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Contact: Mr Vũ (Mr Vince) - (+84) 932571102
IR ID No. of my referrer: VN002907
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San Pham QNet Viet Nam - InShape_Training Presentation by QNET - IR ID No VN002907

  2. 2. About InShape • Integrates the most cutting-edge science and technology • Offers weight-management solutions to suit your lifestyle • Helps you look good and feel better with your body
  3. 3. InShape Toning Belt From Flab to Firm
  4. 4. • Premium quality • Highly durable materials • 3-in-1 system It’s Truly Unique.
  5. 5. 1. Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) • Creates strong, deep, yet comfortable contractions in your abdominal muscles • Delivers electronic impulses to stimulate the nerves and contract your abs, moving them as if you were performing crunches or sit-ups • Activates muscles that are more difficult to reach with conventional exercise The 3-in-1 Smart Toning Belt
  6. 6. 2. Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) • The Toning Belt delivers FIR waves deep into the body’s tissue, raising the body temperature, consequently breaking bigger water molecules into smaller clusters • Promotes the absorption of nutrients, while flushing out and eliminating unwanted fat and toxins from the body through perspiration
  7. 7. 3. Vibrating Massage • Stimulates nerves in your entire abdominal area, forcing your muscles to naturally contract and relax • Has an adjustable 3-speed function • Massages away pressure, stress and fatigue • Burns calories, increases your metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins faster • Increases serotonin level, which affects your overall energy levels
  8. 8. Key Benefits • Strengthens and tones abdominal muscles • Reduces and dissolves fat • Increases metabolism and burns calories • Promotes the excretion of toxins • Improves blood circulation • Relaxes muscles and increases flexibility • Reduces stress and fatigue
  9. 9. Your Abdominal Toning Device On-The-Go! • Cordless (equipped with a rechargeable battery) • Portable (can use it anywhere, anytime e.g. working, driving, watching TV and sleeping) For Best Results • Wear at least 15-45 minutes a day, together with the InShape Toning Gel • Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle and see results in 6-8 weeks
  10. 10. InShape Toning Gel For Fast, Flat Abs!
  11. 11. • Works best with InShape Toning Belt – Conducts infrared light – Resists heat – Enhances the Toning Belt’s efficacy in fat removal • Enhances your abdominal toning and firming capabilities and promotes better looking skin InShape Toning Gel
  12. 12. What is Phytosonic™? • An active ingredient in InShape Toning Gel • Ultrasound wave fat dissolving technology • Composed of three synergistic natural herbal extracts: Glaucium flavum, Euglena gracilis and Vegetal caffeine • Penetrates deep into the fat layers under the skin, stimulating the body’s natural fat burning process • Breaks fat tissues down into consumable energy, clears toxins and reduces the amount of fat in the body
  13. 13. • Significantly eliminates fat cells • Decreases thickness and volume of fat tissue • Test results show that Phytosonic™ can restore the mitochondrial activity and increase cell energy by 28%. Phytosonic™
  14. 14. Key Benefits • Reduces excess body fat • Reduces cellulite • Softens, nourishes and hydrates your skin • Increases metabolism and blood circulation • Strengthens skin elasticity
  15. 15. For Best Results • Use the InShape Toning Gel together with the InShape Toning Belt • Maintain a balanced diet • Include light exercise or walks in your daily routine
  16. 16. InShape Energy Jelly Give Your Body a Boost
  17. 17. • Brings energy to the cells, the muscles and the brain • Makes you feel more energetic and alert, without any harmful side effects InShape Energy Jelly
  18. 18. What’s inside this Small Sachet? • Packed with a number of powerful active ingredients including: – Quercetin – CoQ10 – L-arginine – Vinitrox – Vitamin C – Green Tea Extract – Ginseng – Stevia • The high-powered blend of ingredients effectively boosts your energy levels, prevents ageing and protects the cells from external aggressors.
  19. 19. Key Benefits • Has an advanced formula of active ingredients • Maximises energy delivery and performance • Slows down the ageing process • Supports weight management • Great, natural apple flavour • Comes in a small and convenient sachet, easy to carry around • Easily digestible and absorbable • Does not contain artificial sweetener, sugar, caffeine or guarana Directions For Use Take one Sachet Every Two Days
  20. 20. Directions For Use Take one Sachet Every Two Days
  21. 21. Nutrition Facts *RDI: recommended daily intake
  22. 22. InShape Meal Shake Your Low-Calorie, Nutritious Meal On-The-Go
  23. 23. InShape Meal Shake • Provides a balanced meal replacement • Helps you achieve your weight-loss goals faster and more efficiently • Available in chocolate and vegetable soup flavours • Helps you get your body in gear and reduce the potential health risks associated with being overweight and obese* • Contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, micronutrients, sodium and other natural ingredients, which helps you loose weight and reduce your fat mass in a healthy way. • Regulates fat cells and enhances mitochondrial function for increased efficiency in fat burning. * Daily consumption
  24. 24. Key Benefits • Reduces cravings • Supports weight loss (without the yo-yo effect) • Burns fat • Increases energy • Great taste • Quick and easy to prepare
  25. 25. For Best Results • Consume 1 or 2 servings of InShape Meal Shake each day • Continue with regular exercise
  26. 26. Nutrition Facts – Chocolate Flavour (*) RDI: recommended daily intake (**) AJR: Apports Journaliers Recommandés
  27. 27. Nutrition Facts – Vegetable Soup Flavour (*) RDI: recommended daily intake (**) AJR: Apports Journaliers Recommandés
  28. 28. InShape Health & Wellness Courses Stepping Stones to a Healthy Lifestyle
  29. 29. What is it? A digital product that provides you a variety of articles written by well-known fitness, nutrition, health and wellness gurus
  30. 30. • With this online platform, you can widen your fitness knowledge anywhere, anytime • Once you complete the course, you will be rewarded with a certification What is it?
  31. 31. • This Fitness course can turn you into a fitness guru • Guides you from the fundamentals of fitness to professional training programmes • Broken down into 6 easy-to-follow modules • You can find exercise regimes that can be easily incorporated into even the most hectic schedule InShape Fitness
  32. 32. Topics Covered: • Fundamentals of fitness • Effective exercise programmes • Resistance programmes • Relaxation and flexibility programmes • Cross-training modules InShape Fitness
  33. 33. • With the InShape Nutrition course, you will be introduced to vital nutritional facts that will help you to make wiser food choices • Broken down into 6 easy-to-follow modules with a quiz at the end of each topic • You will learn everything from basic information about nutrients, what you can get from food and what your body needs to the roles of nutrients in optimal health and other health-related issues • This course will help you to become a nutrition expert InShape Nutrition
  34. 34. Topics Covered: • All about nutrition • What you get from food • The role and importance of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and water InShape Nutrition
  35. 35. Everyone wants to be healthy and happy. Now, you can. Visit for more information. Take control of your health NOW!