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  1. 1. My work In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? I believe that our music video generally fallows the conventions of a Indie performance based video which is shot in the style of a video diary. This was created in order to promote a new and upcoming band The Wolvves, in order to do so I felt it was essential to create a bond between the band and the audience, which was constructed with a wide range of shots and camera movements. I shot the video in order to give almost a home made feel with most of it being hand held, as well as capturing the band off stage. Our video is similar to real media products, In the indie genre ‘ready to start’- Arcade Fire as they both have similarities in composition, lighting and editing style. Using close ups and extreme close ups draws the viewer in immediately, which is ideal as we need to reflect the soul and passion that goes into the music, especial as we are work with the Indie genre. Our research enabled me to realise the roots form where indie emerged, rock band that were signed to independent record labels, which in a way has a direct relation to was we are doing independently creating our music video, I guess you could say we are Indie of the video world. This made me realise that due to new media technologies such as ‘you tube’ this independent video world now has its own sub genre as many create videos just to be uploaded, and where talent can be discovered so I believe it is now not only important on how its conventional to real media products in the profession world but also to the you tube world. ‘please don’t go’- Purple Melon is extremely similar to ours with various different performances from different gigs. This is a fairly generic video diary style video, capturing the band in their spare time, reflecting reality, bring out their fun nature enable the viewer to feel comfortable around them as though they are one of their friends. This is formed though close ups enabling the viewer to savour the emotions, as the intensity builds. I also used many extreme close ups in order to capture their musical talent in a very conventional way, this is usually done to reflect that they are real musicians. It is important for a music video to have subtle connotations to the song if not directly linked, which was achieved through our editing this challenges forms and conventions of real media products. This is because it almost has a bit of rough edge to the editing alongside the use of various locations and monochrome footage all in order to connote a sense of confusion and discomfort to a minimal degree in reflection of the song ’Headache’. in order to develop this concept further we had a lack of continuity editing, as it doesn’t fallow any narratives or in fact have a construction trend. We also didn’t sync many parts of the performance and included abstract shots of lights to give a sense of distortion. Pull focus shots were also used when a subject would enter the frame to connote symptoms of a headache. Editing the speed of shots as well as the cuts to comply with the tempo to create a natural synergy between video and music. Breaking up the performance with cutaways was inspired by ‘Use Somebody’- Kings Of Loen. We felt it was important to break the performance with cut a ways of he audience, band and friends, to maintain the viewer’s attention, a conventional in video diary music videos. It wasn’t only music video that had a input on how I would film this piece I was inspired by videographers such as Joost Vandebrug and Fred Mortagne both originating from photography which they applied knowledge of composition and depth of field to videography, of which I applied to the context of a music video. How effective is the combination of your main Product and ancillary text? The combination of both the print product and music video go hand in hand in portraying the band as a Indie brand. After researching into both mediums of promotion for the band, I discovered there needs to be a sense of continuity between the two a strong link/ relationship between the two products as they are both promoting The Wolvves. As the band are perceived in a scruffy way reflecting a slightly rebellious nature almost as though the James dean’s of our age. Which complement the genre of Indie as they just edge the line, with the consumption of alcohol and late nights. Styled as stereo types of today’s youth with piercing, rugged clothing connoting a rebellious yet edgy look. This image was then transferred from the video to the digi-pak. We all agreed it was essential to have a rough look just like the video. So I began researching graphic designers and illustrators such as Alex cherry which my final idea was based around. However it did not fit the same style of work as all the other group members, and the relationship the products is essential.Alex cherry
  2. 2. The print product was created with various fine liners, as a line drawing. Giving it a edgy minimalistlook. We found that the most effective pint products were the ones that consist of one main illustration,in our case we chose to use the man with the beard, a member of the audience that I had photographedand carefully chosen by Aline to draw. This was a important choice as he connoted the image we careto perceive with a beard and a cowboy hat, reflecting a rebellious nature. Other images were drawn in asimilar style were of wolves a direct link to the name of the band. In order to make the illustrationsstand out more spirograms and crinkled rules were juxtaposed to create a simple effective background,the colour scheme was red and blue, the contrast between these warm and cold colours make the imagestand out, however the choice came from the video as much of the flashing lights are blue and redagain this subtly complement the video. The advert was then created with the same colour scheme andrough edged line drawing in the style of a wanted poster with style typography, once again to reflect therebellious image and also has a direct link to the image of the man on the front of the digi-pak. Thereason for not having a image of the band was to give a break from the video as it is predominantly theband making it complement one another.What have you learnt from you audience feedback?Our research showed that our target audience was; 16-24 years old, predominantly male and wanted aperformance style video, by a Indie band. This gave use the basic guidelines on how to create thevideo. I first went to various gigs to find a local band form which I found Arms of Mexico who brokeup but from the ashes formed The Wolvves. Now the band and song had been decided we came up witha script of a video diary style music video documenting their first few gigs, progress and personaswhich would appeal to this youthful age group. We could not have targeted a younger audience due tothe consumption of alcohol which would be appropriate. The feedback during the production stage wascrucial in giving us a further understanding on how to meet the demands of our target audience.Originally it was all performance shots, which bored the audience due to the repetition of visuals. Inorder to resolve this issue I went back and got more footage of the band off stage, as well as crowdshots which we would now cutaway to. Back in the editing suite another thought was to break up theperformance and the rehearsals with monochrome, Which works effectively.We then brought our next batch of viewers for feedback, where we were to the footage doesn’t quitematch the footage, which is where we began manipulating the speed of various shoots such as the oneof them busking, to match the tempo and also adjusting the speed of the cuts when it would pick up andslow down with fast cuts, to amplify the dynamic rate in which the music flows, this meant morecutaways off stage with the band, and friends in bars as well as on the streets.However once these changes were taken into account the feedback then received was very positive,with comments such as ’well put together I must say properly documented as well nice’ and ’I like thesequence when the music breaks down’ suggesting the camera work and editing was done successfullyand complimenting one another. I found that the shoot of them busking tended to be one of the mostfavourite parts, enabling me to realise the importance of diversity in location as it cut form interior toexterior, giving a change in lighting and therefore atmosphere which was also sped up to fit the tempoof the song. I also asked friends of The Wolvves what they thought, they were very impressed in how Iwas able to connote their persona through the video. This experience made me realise the importanceof audience feedback and how it can drastically enhance your work.How did you use new media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?New media technologies have been crucial during all stages of this production. Firstly from ourresearch, where I was able to send questionnaires on mailing lists for instant responses which is a moreeco friendly way then having to print on multiple sheets of paper. I have also used websites such asblogger, to document my work, you tube to upload my video and face book for audience feedback. Thisenables instant distribution around the world for free, making it easier to get recognition and promotethe band. Another key website in doing this is a social network face book, which is the equivalent ofword to mouth but on a mass rate with millions of people signing one every day. The internet hasenabled us to do this creating the great levelling having us on the same page as large corporations. Newmedia technologies have also been important in creating the products. Having the opportunity to useequipment such as a Canon xm2 which creates high quality footage at 25fps, with the ability of manualfocus, and adjust the aperture setting to control the depth of field as well as the lighting. Otherimportant new media technologies that we have encountered are soft wares such as final cut pro, aprofessional standard editing software supplied by the college to help us achieve the best possible
  3. 3. output. We also used programs such as Photoshop 4 in order to create our print products which allowedus to manipulate our work in a quick and easy method rather than having to use all traditional graphictechniques. To have the opportunity to use new media technologies enables a great enhancement in thefinal product, as well as making it much more convenient throughout all stages of our production.