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Company profile

  1. 1. D.I.T.C Company Profile. Events| Musical Shows| Sports| Exhibitions| Fashion Shows| Seminars| Exceeding your Expectations!!!About usD.I.T.C is a dynamic young company which positions itself as a one stop turnkey solution to allcorporate events. It is perfectly positioned to become a leading player in the entertainmentindustry.The TeamWe all grow up from different backgrounds but with one common passion of Music. DeejayChopstick started as a resident Dj at Simmers. Later being employed at carnivore.”Tamarind” Acehas been a music Radio producer at Homeboys radio/one fm and currently working at radio one.Kiarie started as a music producer back in 1995 and now C.E.O Of Basement City. “An onlineclassical entertainment radio media company. With the help and support of fans, we expandedinto the corporate arena through “Events”. With the support of „Crooked Q Bar and DasRestaurant‟ and the well wishers it was a matter of time before DITC extended its hospitality.Undoubtedly the key component of the successful market entry and consolidation of sustainablebusiness in each of these segments is due to the excellence in service and customer satisfaction.D.I.T.C Mission:To be a leading player in the field of event management, offering a ONE STOP SHOPSOLUTION for music festivals and concerts, sports, seminars, fashion shows and corporateevents. 1. To work with our clients for their long term benefit. 2. To constantly research and develop new strategies, technologies and skills. 3. To provide exceptional service. 4. To maintain constant communication and network.Successful projects require a balance of creativity and competent execution. These elementsneed to work together to achieve outstanding results. Too often a great idea is let down by poorproduction techniques, or an idea is too production orientated or over-produced and lacking increativity.
  2. 2. Areas of ExpertiseD.I.T.C is an event Management Company, able to provide a ONE STOP SHOP facility for alltypes of events from Music Festivals and Concerts, Sports, Seminars fashion shows andcorporate events (dinners, lunches, breakfasts, conferences, launches and other like occasions).D.I.T.C can provide full event management and planning, including the creation and developmentof thematic concepts, food and beverage services, decoration and décor, and full entertainmentfor any event or campaign regardless of size or budget. Notwithstanding our infancy in theindustry, we have already formed a strategic contractual alliance with the leading corporateEABL. D.I.T.C is confident that this alliance will spread across the globe.Events Promotion and Management:We offer a full spectrum and package covering Concept Engineering, Production, EventManagement, Sponsorships, Marketing and Public Relations, with related feasibility and financingsolutions. We specialise in Concerts, Festivals, Sports Events, Corporate Launches/activationsand Conferences.
  3. 3. Fashion Shows:Highlight One of our prospect event includes the „Divas In The City‟ a theme based on Swag,Style Fashion And Gossip, which has turned out to be a trend setter event. There are 3enthusiastic companies “Clubs” who are willing to participate, to name a few: Skylux westlands,Galileo westlands and CBD, Volar in Karen.Seminars & Conference:We dont believe in simply organizing a conference but encourage our clients to work with us atthe planning stage so we can assist in developing and enlarging on the "theme" - which should beconsistent with the strategic direction of your company and the objectives for that year. Thetheme is then integrated into every aspect of the conference from the opening video to theindividual speakers and literature provided. Of course, our conference services include:Organization and set-up of your conference.
  4. 4. Hotel and Allied Services Hotel ReservationsWe offer hotel reservation assistance anywhere in Kenya. We have tie-ups with various star-rated hotels across Kenya. Holiday packages for various destinations in Kenya and East Africa.Allied Services include: Airline Booking Rent-a-car Visa Assistance for bulk booking ForeignExchange Assistance D.I.T.C can assist you on numerous levels. D.I.T.C can assist you with thedetails that can often become a hassle. Areas such as contract administration and production-based issues, such as sourcing and coordinating suppliers and vendors, including day-of-the-event management, can be organized and taken care of by D.I.T.C enabling you the luxury ofmore time and focused concentration on other areas of your event. D.I.T.C can provide full eventmanagement and planning, including the creation and development of thematic concepts, foodand beverage services, decoration and décor, and full entertainment for any event or campaignregardless of size or budget.