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San Pham QNet Viet Nam - Avita Seeds_Training Presentation 2012 by QNET - IR ID No VN002907

  1. 1. • Overstressed? • Constantly sick? • Tired and lethargic? • Having pains and aches everywhere? • Having health issues and problems? DO YOU FIND YOURSELF…
  3. 3. • Standardised medicinal extract of Nigella sativa of not less than 90% purity. • Stabilised extract of Oryza sativa. PRODUCT COMPOSITION Made from the finest, ethically crafted and best quality ingredients:
  4. 4. • Facility certification by US FDA – ongoing • ICEA organic certification – ongoing CERTIFICATIONS / ACCREDITATIONS MS 1500 : 2009 MS 2200 : 2008 Buatan Malaysia
  7. 7. The Old Testament Book of Isaiah, in the Holy Bible makes one of the earliest references to Nigella Sativa: “In Thy Seed shall the Families of the Earth be Blessed. ” HISTORY OF NIGELLA SATIVA
  8. 8. In the Middle East, therapeutic use was initiated after the advent of Islam. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was reported to have said, “Black Seed has healing for all illness except death.” (Sahih Bukhari, Vol 7 no. 592) HISTORY OF NIGELLA SATIVA
  10. 10.  Nigella sativa seeds, known as Habbah Al-Sauda in Arabic, have been commonly used as a natural remedy for many ailments for over 2000 years.  Being no more than 3 mm in length, black seed originates from the common fennel flower plant (Nigella sativa) of the buttercup (Ranunculaceae) family. NIGELLA SATIVA
  11. 11.  Nigella sativa reproduces with itself and forms a fruit capsule which consists of many white trigonal seeds.  Once the fruit capsule has matured, it opens up and the seeds contained within are exposed to the air, becoming black in colour (black seeds). NIGELLA SATIVA
  12. 12. • Known as ‘Black Seed’. • The Blessed Seed: Habba Barakah. • Discovered in Tutankhamen’s tomb. • Historically used in the Middle East, Egypt, Persia, India, the Far East and Europe. NIGELLA SATIVA
  13. 13. MIDDLE EAST  ‘Black seeds’ were used by the Assyrians long before the Egyptians.  For more than 2000 years, Black Seed has been used in many countries in the Middle East as a form of natural treatment.  Today it is called the ‘The Blessed Seed’ because of its usefulness. A HISTORY OF USES
  14. 14. EGYPT  Named the ‘Pharaoh’s Oil’ – used to aid digestion after lavish royal feats.  A vial of Black Seed oil was found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb.  An Egyptian veterinary doctor used Black Seeds to treat respiratory ailment and parasite problems in pets. A HISTORY OF USES
  15. 15. PERSIA  In his book, Kitab al-Shifa (the Book of Healing), Persian physician and scholar Ibn Sina (Avicenna to the West) wrote that Black Seeds stimulate the body’s energy and helps recovery from fatigue or dispiritedness.  Ibn Sina recommended Black Seeds as remedy for fever, headache, toothache, and common colds, as a soothing agent for skin disorders/ wounds/external irritations and as an anti-fungal and vermicide against parasites and worms. A HISTORY OF USES
  16. 16. INDIA  It was used medically to treat digestive ailments, gastrointestinal dysfunction and as a great metabolic enhancer.  Ayurvedic medicine utilises Black Seeds for its ability to heal nervous disorders, anorexia, and gynecological problems and heightened mood. A HISTORY OF USES
  17. 17. FAR EAST  Black Seeds can be found in spice bazaars, markets and homes. It is developed for a wide variety of ailments including: Liver Dysfunction Jaundice, increased bile flow in the liver Hair & Skin care Promotes follicle growth and prevents dandruff Kidney Ailments Cough, congestion, bronchial inflammation Menstrual Problems Irregularities, pain and discomfort A HISTORY OF USES
  18. 18. EUROPE  In his book “Naturalis Historica”, Roman scientist Pkiny the Elder, recommended Black Seeds for snake bites, tumors, and skin ailments.  Hippocrates, the Greek physician applied the herb under names of melanthion and melasperman – “black leaf” or “Black Seed”.  In his book “De Materia Medica” (a herbal guide to health and healing), Dioscorides promoted Black Seeds for the treatment of nasal congestion, headache, toothache, expelling intestinal worms, menstruation and lactation during pregnancy. A HISTORY OF USES
  19. 19.  Anti-cancer activity.  Strengthen the immune system.  Anti-histamine activity.  Energy booster.  Anti-oxidant activity.  Promote women’s health. BENEFITS OF NIGELLA SATIVA
  20. 20.  Carotene in Black Seeds are converted by the liver into Vitamin A (known for anti-cancer activity).  Shows positive anti-cancer properties, especially in breast cancer.  Completely inhibits the development of common types of cancer cells. ANTI-CANCER ACTIVITY
  21. 21.  Promotes good health.  Boosts the human immune system.  Useful in combating intestinal worms.  Useful for headaches, nasal congestions and toothaches. IMMUNE SYSTEM STRENGTHENING
  22. 22.  Useful in combating bronchial asthma and bronchitis.  Promotes digestion and waste elimination.  Fights parasitic infections.  Acts as a strong energy booster.  Helps recovery from fatigue and dispiritedness. IMMUNE SYSTEM STRENGTHENING
  23. 23.  Reduces histamine released by bodily tissues that creates allergic reactions.  Useful in the prophylaxis of common colds and asthma.  Useful in bronchial asthma and bronchitis . ANTI-HISTAMINE ACTIVITY
  24. 24.  Stimulates the body’s energy.  Helps recovery from fatigue.  Helps increase resistance to infections. ENERGY BOOSTER
  25. 25.  Boosts the human immune system.  Fights parasitic infections.  Stimulates the body’s systems.  Normalises blood sugar levels.  Decreases cholesterol readings.  Protects the nervous system. ANTI-OXIDANT ACTIVITY
  26. 26.  A diuretic to promote menstruation.  Increases milk production in nursing mothers. WOMEN’S HEALTH
  28. 28.  Provides more than one-fifth of the calories consumed by humans in global diets.  Source of vitamins, nutrients, protein and fibre. ORYZA SATIVA (RICE BRAN)
  29. 29. Composition: Vitamins  Vitamin A  Vitamin C  Vitamin D  Vitamin E  Vitamin B1  Vitamin B2  Vitamin B3  Vitamin B6  Vitamin B12  Vitamin K ORYZA SATIVA (RICE BRAN)
  30. 30. Composition: Minerals  Calcium  Magnesium  Potassium  Iron  Zinc  Iodine  Chloride  Sodium ORYZA SATIVA (RICE BRAN)
  31. 31. Others  Folic acid  Lipoic acid ORYZA SATIVA (RICE BRAN)
  32. 32. BENEFITS OF ORYZA SATIVA (RICE BRAN)  Improves the nervous system.  Regulates the blood sugar level.  Aid brain development.  Anti-ageing & promotes healthy skin.  Weight management.  Cardio protection.
  33. 33.  Develops nerve cells.  Protects the nervous system.  Involved in the regeneration of nerves. IMPROVES NERVOUS SYSTEM
  34. 34.  Normalises blood sugar levels.  Regulates blood sugar levels. BLOOD SUGAR MANAGEMENT
  35. 35.  Normalises brain function.  Acts as a precursor to neurotransmitters.  Orders the brain to receive and send messages.  Promotes the ability to learn and recall information. BRAIN DEVELOPMENT
  36. 36.  Great for skin disorders.  Aids in tissue growth and repair.  Protects the skin from wrinkles. ANTI-AGEING & SKIN HEALTH
  37. 37.  Helps prevent digestive problems.  Turns fats into energy using natural lipolysis. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT
  38. 38.  Reduces clogged arteries of the heart.  Helps decrease cholesterol especially LDL (bad cholesterol).  Benefits for people suffering from heart diseases. CARDIO PROTECTION
  39. 39.  Breast cancer  Tumor  Warts FOLK MEDICINE
  40. 40. • Everyone • Male and female • Young and old • Health conscious and active • Those with health issues looking for a complete, wholesome, total supplement • YOU WHO SHOULD TAKE AVITA SEEDS?
  41. 41. • Adults : 1-2 capsules, twice daily • Children : 1 capsule, twice daily RECOMMENDED DOSAGE
  42. 42. Composition • Fine quality, ethically crafted • Standardised Nigella sativa extract of not less than 90% purity • Stabilised Oryza sativa Nigella Sativa Oil Capsule Vegetable, hard-shelled capsule Bovine soft gel Mode of Action  Specific and targeted distribution in digestive tract with hard capsules  Slower metabolism  Longer retention in the body  Higher absorption rate  Distribution of oil once soft gel is punctured  Faster metabolism  Short retention time in the body  Lower absorption rate AVITA SEEDS VS. COMPETITORS
  43. 43. Product Standards Accredited and certified to global standards by internationally recognised bodies Halal certification only Manufacturer Reputable, decorated organisation Pharco Pharmaceuticals, Alexandria Ingredients All natural ingredients with NO use of plasticisers, preservatives, chemical, flavours, colours and chemicals Plasticisers in softgels??? Distributor Exclusively available at AVITA SEEDS VS. COMPETITORS
  44. 44. Questions & Answers THANK YOU