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Megs media powerpoint

  1. 1. Media Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?All music videos follow , or use a mixture of the three types of video; Narrative,Performance and Abstract. After gaining some audience feedback I decided to useboth a performance and narrative element in my video. Which is popular amongstindie/pop/rock genres. Although I feel as though I cam unable to class my artist,Summer Thor as jus one genre as she is inspired by both Kate Bush and FlorenceWelch and their styles of music varied from indie, to heavy, to soft rock, to pop. Thismixture of genres helped me in a way when creating my products as I felt I had nolimits and I could experiment with mixing all conventions from all genres. At the Performance Narrativestart of my coursework I researched Goodwins Theory of Six, looking back on histheory now I have noticed that without even realising I have included 5 out of 6 ofhis theories.1. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristicsGoodwin identified that most genres of music had certain traits that appeared intheir music videos. For example a dance routine in a pop artists music video or astage performance from the rock genre.I showed this theory with the sense ofperformance and narrative throughout my video, which is often seen in videos insimilar genres, such as Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out and Elle Goulding –The Writer.2. There is a relationship between lyrics and visualsGoodwin noticed a similarity/direct contrast with what is shown in the video andthe lyrics of the song. This would be either illustrative, conveying the meaning ofthe lyrics. Amplifying, repeating or exaggerating an effect, movement or phrase inthe song or contradicting, which would be absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics.I have shown this throughout my video in various places, for example when the lyrics“eyes flew open” are said my artist is shown opening her hands with eyes drawn onthem. Another example is when my artist is in the field and the lyrics “I never couldgo back” are said, my artist is then shown walking back and turning around to look atthe camera. Giving the impression that she is leaving and never going back.3. There is a relationship between music and visualsGoodwin identified that the visuals in the video may be edited in time to the beatsor the tempo of the song.I have used this theory at various points throughout my video but one specificmoment that stands out is when the lyrics say “but it was you who held me under”there is a strong beat on the word “you” which is when my artist sharply brings herhead up and stares into the camera.
  3. 3. 4. The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of theartist and the artist may then develop motifs which recur across their workThe need for lots of close ups will show the artist in detail and the close ups arelikely to be of an attractive/seductive/sexual part of the body enticing theaudience.This theory was shown pretty much continuously throughout my video withextreme close ups of my artists eyes and lips and also close ups of her face. The closeups to the lips are particularly relevant to this theory as lips are seen as a sexual andbeautiful part of the body, making that enticing connection with the audience.5. There is frequently reference to notion of looking andparticularly voyeuristic treatment of the female bodyThe frequent use of looking into the camera creates a sense of closeness andintimacy between the artist/s and viewer, prompting them to buy their work. Itgives a direct approach. When it comes to women in music videos they aredirected through a males approach which in most cases they end up dressed invery little and dancing provocatively.Throughout my video the majority of shots show my artist singing into the camera.When the artist has eye contact with the camera this gives the impression she islooking at you as an audience through the screen. I also used shots of the artistsbody, although she is fully clothed and very little flesh is on show throughout thevideo the shot of my artist writhing on the floor touching her body sexualises her.One shot in particular backs up the point that majority of videos are through a malesapproach. This is the shot where my artist is shown about to kiss someone andcaressing their face. I left their sexuality for the audience to decide as you can onlysee part of their face in the shot. This adds to the sexual tension and also sexualisesthe artist. These shots really make a connection and entice the audience.6. There is often intertextual referenceGoodwin noticed that sometimes you will recognise the lyrics orvisuals referring to another text within it. For instance Madonnas MaterialGirl was inspired by Marilyn Monroes Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend from the1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.This is the only theory of Goodwins I feel I didn’t cover. I gathered inspiration frommany videos put purely single shots and angles I liked, nothing that would be classedas intertexuality.
  4. 4. Through my video, digi pack and website my artist keeps up a brand identity whichis common for all artists. An artists brand identity commonly ties in with their genrealso. Through audience feedback I gained an idea of what my artist should dress likeand what colours would suit her so I based her brand identity around this in allproducts, particularly the video. I made the artists dress myself using bits of materialto create an individual, indie/pop style look that backed up the genre of the song. Ialso used dark bold eyeliner and bold silver lipstick. This brings out the rebelliousindie chick in Summer Thor also using typical conventions that heavy make up is forrock/indie chicks.I also brought in typical conventions when creating my website and digi pack. Afterresearching current websites and digi pack releases I gained an idea of what theyhad to include and also what it would be good to include in mine. My website likemany artists sites had the typical, Home, About, Gallery, Blog, Shop, Live, Log Inpages. Although this is conventional of websites the pages are crucial as they keepthe audience informed and in on what’s going on. It is similar when it comes to thedigi pack too, there are things you need to include on a digi pack but you can mix itup a little. For instance some artists have text on the interior of their digi pack, someleave it completely blank with just an image. I chose to leave a little message fromthe artist on the interior of my digi pack just to add that personal touch. Otherconventions i followed for my digi pack were must haves, for instance, track listings,images on interior and exterior .
  5. 5. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?I feel that continuity throughout my products has worked really well. Continuity iscrucial to create a brand identity for an artist and to also make them easilyrecognisable to the public, often creating a motif. I found that all artists use brandidentity after researching various artists. Florence and the Machine updates herwebsite every time she releases a new album changing the website to fit in with thealbums designs and colour schemes, keeping up the brand identity. For examplewhen she released the ‘Lungs’ album her album had an image of lungs, she thenundated her website to have a main image of lungs at the top of it. She did the samewhen ‘Ceremonials’ her most recent album was released, backing up her websitewith all the factors that her album showed. Florence kept her brand identity upthrough her gigs and her tour with the same colours and the same old churchwindows seen on her album and website. This showed a huge sense of brandidentity and continuity.I made my website, video and digi pack link in little ways to create this sense ofcontinuity throughout.LinksMy website has the same background (water) as the image on the back of my digipack this shows that the website has a connection with the digi pack and that it isrecent.Summer Thors distinctive name design is also seen on my website as well as thecover of my digi pack. The font and design of the artists name is often the easilyrecognisable motif that the audience first see and recognise so it is helpful to have itas many places as possible, including all merchandise.In the gallery page I have contained all of the images from the digi pack also showinga clear link between the digi pack and website and also promoting the digi pack. Overall the combination of my video and my ancillary tasks has worked really wellI have kept the costume exactly the same in the video and in the images on the together. They link and flow with ease and really show strength and a sense ofwebsite, showing that it is all part of the same product. continuity and brand identity, making all products easily recognisable to the audience.
  6. 6. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?When I began the process of creating my music video, digi pack and website I was The second piece of audience research and feedback I gained was from mood boardsaware that the audiences opinions would play a huge part in what I did and how I did I created showing two choices of style. One more gothic and the other moreit. As these products were for the audience to consume I wanted to make sure that feminine. I asked ten members of my target audience their opinions on bothas a target audience what they wanted was included . This is why it was crucial that styles, although I gave them the option of using both styles and changing fromas often as possible I carried out audience research and feedback. The first piece of feminine to gothic gradually throughout the video.audience research I sent out was a questionnaire asking my audience for feedbackon which song they think I should choose to use, based on the annotated lyrics andvideo ideas. I then asked them to answer a few questions about the chosen song.QuestionnairePlease read the annotated lyrics to each song; Florence and the Machine –Howl, bird song and Blinding. Please give an honest opinion on the video ideas andwhich you personally think would be bestNow you have chosen the song/video you would prefer please answer a fewquestions to help me with the decision I have to make.1.Do you have any ideas that would enhance my video or that I could consider?2.How would you have the main character/performer dressed?Colours, style, make up and hair all comes into this.3.Should there be a performance element in the video or should it just be anarrative with a character?4.What locations do you think would work best for the video?5.Do you have any ideas for lyrics that standout to you? E.g. cameraangles, movements, scenes, locations etc.6.What type of feeling do you think the video should create overall?7.If you were to read the lyrics without the annotations, how would you interpretthem? What story line would you take from them? Please write belowThe results I gained from this questionnaire helped me greatly. The audience chosewhich song I should use through majority vote. I found that most of the audiencewanted a mixture of both performance and narrative throughout the video and alsothat the artist should be in light, floaty clothes with striking make up. This really These are the results I got;helped me when it came to choosing the material for my artist as I knew it had to be Six members of the target audience I asked said that they think the costumelight and floaty so I just decided on what to create with the material. The audience change would be effective If used gradually.also chose lyrics that stood out to them, I thought I could use something really Two members of the target audience said Style 1 would suit the song and artistinteresting for the lyrics they chose as they’re striking and interesting. The lyrics better and the remaining two said that Styl2 two would be much more suitable.were “eyes flew open” and “it was you who held me under” I took the audiences As the overall outcome of my results swayed towards using both styles 1 and 2 thisopinions into consideration and emphasised these lyrics with art work of eyes on my is what I did when controlling mis en scene in my video.artists hands and with striking camera shots and timing. Another point my audiencemade through the questionnaire was that they felt close ups and zooms, showing the I based costume choice, make up, location, hair, colour themes, nailartists face would suit the video and the lyrics, I took this into consideration when varnish, jewellery, props etc on the previous two audience feedback tasks. This reallywriting my story board out and also filming my video. made me realise how crucial the audiences opinion is when creating a product.
  7. 7. My next task was giving my artist a great name. I got creative with some unusual After taking some images for my digi pack I decided to send out some emails to mynames and mixed them up a little as I felt the previous results from the audience target audience to gain their opinions. The first email was to gain my audiencesfeedback didnt portray an average joe artist. I felt she should be a little kooky and opinion on the images and the effects I have experimented with. I have asked themunusual. to let me know which one they prefer and will fit into my brand identity well. ThisThese are the names I came up with and the results I got after asking ten members will help me decided on an image for both the front and back of my digi pack.of my target audience to choose the one they thought would suit my artist best. The majority vote from the audience was that the two images below would fit into the brand identity and suit my artist most. I kept this in min throughout theStar Thor - 0 production of my digi pack.Ivy Thor - 1Moone Thor - 0Wynter Thor - 1Summer Thor - 4Blair Thor - 0Quinn Thor - 3It was clear that Summer Thor was the most popular name and as the audiencesopinion is crucial to every part of the production process I used this name for myartist. The second email was to ask the audiences opinion on which image they think should go at the front and which should go at the back. I already have my personalAfter coming up with track listings and an album title (Aquaphobia) I felt I needed to opinion of this but I would like to see if my audience agree and if they dont I will gohave a song on my album based around water so that it links in nicely. I emailed five for their choice, after all it is aimed to appeal to them.members of the target audience asking their opinions on my track listings. I asked Five out of 7 members of my target audience said that they think the image of thethem to pick the weakest one so I can change it to Aquaphobia. This is the email I artist should be on the front of the digi pack. I think this will work well as the frontsent; cover is usually what catches the audiences eye and the artist is easilyI am emailing you for your opinion on my Track Listings as I need to change one of recognisable.them to Aquaphopbia so it links in with my digi pack title. I would like you toreply to this message with the track name you think is least effective and After putting the two images (that the audience decided I should use) together I feltmeaningful please. Below are the tracks; that there was a lack of continuity to my digi pack. The front cover was washed outDisc 1 and dream like whereas the back image was bright and vibrant. I felt that these1. Blinding images didn’t match up very well and didn’t create a brand identity and sese of2. Cloud Walking continuity. I chose to send out the image of the bowl with the chosen picture of3. All I Need Stacey next to it and also with another image of Stacey just edited differently. I asked4. Heavy Feet the audience which images flowed best together and they decided that looking at5. Tree House the images together changed their opinions and they chose the image below.6. Hiding from the Dark7. Slowly but Surely8. Four Poster Bed9. Crumbling10. Kick in the TeethThe results showed that title Four Poster Bed was the weakest title and should bechanged. Therefore this has now been changed to Aquaphobia.
  8. 8. My last piece of audience feedback I gained was from 7 members of my target Throughout the process of creating my products I have realised that audienceaudience. I asked them to watch my finished video then answer the questionnaire. research is vital for success. If I was to go through the process again I would definitely carry out more audience research, for instance, I would have asked myOut of 5 what would you rate my camera skills? audience to choose a logo/font for Summer Thor. It just happened that I accidently1 2 3 4 5 created the logo for her when creating my website. I would have priced my digi pack and asked my audience what price they would be willing to pay, and also asked themOut of 5 what would you rate my editing skills? what sort of colours they thought I should use on my website and what pages were1 2 3 4 5 important to them. Overall my audience have helped me greatly when it came to making important decisions and choices.Out of 5 what would you rate my use of lighting?1 2 3 4 5Out of 5 what would you rate my costume and make up?1 2 3 4 5Out of 5 what would you rate my video overall?1 2 3 4 5Do you think the video fits in with the genre and style of the song?Yes NoIf you could give me one piece of constructive criticism what would that be?......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................These are the results I got from my questionnaire;6 out of 7 members of my audience rated my camera skills as 5 out of 5All 7 members of my audience gave my editing skills 5 out of 56 out of 7 members of the audience rated my use of lighting 4 out of 56 audience members rated my use of costume and make up 5 out of 56 out of 7 audience members rated my video 5 out of 5 overall.All said that they thought the video was right for the genre and style of the song andthe most common piece of constructive criticism was that I should improve thelighting throughout my video. I agree with this greatly as the lighting wasn’t greatand could have been a lot better if the right lighting was available.
  9. 9. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Throughout the year I have used Blogger to document all of my work. Blogger is awebsite that lets you set up your own blog with your own blog address and createyour own layout, backgrounds, themes etc. This was such a handy website to have asit enabled me to document my work in small little posts or large chunks whenever Iwanted. I used blogger to record absolutely everything I did to do with my products. www.blogger.comI even wrote posts about the computers crashing on me and how frustrating I foundit not being able to get on with the editing process of my video.Blogger was a really easy way of recording my progress day by day and veryaccessable. I could access my blog anywhere in the school and also at home whichwas very handy. I found if I was on one of the computers in school or at home and Ihad a brief idea for something I could easily log on and blog it, often coming back ata later date to elaborate that idea or do some research into it.I was able to upload my work from other programmes onto blogger easily too whichagain made it a great programme to work with. I could upload work from slideshareand scribd and also images from my own files. I often used this to show my researchtasks and upload images from the internet. Blogger is a great way to completecoursework over a large space of time as it is quick and easy and much easier thanrecording coursework on a word document. making my music video I found that researching and watching various othervideos really helped with inspiration and ideas for my own video. I used youtube and to watch these videos on mostly as they were simple and easy to use. Whenwanting to add video links to my blog I tried to use links as these links wereaccessable on the school site whereas youtube is blocked. This was the same whenwatching videos at school. I also used the two websites when creating my storyboard to look at various editing techniques, camera angles, locations, props etc. Thishelped greatly as I was able to search a vast range of videos right at my fingertips.
  10. 10. I used slideshare at various points in my construction process to help me uploadwork I had done on PowerPoint. This was a handy website as I could create things onPowerPoint that I couldn’t on blogger and easily put it on show on my blog. It was a www.slideshare.netstraight forward website to use, once you had created a log in you could upload yourfile and it would convert it to a link that you uploaded in your blog and withinminutes your PowerPoint was on your blog. I used slideshare to upload moodboards, images of practise make up, various drafts of my digi pack and progress onmy video.Scribd is very similar to slideshare in the way it enables you to upload documentsfrom other programmes onto your blog with a code you copied into your blog. I usedscribd to upload word documents onto my blog, this was much easier than creating www.scribd.comthe document in blogger and uploading it that way, I was more familiar withMicrosoftWord and able to add all the images, colours, texts and fonts I wanted torather than being limited to fonts etc on Blogger. It was very useful and easy to use, Iuploaded my questionnair for my audience through scribd , reasearch on camerashots and also the annotated lyrics with the meanings.When taking the pictures for my digi pack I used a professional digital camera and anormal digital camera. As both cameras are the family cameras I found them easy touse and from previous experience in media I found manipulating the images withangles etc easy. I also used a hand held video camera to record my video, tihs wasagain the household recorder so I was familiar with how it worked. I also had a standfor the camera so I could keep a steady shot when I needed to.When I had taken all my images I used picnik to edit all of my images. Picnik is aphoto editing site that I have been using for years to edit my images for personal use www.picnik.comso I am familiar with how it works. The site is really easy to use with no need tocreate an account. You simply upload your image and edit away with an endlessrange of editing tools and options. Picnik has helped me greatly with my images as Ifind it a lot easier to use that photoshop picture editor and there is much morechoice. My images looked professional and neat after using picnik, the site has nowbeen moved but there are others out there that are just as good.
  11. 11. Adobe Photoshop was what I used to put my digi pack together and give it itsfinished look. I didn’t use photoshop to edit my photos in so I could easily drop anddrag my images onto the correct sized canvas and put them in the right places. Thisis exactly what I did with both the interior and exterior of my digi pack. I did usephotoshop to add the text to my digi pack as this is a simple tool with a great choiceof fonts available. I also added the small details like the bar code and Virgin logo tomy digi pack with photoshop as choosing layers, rotating and resizing things is clearand simple with the programme. Photoshop is very handy for many things whencreating a media product especially my digi pack.I edited my video on Adobe Premier Pro in the end after a bad start of theprogramme crashing on me continuously. I began work on a Microsoft Video Editorwhich I then transferred over to Premier Pro once is started working. I found theprogramme easy to use once I got into the swing of things and the tools were easy tofind and use. When copying video footage over to the programme I found it was very Where video clips are stored Selected cliptime consuming and tiring clicking from one thing to another and then going back totrim the clip, all this took up a lot of time before I could really start editing myfootage, but once it was all done I had my clips organised and cut correctly. I did Where the effects are storedhave problems getting effects to work throughout the editing process, onlysuccessfully getting three effects to work. For some reason what worked on mypeers computers wouldn’t work on mine but in the end the effects I managed tomake work were fine and I didn’t need any more. I ended up using the ‘ghosting’effect on my artists eyes to create a disolusional, blurry image. This really suited thelyrics which were, “felt it through my fist, through my feet and through the hulls ofmy eyelids” and also suited the style of the video and song. Premiere pros cuttingtool was what I used the most when editing my video as I could chop bits off clips Ididn’t want or need and also cut bits out to make them fit in the correct time frame,e.g. ending on a particular beat or word.The various types of software and equipment I have had access to have helped medevelop my video and ancillary tasks greatly, they wouldn’t be to the standard theyare now without them. This whole project now enables me to become a mediaproducer rather than just a member on the audience. I can now feel confident whentaking on similar tasks knowing I have the ability to use such programmes and createa video, website, digi pack or even other products to a high standard. The video timeline Video Track