18. 18. Find Articles
    19. 19. Choose: Global Health & Medline
    20. 20. EndNote – Citation Management Software
    21. 21. APA & Citation Help
    22. 22. The most importantthing I want toemphasize to youtoday is my contactinformation.I have included thetoll free number forNSU & my directextension.